MEA Q1 2023

Q1 2023 Every business faces its own troubles, especially with the evolution of the digital age in recent years. It’s difficult to keep up with how fast paced the world of digital marketing has become, and sometimes navigating your way through the multitude of different trends can feel like an impossible task. And with us entering into the digital age, having an online presence has never been more mandatory. So, if you’re wanting to save yourself the worry of falling behind, buzzParade ZZ LLE (buzzParade) may just be the perfect companion to guide you through your digital journey. The Buzz Behind buzzParade FZ LLE Featuring:

The Middle East and Africa is undeniably home to a plethora of exciting businesses and enterprises that continue to thrive and excel. Indeed, as Q1 draws to a close, it has been a truly prosperous start to the year and we delight in sharing the stories of some of the most outstanding businesses that have made this the case. Whether IT support, pet relocation, luxury cruises, printing services, solar power product manufacturer, or events agency, there is plenty going on in this issue of MEA Markets. These companies are the best of the best, which is why we’ve come to celebrate them with prestigious, well-deserved accolades. Meanwhile, we also get to know our cover feature, buzzParade, a cutting-edge firm utilising the latest technology to create customer-centric solutions that help businesses scale and navigate through the everchanging digital world. buzzParade specialises in fulfilling all of its clients’ online requirements, whether custom-built website, app development, or media and video production for the likes of TikTok. With complete devotion to satisfying its clients, buzzParade ensures they stay ahead of the curve. As always, we hope you enjoy reading through this issue and wish you a wonderful quarter ahead. We look forward to welcoming you back for Q2 of MEA Markets magazine. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Welcome to the Q1 issue of MEA Markets Magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News: - Understanding South Africa’s Energy Crisis - TRUZO BECOMES FIRST AND ONLY FCA-APPROVED DIGITAL ESCROW SERVICE TO FOCUS ON AFRICA 6. buzzParade: The Buzz Behind buzzParade FZ LLE 8. PET EXPRESS UAE: Best Pet Relocation Business - UAE 9. Cruise Vacations: Best Luxury & Expedition Cruise Travel Experts – Gauteng 10. Speed Line Printing Press: Best Commercial Printing Services Provider - Qatar 11. ALLAMAA Factory for Wooden and Steel Furniture: Best Full-Service Furnishing Firm – Eastern Province 12. ESOM Green Power Technology: Best Solar- Powered Product Manufacturer - Benin 13. Labmin: Best Lab Management Software Solutions Developer – MEA 14. Team71: Best Boutique Events Agency - Dubai Contents 12. 14. 15.

News Understanding South Africa’s Energy Crisis Witnessing the far-reaching effects of South Africa’s continuing power cuts has been tremendously disheartening. The frequent and extended power outages taking place have left businesses in Africa’s most industrialized country struggling to function. Manufacturing is suffering. The national economy is taking a hit. The prolonged darkness is emboldening thieves and pushing crime rates up. And as stateowned utility Eskom spends increasingly more on what are ultimately unsuccessful efforts to fix the problem, its operational costs are surging. Those costs are being passed along to consumers and businesses in the form of power price hikes, placing additional burdens on them. I don’t believe President Cyril Ramaphosa was overreacting last month when, in response to the outages — by then leaving people in the dark six to 10 hours a day — he declared a national state of disaster. This freed emergency funding and gave the government additional powers, including streamlined procurement processes. I agree with the grave concerns he shared during his State of the Nation address in February. “We are in the grip of a profound energy crisis,” Ramaphosa said. “The crisis has progressively evolved to affect every part of society. We must act to lessen the impact of the crisis on farmers, on small businesses, on our water infrastructure and our transport network.” This crisis, explored in depth in our soon-to-bereleased report, The State of South African Energy (, is hardly a new problem. But the alarming frequency and length of South Africa’s periods without power have created an untenable situation that, as the president said, is putting the country’s well-being at risk. Bleak Situation At the root of South Africa’s energy crisis are the country’s coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for generating about 95% of the country’s electricity. These facilities are old, overused, and constantly breaking down. To make sure the country’s struggling plants aren’t overwhelmed to the point that they trigger a total shutdown of the grid, it has become common practice at Eskom to implement deliberate power shutdowns, also known as rolling blackouts or loadshedding, several times a day. South Africa’s outages have set records for the past three years. In 2020, they reached a new high of 859 hours. That number rose to 1,169 hours in 2021. But 2022’s record far exceeded anything seen up to then: 205 days of rolling blackouts. Last October, the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) made “load-shedding” the 2022 South African Word of the Year. Failed Fixes Also frustrating is the costly and unsuccessful saga of attempting to resolve this issue. About 15 years ago, South Africa began construction on two coal-fired plants, Medupi and Kusile, to increase the country’s power-generation capacity. That has not worked out according to plan. Today, the plants are only operating at half of their combined 9600 megawatts (MW) capacity because of breakdowns, technical defects, completion delays, and accidents. And despite the plants’ inoperability, the project costs have been enormous, reaching a combined