MEA Q1 2022

Q1 2022

Businesses from all over the Middle East and Africa have been evolving at an exponential rate and are now become giants in their industries. This vast region has a massive number of tricks up its sleeve and is doing all it can to better the world that we live in, on a daily basis. Here we would like to celebrate as so many innovative businesses are revolutionising the industries they work in. Garnered with experience, these exceptional businesses have now won some incredible, enviable awards that have brought them into the spotlight. The first quarter of 2022 has been a mixed bag of events that have left us all feeling deflated however, there is always hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s to what you’ve all been waiting for; we would like to present you with a collection of businesses that have quickly spiralled upward to success. As always, we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous upcoming quarter. We look forward to welcoming you back for Q2 of MEA Markets Magazine. Sofi Bajor, Editor Welcome to the Q1 issue of MEA Markets Magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News: - Rakez Introduces A New Payment Method For Clients Through A Tie-Up With Al Ansari Exchange - SNC-Lavalin launches new solution to decarbonise built environment 6. ePiccolo Engineering: Excellence in Electronics 7. Vertical Field: Best Vertical Farming & Living Wall Systems Provider - Middle East 8. SkillsTrain Distribution: Best Niche Market Learning Resources Supplier - Africa 9. The Directech Group: Industrial Automation & Innovation Company of the Year 2021 10. Vas Integrated Solutions: Best Premium IT Distribution Services - Egypt 11. RX Coffee Apothecary: Coffee Shop of the Year - Dubai 12. Identical Pictures Ltd: Stand By For Action! 13. ESMOS Recruitment: Shaping the Future of the Events Industry 14. Arabian MEP Contracting: World-Class MEP Services 15. Broadway Entertainment Group FZ LLC: All The World’s A Stage! 16. Perfection In Print 17. PSK Safaris and Car Rentals: Best Car Rental Business - Western Kenya & Customer Care Excellence Award 2021 18. Disconekt’D Productions LLC: Best 360 Creative & Talent Management Agency - Dubai 19. Dr. Melumad Laboratories: Best Cosmetic & Health Products Manufacturer - Israel 20. Hoxton Capital Management: Unparalleled Personal Financial Advice 21. Winners’ Listings Contents 6. 8. 10. 20.

Rakez Introduces A New Payment Method For Clients Through A Tie-UpWith Al Ansari Exchange The agreement was signed at RAKEZ headquarters by Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of RAKEZ, and Mohamad Bitar, Deputy CEO of Al Ansari Exchange, the UAEbased foreign exchange and worldwide money transfer company. Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Jallad said: “We are pleased to work with Al Ansari Exchange to offer our clients yet another way to easily complete their transactions. This initiative is part of our ongoing initiatives to become more accessible to our UAE-based clients. We will continue to build relationships with more strategic partners locally and internationally to ensure ease of doing business for companies flourishing in our zones.” Mr. Bitar said: “Our partnership with RAKEZ reflects our shared aspiration to help drive innovative solutions and boost customer satisfaction through more flexibility and increased efficiency. Within our capacity as a prominent remittance and foreign exchange company, we aim to enhance the experience of businesses and investors and help encourage new entities to set up in the country. We are glad to offer RAKEZ’s clients a convenient, reliable and secure way to pay their fees via our network of more than 200 strategically located branches in different parts of the UAE.” The economic zone’s clients can also complete their transactions through RAKEZ Portal 360; a payment link on RAKEZ invoice that leads to a secured online payment gateway; bank transfer to the account detailed on their invoice; and UAEissued cheques that can be deposited via ATMs. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) signs an agreement with Al Ansari Exchange, through which RAKEZ clients can make their payments at any Al Ansari Exchange branch in the UAE. This collaboration expands the range of payment options available for RAKEZ clients, making it more convenient and faster to settle payment transactions related to their RAKEZ companies. News

SNC-Lavalin launches new solution to decarbonise built environment SNC-Lavalin, a fully integrated professional services and project management company with offices around the world, has launched Decarbonomics, a data-driven solution to decarbonise the built environment in a cost-effective way and accelerate the global and Middle East region journey to net zero. The Decarbonomics initiative builds on SNC-Lavalin’s methods and practices to deliver high-performing buildings and developments, interconnected by smart and green systems and infrastructure. It is being launched as both private and public sectors are looking at ways to reduce their carbon emissions at pace as the built environment contributes around 40% of global carbon emissions and the majority of the buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built. “Creating the net zero communities of the future relies, in part, on effective decarbonization of existing assets. DecarbonomicsTM is a concrete example of how we can help clients meet their net zero targets and is in line with our comprehensive Engineering Net Zero approach,” said Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO, SNC-Lavalin. The Decarbonomics initiative builds on SNC-Lavalin’s methods and practices to deliver high-performing buildings and developments, interconnected by smart and green systems and infrastructure News “We provide sustainable solutions by connecting people, data and technology in partnership with clients such as the UK Government Property Agency, delivering decarbonization for its 450-building portfolio,” stated Edwards. Decarbonomics brings together the SNC-Lavalin Group, including Atkins and Faithful+Gould, expertise and knowledge of building services, engineering design, asset management, project management, cost consulting, data analytics and data visualizations. Founded on the decarbonization of existing building portfolios, DecarbonomicsTM is an end-to-end service based on a simple three-step approach of benchmarking, road mapping and delivery of an organization’s decarbonization program: •Benchmark: develop a carbon baseline •Roadmap: design a cost-effective carbon reduction pathway •Deliver: implement our carbon reduction solutions The three-step approach is underpinned by Carbon Data Insights, a diverse mix of global open-source benchmark databases as well as SNC-Lavalin’s own rich building data library. The result is a decarbonized estate, achieved through the strategy for achieving carbon reduction from behaviour change to building retrofit interventions, and measuring progress across the portfolio and asset lifecycle. “Decarbonomics is founded on the principle of systems thinking and brings our diverse expertise and knowledge of the built environment and buildings together in a way that enables us to make carbon visible at the portfolio level,” remarked Matthew Tribe, Managing Director, Planning, