MEA Q1 2022

MEA / Q1 2022 8 Jan22198 Best Niche Market Learning Resources Supplier - Africa SkillsTrain Distribution is a specialised niche market importer and distributor for global publishers and digital platforms. The company has its own e-learning platform, run by Dave Augustyn who originally brought e-learning to the country and has put most higher educational platforms in place for variousVarsities and colleges. SkillsTrain Distribution was founded by Linda Botha who has been in the importing and distribution arena for many years. She is an entrepreneur and member of the Women Presidents Organisation who has been nominated against some of the top women in business at the Women in Business Awards and National Business Award she has recently over the past two years won 3 international awards. Linda’s focus is drive and passion for education and assisting learners, colleges and private institutions in being the best that they can be, and assisting all to achieve the success and excellence in all fields. She is passionate about the Fire and EMS ensuring her market is made aware of the latest products and training opportunities to learn and grow whether it be an E-pub, print book, digital contract or Life saving products. The Flaim training unit, is cutting edge Technology and allows students through the real life experience of Virtual Reality to learn through all the simulations the actual skills required, so when it comes to a real life emergency they are prepared and the clean green mission value statement is what the Flaim Trainer and the Portable Virtual Reality Training units are all about, this was developed by Professor James Mullins a Deakin University professor, and is backed by Darley USA. We currently have over 40 real life scenarios on each of the units from Aviation, Mining, High Rise, Size up ICS, Domestic as in Kitchen Fires to Maritime, and constantly adding to the list. Skillstrain represents most global publishers in the world. Skillstrain is the master distributor in this territory, focusing on specialised niche markets such as fire and emergency services, rescue and disaster management, health and safety, emergency medical services, technical training services, health, wellness and resilience life skills. We can structure an enterprise licence of accredited courses to these specialised sectors, another example is that of the Agri-sector focusing on climate change, soil erosion etc. Adding to our list of partners is that of Bizzco for supply chain Management courses, locally and internationally accredited as well as short courses which are now all available on the Skillstrain platform. Skillstrain’s specialised services are delivered to various industry specialised sectors and focuses on Southern Africa and across our borders. We meet the specialised needs of higher education, whether it be an EMS College, Mining, Manufacturing, Defence or Maritime, Aviation or Retail we have the solution for you. SkillsTrain is constantly looking at new solutions to benefit you the client saving you time resources and helping you with your bottom line. SkillsTrain is a flexible company that works to keep its clients happy and supported. As SkillsTrain moves forwards, our strategy will be to run more webinars informative with expert panels delivering question and answer sessions to all and in the process assisting people in life saving situations to hopefully have received the tips they needs and call centre numbers on hand. We are very excited about the future and what 2022/ 2023 will bring. The company is currently in communication with a large medical company which has been appointed to take two new medical products to market. The one is a Go2vent which is a disposable ventilator with the objective of Saving more Lives. We have recently collaborated with a company and will be offering on-line EMR courses with for CPD points for completion. Additionally, we are constantly looking at more partners to add specialised value to the EMS and Fire Training market and the company is in negotiation with a medical company for simulations in the medical training field which will be a good fit with its FlaimVirtual Reality Training Unit. Company: SkillsTrain Distribution Email: [email protected] Website: /