total of R300 billion by 2019. Even with the hefty tariff increases imposed on customers, the company is struggling to keep up with its costs. And last September, Ramaphosa announced that completing the two power stations will cost another R33 billion. Distressing Repercussions Then there are the costs of South Africa’s continuing power struggles. I mentioned some of the negative repercussions on business, crime, and electricity tariffs. But that’s only part of the story: Every outage has a devastating ripple effect that puts people at risk. In South Africa, outages are causing food to rot, and they’re increasing the risk of widespread food insecurity. Every day, load-shedding impedes farmers’ ability to keep crops watered (pump stations that rely on electricity don’t operate) and livestock alive (one farm, for example, lost 50,000 broiler chickens when the ventilation system failed). The outages impact hospitals and healthcare for the disabled and elderly. People who rely on electricity for medical equipment, like oxygen machines, are being put in life-threatening situations. The frequent and extended power outages taking place have left businesses in Africa’s most industrialized country struggling to function. By NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber ( and Author of A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix.

News TRUZO BECOMES FIRST AND ONLY FCA-APPROVED DIGITAL ESCROW SERVICE TO FOCUS ON AFRICA Truzo’s UK digital escrow service enables African businesses to transact with trust, offering lower fees to help fight inflation London, UK, Johannesburg, South Africa – 2nd March 2023: Truzo, the first African-focused FCA-approved digital escrow service, officially launches in the UK this week. An established and fast-growing player in South Africa, Truzo now makes transactions between the UK and South Africa safer and more reliable, providing both buyers and sellers of goods and services greater confidence and security. Supported by the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, and having partnered with Currencycloud, Truzo’s easy-to-use web and appbased escrow platform is a one-stop shop for businesses of all sizes to assure the timely delivery of goods or services and on-time payments, the prevention of fraud, scam protection and a significant reduction in administration. Primarily focusing on digital escrow, Truzo now also offers auxiliary features including multi-currency digital wallets, remittances as well as payments and receipts. “Businesses are built on trust and relationships. Truzo prioritises trust at the heart of every transaction,” said Terence Naidu, Founder & CEO, Truzo. “Approved by the FCA and supported by the Department for International Trade and Currencycloud, Truzo is one of the safest and most secure ways to buy and sell between businesses whether they be in Africa or the UK.” Creating better value for both consumers and businesses South African and UK bilateral trade was worth £10.4bn in 2022, with non-ferrous metals, fresh produce and telecommunications services amongst the most exchanged goods and services. By digitising and removing the high fees associated with letters of credit and currency conversions, Truzo reduces the cost of trade between the UK and South Africa. In turn, sellers in the UK and SA can more competitively price the goods and services they import by passing these savings on to endusers and consumers, thereby helping reduce inflation. “With global events driving high levels of inflation and slowing growth, businesses of all sizes are acutely aware that even fractional savings can make a huge impact not only on their profits and competitive advantage but benefit their customers’ pockets too,” added Naidu. “By keeping the cost of cross-border transactions low, Truzo makes it possible to pass on these savings to reduce the rate of inflation on imported products, ensuring businesses stay on the side of consumers and end-users.” Taking Africa to the world, bringing the world to Africa From single freelancers and small-scale farmers to multinational corporations, as a low-fee, easy-to-use platform, Truzo truly democratises international transactions and helps accelerate business growth beyond borders. With fraud estimated to cost the global economy £3.89 trillion, Truzo makes it possible for individuals, companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes, from any sector, to transact safely and securely. Truzo provides a safe way to buy and sell between strangers with all registered users fully compliance vetted and verified. Once compliance verified, users simply setup a Truzo wallet to make and receive payments via the platform easily and conveniently. Alternatively, payments can also be made via credit card, debit card or instant and manual electronic fund transfers. Currencycloud simplifies cross-border and multicurrency transactions, enabling Truzo and its customers to collect, convert, pay, and manage multiple currencies simultaneously. Forward-thinking, ethical fintech; accelerating growth with an exciting roadmap of continuing innovation Following a winning entry at the UK Tech Hub Going Global 2019 competition, Truzo accelerated its growth as part of the UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. “As one of the leading destinations for FinTech globally, the UK is a hotbed for innovators and pioneers revolutionising the financial services industry by simplifying transactions and reducing costs,” said Derek Goodwin, Head of the Global Entrepreneur Programme, Department for International Trade. “Truzo is a remarkable success story streamlining the adoption of digital services and driving opportunities for businesses to scale and grow their customer bases across Africa and in the UK. We’re proud to have supported Truzo’s transition to the UK market as we look to advance and scale the fintech community globally.” A forward-thinking and ethical fintech company, Truzo is a proud supporter of improving digital literacy in the communities where it operates. As a result, 2 percent of Truzo’s profits are earmarked for its bursary foundation that supports and invests in students from less economically advantaged backgrounds to pursue university education. Venture capital funding across the African continent bucks the global trend, with growth spurred on by access to remarkable talent and innovative approaches to tackling the challenges faced by a post-COVID world. Committed to scaling its operations and services in the UK, 2023 will be a key year in Truzo’s next stage of growth. Early in the second quarter of this year, Truzo will close its next round of funding with the intention of further investing in product development, recruitment, and expansion of its services into new markets.

MEA / Q1 2023 Feb23213 The Buzz Behind buzzParade FZ LLE Every business faces its own troubles, especially with the evolution of the digital age in recent years. It’s difficult to keep up with how fast paced the world of digital marketing has become, and sometimes navigating your way through the multitude of different trends can feel like an impossible task. And with us entering into the digital age, having an online presence has never been more mandatory. So, if you’re wanting to save yourself the worry of falling behind, buzzParade ZZ LLE (buzzParade) may just be the perfect companion to guide you through your digital journey. Due to the transition into online marketing, there has never been more of a need for businesses to adapt to keep up to date with these rapid changes. Thankfully, no matter your digital needs, buzzParade is here to fulfil all of your online requirements. Specialising in a multitude of fields within digital marketing, buzzParade has every tool available to make your online presence shine among the rest. No matter how challenging developing your business may seem, the team at buzzParade will dedicate themselves to assisting you in any way you need. And with such a broad scope of abilities, there isn’t much they can’t handle. At the forefront of the digital frontier, buzzParade has already set itself apart from other Digital Transformation Solutions. As mentioned, it has an expansive range of skillsets at its disposal, ranging from websites to mobile applications. It’s already established itself as a service more than capable of keeping every aspect of your digital presence up to date, leading to effective and gripping marketing that can truly propel your online presence beyond your imagination. Even back when the idea of buzzParade was conceived in 2013, it had a very clear goal in mind – to provide consumer research services to clients across a wide range of, not only industries, but geographies too. Meaning that regardless of your professional field, or the country you’re hailing from, buzzParade has everything prepared to assist your business’s growth. To this day, it’s still avidly operating under the core value that the team established a decade ago. Partnering this, buzzParade understands better than anyone that having an online business can be challenging with the way the marketing is constantly adapting and changing. It recognises that some businesses may feel as though they’re falling behind in the race to keep themselves updated to match competitors. This is why the team has devised clever and effective methods to assist their clients, all whilst keeping their own services up to date. Among the myriad of talents that buzzParade houses, the first of many is its UI/UX Design prowess. Having a captivating design is one of the most fundamental factors when it comes to creating a business that draws in clients from all over the world. And, with the high volume of content online in the current age, the way your business presents itself has never been more imperative. You need to be able to leave a lasting impression, and buzzParade is able to help you create that lasting impression. Through its fantastic team, it’s able to promote customer engagement through enhancing design and operational flows. The better the user experience, the more clients you’re bound to attract. Of course, once you have a solid basis, buzzParade can carry you onto arguably the most important factor of your business’s presentation. This being the appearance of your website. Nothing matters more than your online presence when approaching digital marketing. Most clients will rely on how your website looks alone in order to grasp an understanding of how passionate you are about your work and ideals. Thankfully, buzzParade is more than aware of this, and, as displayed by their own phenomenal website, has every skill available to create a beautiful online presence. It’ll ensure you have a custom-built website that fits your brand perfectly. Not only will your clientele be impressed, but you’ll find yourself astounded by what buzzParade is able to do. Additionally, buzzParade has followed the evolution of technology to smart devices too. Now experts in adapting marketing to applications on mobile phones, buzzParade has continued to prove to its clients that they are in the hands of people who truly understand just how rapidly our technological marketing is progressing. Not only is it willing to keep its team up equipped with the relevant skills needed to match the pace of our advancing society, but it’s once again serving to promote a capability that is unmatched in the digital marketing field. As a way to further add more abilities to its repertoire, buzzParade has also demonstrated its wealth of knowledge in video production too. With the rise in popularity of platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, video content has boomed in volume in the last couple of years. And buzzParade Due to the transition into online marketing, there has never been more of a need for businesses to adapt to keep up to date with these rapid changes. Thankfully, no matter your digital needs, buzzParade is here to fulfil all of your online requirements.

