MEA Q1 2022

MEA / Q1 2022 9 Jan22303 Industrial Automation & Innovation Company of the Year 2021 Leading the revolution towards an automated future, The Directech Group is accredited as the Industrial Automation and Innovation Company of the Year. The Directech Group aims to develop a future in which production efficiencies and quality standards are attained through several intelligent applications such as mechanics, electronics, intralogistics, and robotics. Essentially, The Directech Group is on a mission to create a world where people and machines can work together to shape and improve modern society. uilt on a foundation of passion, integrity, learning, teamwork and innovation, The Directech Group is renowned for its high quality, reliability and revolutionary innovations innately represented through several companies that utilise its solutions - expanding the reputation of The Directech Group by openly connecting to its services. The Directech Group encounters customers from all over the world, with partnerships in countries including Germany, China, Japan, Turkey, the UK, the USA, and Austria. By all regards, the company has nurtured a reputation that remains almost unmatched within the industry. It has become highly regarded for its innovative solutions and approach to customer service, listening and understanding to the needs and objects of each client and reacting with suitable solutions that exceed expectations. Marketing Specialist Michael Heaver adds to this point, explaining the direct steps the company takes to tackle customer goals, stating, “Based on their objectives, we then deliver innovative turnkey mechatronic and automation solutions from idea conception to project completion, as well as the provision of dedicated after-sales service, no matter how difficult the challenge.” Additionally, the company can offer a competitive advantage compared to its competitors, and this is because of its unique approach to projects which is innately based on its worker’s advanced skillset. Thus, ensuring that the company can keep up and lead the industry while surpassing potential competitors and exceeding daily results because of its talented teammembers across the globe. Michael adds to this, stating, “Every project is designed and manufactured internally with the use of our state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, Our engineers work only with the best automation and design software, and our company boasts an entire warehouse of specialised production machinery, including but not limited to toolrooms, paint booths, laser cutting and CNC machinery. Our capabilities even extend to the manufacturing of electrical cabinets, software development and programming is completed in-house.” The Directech Group is run by a dedicated workforce of over 300 highly skilled people worldwide, including mechanical design engineers, mechatronics experts, robotic specialists, and qualified artisans. Thus, because The Directech Group is well versed in customer satisfaction and its diverse array of talented workers, the company can meet and exceed its client’s needs from design, procurement and manufacturing to commissioning and handover to the end-user. For The Directech Group, no task is too big to achieve – accomplishing everything necessary and more the moment its innovative individuals put their minds and advanced resources towards it. But, at the end of the day, The Directech Group showcased its hard work and success, proving daily that ‘the impossible’ is a mere option – state of mind – and a statement it does not connect itself with. As the years go on, the market and the industry change, and for The Directech Group, its most recent trend has been the realisation of the benefits of automating processes. It is a rising acceptance that is coating all business sectors, whether in manufacturing, research and development or data management. The overall appreciation and advantage of automation are increasing and revolutionising businesses. Moreover, given The Directech Group’s diversity and flexible approach to its customers’ needs, the company is well-positioned to continue growing on the back of this trend. Additionally, throughout the years, the company has been recognised by the industry and customers alike with awards from the department of science and technology, leading automotive manufacturers, and more. The Directech Group has been able to exceed industry and customer standards heavily due to the combination of its staff, sophisticated resources, international partnerships, and can-do attitude that gives the company a vast competitive advantage – standing out from the competition. Michael adds to this, stating, “Whilst most of our projects are covered by non-disclosure agreements, it is common for our customers to look at innovation to give them an edge in the market.” Recently for The Directech Group, the company has been experiencing significant compound growth and is starting new projects across developments, including introducing new vehicles to automotive production lines, laboratory cell line development, 3D bioprinting, and Covid analysis and genome sequencing, to name a few. Maintaining its reputation as Industrial Automation & Innovation Company of the Year 2021, The Directech Group is surpassing industrystandard excellence and personal expectations – leading the automation section with innovation, passion, and revolutionary solutions. B Company: The Directech Group Website: Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +27 82 370 1535