7 The Buzz Behind buzzParade FZ LLE has kept a close eye on these developments, and cultivated the necessary abilities to apply them to your business. So, if you’re wanting to go the distance to really promote your business to the fullest of your ability, buzzParade is the perfect place to start. Every process that buzzParade offers is completely centred around its clients. Its priority is the satisfaction of those it’s aiming to assist, and your success will always be at the forefront of the team’s minds. Whether you’re wanting to utilise every aspect that they specialise in, or even just gain advice on how to propel your business into the digital age, buzzParade is ready to help you no matter what. With a streamlined process on how to start getting advice from its team, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing the right services for your business. So, if you’re wanting to eliminate any of the complexity that partners trying to take your business into the digital world, buzzParade is undoubtedly the best team to turn to. You’ll not only be able to keep up with other digital marketing strategies, but excel beyond the rest to truly create a reputation for yourself without any hassle whatsoever. The future of your business’s digital marketing is safe with buzzParade. Contact: Nisha Chandy Company: buzzParade Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2023 8 Feb23150 Best Pet Relocation Business - UAE With travelling being such a stressful process already, the last thing you need is to be worried about the transportation of your pet too. Our pets are our babies, after all – an extension of our families. So, of course, you’d want their journeys to be as stress-free as possible. If you’re travelling in and out of the United Arab Emirates, Pet Express UAE will be there to take fantastic care of your furry friends. stablished in 2007, Pet Express UAE has been dedicated to ensuring the safe relocation of your pets to help them get across the globe with ease. With an understanding of how moving your pets from one part of the world to another can be a complicated and frustrating process, the team at Pet Express UAE have devoted themselves to making your travel plans flow smoothly. Alongside importing and exporting pets to and from the United Arab Emirates, Pet Express UAE also offers its services beyond simply transporting your paw-having pals. In addition to its already fantastic relocation service, Pet Express UAE does all of the paperwork for you, and even offers pick-up and drop-off assistance too. And at their affordable prices, it’s a no-brainer for anyone wanting to meet their pets at their chosen destination. As expected from such a thoughtful business, Pet Express UAE also takes animal safety and welfare incredibly seriously. It’s the team’s core priority to ensure that any pets that come into their care receive the best treatment, no matter what. And with a condensed team of 2 managing partners, 2 female admin staff, and 2 relocation managers/ pet handlers, it’s able to assure the quality of its services and guarantee a stress-free experience for all of its clients. Even though the team at Pet Express UAE is committed to providing fair rates for all of their clients, they don’t forego luxury in order to keep your animals comfortable throughout their travels. As a company, it recognises that a high frequency of not only individuals, but also families come in and out of the United Arab Emirates, and that there is a demand for an impeccable pet transportation service throughout the emirates. That’s why, despite being located in Dubai, it offers its expertise in pet handling and relocation to anyone looking to travel across all emirates. Since they have 16 years of experience, you can be sure that your furry family member will have everything they need to have a comfortable journey whilst away from you. Pet Express UAE are beyond passionate about animals, and the relocation of your pets is the pinnacle of this passion. Its top priority is ensuring your animals have everything they need to have a nice venture, regardless of where you’re going in the world. Additionally, Pet Express UAE has a fantastic reputation, achieved through the long-standing relationships that it’s managed to cultivate with its clients. It’s a belief of the company that every client deserves the highest level of service possible, and it’s tirelessly working to provide absolutely anything that any potential client may need to transport their pets. The team at Pet Express UAE understand better than anyone what travelling with your animals entails, and all of the complexity that can accompany it. That’s why the team are here for you – to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you and your pets. If you’re thinking of travelling to or from the United Arab Emirates with your furry friend, or if you’re wanting to leave with them, you can be sure that Pet Express UAE will be eager to help make your journey far easier. And whilst you’re travelling in comfort, you can be assured that your pets will be too. Contact: Alison Ingham Company: PET EXPRESS UAE Web Address: E

MEA / Q1 2023 9 Jan23549 Best Luxury & Expedition Cruise Travel Experts – Gauteng Everyone needs a little bit of luxury in their lives. Regardless of who you are, there’s no doubt that you’ve at least once decided that it’s time to treat yourself to a truly elegant travel experience. And if it’s a cruise complied of everything you need to have your dream venture, then Cruise Vacations is the answer. With a dedication to all things luxury, you can be assured that your perfect voyage is just an enquiry away. From the beginning of the booking process, Cruise Vacations is already looking to build a perfect travel experience for you. As an award-winning business specialising in luxury cruise ventures for clients who enjoy the finer things in life, Cruise Vacations is devoted to providing the best possible experience for any client. Following a philosophy that the luxury experience should begin from the moment an enquiry is made, the team at Cruise Vacations focus themselves completely on quality and client care. Since Cruise Vacations’ primary demographic is composed of well-travelled individuals who seek to enjoy their time away, whilst also basking in the luxury provided by the cruise liners, it’s completely understandable how they have managed to obtain a multitude of awards. With one of its most recent being Africa’s Best Cruise Travel Agency 2022, and now their award for Best Luxury & Expedition Cruise Travel Experts – Gauteng, it’s clear that the passion its team has for its core values is still going strong, despite the difficulties faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the grinding halt of the travel industry during the past two years, one would think that a business such as Cruise Vacations would have struggled immensely, and taken a large hit from the trials posed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth for Cruise Vacations, which has managed to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure that, no matter what, they have been able to bounce back and continue delivering the stellar services that they always have. Additionally, with a multitude of reviews and blog posts made about their services, each of which being viewable right now on their website, Cruise Vacations has cemented itself as a trustworthy business capable of satisfying a variety of luxury-seeking clients. Their repertoire is suited to any need, with a vast array of ships available for both expeditions and travel voyages. However, the most noteworthy by far are the signature cruise liners that Cruise Vacations works with. Among a long list of luxury liners available to book your dream voyage on, the most notable are Silversea Cruises, Scenic Cruises, Emerald Cruises and Star Clippers. So you can guarantee that, no matter your preference, Cruise Vacations will have a service suited for all of your travel desires. Booking a luxury venture should never be a frustrating process, and Cruise Vacations has put its all into ensuring that this is never the case. The team will receive your enquiry, and be sure to work closely with clients and travel agents alike to compile the perfect package for you. And with almost 1000 destinations and ports covered by Cruise Vacations, you’ll never struggle for choice. There are a multitude of options and experiences available to you, and Cruise Vacations will be there to help as much as you need. The team at Cruise Vacations understands how crucial it is to be offered a luxury experience from the moment you enquire with them. So, they go out of their way to make each process completely personal to the client, regardless of request. Never again will you have to worry about a complicated booking procedure when arranging your travels. Get ready to experience a voyage unlike any other, and live the once in a lifetime opportunity that Cruise Vacations can help create. Contact: Gaynor Neill Company: Cruise Vacations Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2023 10 Feb23148 Best Commercial Printing Services Provider - Qatar Printing can be tricky and expensive at the best of times, but we’ve found a printing press that battles these issues from every angle. From wedding invitations to promotional gifts, packaging products to digital printing, and much more, Speed Line Printing Press offers commercial printing with a difference. Here we take a closer look as it wins its title from MEA Markets. Starting out in 1999, Speed Line Printing Press is a printing and packaging business with a twist. Its creative energy has propelled it through the years and pushed it to the forefront in the market in Qatar. Its deeply rooted experience came from humble beginnings, and it has consistently worked its way to the top. With a team of over 160 experienced individuals that all wish to make a difference to this essential area of business, Speed Line Printing Press has expanded over time – to a fantastic degree. However, all members of its team work together flawlessly to reach the same end goal – perfection. Every member has many years of experience in the industry, and they know how to use this to their advantage. Operating as a welloiled machine, the team creates seamless products that both satisfy and amaze clients from anywhere in the world. As an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 management system certified company with a stateof-the-art production facility to conduct all services, Speed Line Printing Press has all the certifications needed to prove itself – and all of the experience to exceed expectations, every time. Speed Line Printing Press’ offset and digital printing and packaging services all speak for themselves. The business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures, gift cards, calendars, catalogues, promotional items, and posters all breathe life into any occasion. Additionally, each product is also of the finest quality at a competitive price to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The bigger picture is the group to which Speed Line Printing Press belongs. Part of something larger than itself, it works with Quick Print Center, Speedline Media and Advertising, Cassie- genuine leather, NAL Plastic Industries, Oriental Auto Parts, Doha Hydraulic Services and Doha Hydraulic Trading. As part of this group, “born out of the partnership between Chairman, Mr. Abdullah Abdal Aziz Al Ghanem and Managing Director, Mr. Usman Mohammed”, Speed Line Printing Press continues to impress and uphold intricate values of customer service excellence, topquality production of goods and services, transparency, and complete competency. Winning Best Commercial Printing Services Provider in Qatar, Speed Line Printing Press has gained even more recognition for its products and services. We are sure to see it continue supporting individuals and businesses with its innovation, dedication, and vibrant solutions. Contact: Shaheen Usman Company: Speed Line Printing Press Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2023 11 “ALLAMAA symbolizes Sustainable Quality for Your Future.” Jan23565 Best Full-Service Furnishing Firm – Eastern Province Finding and procuring the perfect furniture is no small feat but, with 18 years behind it, ALLAMAA Factory for Wooden and Steel Furniture (ALLAMAA) has become a terrific source for beautifully designed and made items. It is a full-service furnishing business based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and its reputation for greatness is continuously growing. Here we talk to its CEO, Dr. Masfer Al Malki, as it wins its title from MEA Markets. LLAMAA Factory for Wooden and Steel Furniture’s products are expertly crafted, sustainable, and stand the test of time – so that we don’t have to worry about the impact we have on the planet. From tables to chairs, benches, and much more, ALLAMAA’s furniture offer comfort, style, environmental awareness, and, of course, practicality – for every project. There is something extremely different about ALLAMAA, as it continues to adapt, expand, and support the people around it. Its CEO, Dr. Masfer Al Malki, says, “Our contribution to the nation’s vision is to incorporate the elements of social and environmental responsibility, specialization at the same time supporting local content and exportation activities to boost the local economy.” He continues, “ALLAMAA also has long-term plans to support local content and Saudization and uphold social responsibility by providing training programs to college students, especially in the field of interior design and architecture.” Not only does ALLAMAA value its social responsibility, but it also upholds its values of sustainability. With the environment in mind, ALLAMAA creates furniture of a timeless design without detriment to the planet and the people within it. From maintenance to consultations, installation, and supplies, ALLAMAA ensures customer satisfaction throughout everything it does. It has worked on over 6859 projects, with over 6324 customers, in a highly professional and dedicated fashion each time. Not only does it deserve to be award winning for its products and services, but it has won the hearts of many by being devoted to the earth and its people. For its hard work, ALLAMAA Factory for Wooden and Steel Furniture has now been awarded with the title of Best Full-Service Furnishing Firm – Eastern Province. Its future in the industry is guaranteed to be an exciting one as it continues to prioritise excellence every step of the way. Contact: Dr. Masfer Al Malki Company: ALLAMAA Factory for Wooden and Steel Furniture Web Address: A “Our FACTORY MISSION is developing the manufacturing of chairs & tables with innovative modern techniques, where quality, beauty and efficiency grow in investment performance, which guarantees to our clients the superiority of their projects.” “With growing environmental awareness worldwide, companies are making a constant effort to change and reduce their environmental impact – and the furniture industry is no different. At ALLAMAA, we do our best to make a sustainable difference starting from the importance of conception in the furniture design process by creating a product that is designed to last and that can be reused, recycled, or upcycled in a more sustainable and reduced waste.”

MEA / Q1 2023 12 Feb23491 Best SolarPowered Product Manufacturer - Benin ESOM Green Power Technology (ESOM) is a pan-African company specialised in solar energy. In seven years of existence, the company has been able to move from supplier of solar-powered equipment to a manufacturer of solar-powered products, by forging solid partnerships with companies operating in the field of photovoltaics energy (manufacturers of solar panels, batteries, controllers, lights, and more). Following the company’s success within the MEA Business Awards 2022, we learn more about its offering and why solar energy is such a great idea. pecialised in design, production, installation, and maintenance of solar streetlights and traffic lights, ESOM Green Power Technology has an excellent research and development branch, very competitive manufacturing and installation teams, as well as a strong management team ensuring the operation and management of the Group. ESOM currently has representations in Benin, Congo, and Togo. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, and an excellent engineering and quality process, ESOM has brilliantly carried out numerous lighting and signalling projects in Benin, where hundreds of its streetlights light up the nights of Beninese citizens, as do its solar traffic lights regulate circulation in the country’s capital. Some of these projects have included the supply and installation of 164 solar streetlights for outdoor lighting of the nine markets of Cotonou as part of the rehabilitation and modernisation of urban markets (PAG) ; construction of 02 solar power plants of 132kw each, plus the supply and installation of 56 solar streetlights as part of the construction of forward operating bases for the army ; supply and installation of 314 solar streetlights, and 27 solar traffic lights as part of the road lighting and light signalling of Porto Novo ring road; supply and installation of 101 solar streetlights to light the relocation sites for fishing road fishermen’s in Avlékété and occupants of Xwlacodji in Djeffa ; and supply and installation of 485 solar streetlights for the lighting of Misserete – Pobe road. So, what are the benefits of implementing solar streetlights and traffic lights? Not only are they easy to set up and operate, but they are also self-sufficient as they don’t require an external power source. They are inexpensive to run, require much less maintenance compared to conventional streetlights, and they can be placed anywhere that increased visibility is needed. Of course, most importantly of all, they are eco-friendly. Due to the panels being solely dependent on the sun, solar lights eliminate any carbon footprint contribution, reducing greenhouse gases and mitigating climate change, playing a crucial part in protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. Solar energy can improve air quality as it doesn’t use any pollutants, and it needs no other resources to function other than the sun. Ultimately, it is MEA Markets’ great pleasure to award ESOM Green Power Technology as Best Solar Product Manufacturer - Benin for the year 2022, with no doubt that its solar streetlights will soon illuminate the nights of the cities of Central Africa, where it has begun an expansion phase since June 2022. We are truly rooting for this company as it continues to help its clients reduce their carbon footprints. Company: ESOM Green Power Technology Email: [email protected] Website: | S

MEA / Q1 2023 13 Jan23623 Best Lab Management Software Solutions Developer – MEA Finding the support we need for laboratory operations can appear shrouded by an influx of confusing information and unclear outcomes. However, Labmin provides its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions to fit all possible needs. Its vast array of clients all benefit from its years of experience and fool proof plan to action. We talk to its Founder and CEO, Vernon Brown, as it wins this prestigious title from MEA Markets. Labmin LIMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that always approaches its clients with their best interests at heart. Its LIMS software solution was designed and constructed to manage and support modern laboratories as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution – to elevate software and alleviate any pain points that the client may be experiencing. Founder and CEO, Vernon Brown, tells us, “In 2010 I stumbled across a software solution that was very frustrating for me. It was then that I consulted Brendan Stroebel to assist me in building my own laboratory information software solution. We, now have several software solutions that we offer to clients related to the laboratory industry.” Specialising in microbiology, pathology, serology, geology, haematology, virology, molecular biology, immunology, chemistry, cell culture, research laboratories, and more, Labmin has swiftly become an unstoppable force as well as a supplier of the perfect solution – every time. Helping laboratories to go paperless, Labmin guarantees solutions that are digitally advanced, efficient, sustainable, and, ultimately, irreplaceable. It helps to streamline batching and grouping, electronic signatures, certificate and report generation, method SOP process management, and so much more, so that laboratories can be more organised, competent, and digitally sophisticated. Labmin’s team is the driving force of the business, ensuring each client receives exactly what they need to be able to flourish. The team balances their family, work, and social lives in order to stay focused, relaxed, and happy. This is deeply encouraged by Vernon as he believes that people work better with balance and support from where they work. Always working together as a team, they lead the way for other businesses to come and, leaving no stone unturned, their example sets the standard for SaaS solutions everywhere. The future promises an exciting growthspurt for Labmin as it expands into the US and Europe. Vernon shares, “The market is very ready for a solution like Labmin, as it is uniquely different and very extensive in its ability to enhance the service that you provide for clients. We have a Super LIMS in Labmin that makes clients very happy.” Its work to increase accuracy in data and the timely operation of each business has won it Best Lab Management Software Solutions Developer – MEA. We are sure to see Labmin expand at an exponential rate as it generates bespoke solutions for even more new clients – whilst still collaborating with its existing partnerships. Continuously cutting out its clients’ worries, issues, and delays, Labmin’s solutions are a matter of the future, today. Contact: Vernon Brown Company: Labmin Web Address: “Software Driven by Passion.” “We are super proud to be the first Laboratory Information Management Software solution with a full ISO 17025 Quality Assurance solution available.”

MEA / Q1 2023 14 Jan23615 Best Boutique Events Agency - Dubai Brand promotion is often the backbone of any business’s success. However, how better to get word of your brand out there than doing so through the most creative means possible? If you think that may be a tricky task to take on, then Team71 is the best business to turn to. With a passion for telling the stories behind its clients’ brands, Team71 will be sure to bring your business to life in a unique way. As experts with a passion for events, entertainment and film, the wonderful individuals at Team71 have created possibly the most creative way to promote the story behind your business. With a team filled with dedicated people, each as invested in the world of entertainment as each other, rest assured you’ll be working alongside a team beyond capable of representing you and your business. Additionally, the team at Team71 will ensure that you feel as involved in the process as you’d like to be. Team71 strives to enter into a partnership with its clients, and sees them as an extension of its own team. It recognises the importance of sharing a strong bond with its clients in order to truly understand what it is that it’s representing, and how best to portray your business through the medium of entertainment. At the core of Team71, there is an undying fascination with any brands that it works alongside, and it makes it its sole goal to uncover the brilliant stories waiting to be told behind every brand. In order for clients to connect with businesses, they must first understand how that business came to be. Team71 believes that these stories should be brought to light and work tirelessly to do so to a quality that is simply spectacular. With such an extensive array of experience, it’s little wonder that Team71 has been awarded the title of Best Boutique Events Agency – Dubai. Every event that it creates is a passion project, with the connection between the team and the client at the core of the experience’s inception. And with such a focus on presentation and innovation, Team71 is able to conduct some of the best pieces of entertainment for any client. As the award’s title suggests, Team71 follows a boutique mindset. Anything it produces is catered specifically to the client, so you can be sure that, if you have a story to tell about your business, Team71 will have all of the correct tools to do so. Since the team have worked with a myriad of clients, from government and private organisations, to celebrities, you know that you’re going to receive the best possible service available to you. Collaboration and quality are definitely what drives Team71 to continue adding to its stellar repertoire of films and events. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, it didn’t let its passion and adoration for the field dwindle, regardless of how difficult times got. And, as a company, it emerged with an unparalleled strength, and a heightened resolve to get back to doing what it enjoyed. After all, as long as there are clients looking to have their narratives encapsulated in beautifully crafted ways, Team71 will be always there to lend its services to them. So if you’re looking for a business who can propel your story to your audience, Team71 are undoubtedly the best for the task. With an immensely talented team, and an aspiration to keep creating entertainment, you’d be hard-pressed to find another business quite like it. Take your business to the next level with Team71, and let them entertain you. Contact: Bushra Ezzeddine Company: Team71 Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2023 15 Jan23565 - - - A “Our FACTORY MISSION is developing the manufacturing of chairs & tables with innovative modern techniques, where quality, beauty and efficiency grow in investment performance, which guarantees to our clients the superiority of their projects.” “With growing environmental awareness worldwide, companies are making a constant effort to change and reduce their environmental impact – and the furniture industry is no different. At ALLAMAA, we do our best to make a sustainable difference starting from the importance of conception in the furniture design process by creating a product that is designed to last and that can be reused, recycled, or upcycled in a more sustainable and reduced waste.” Visit to Subscribe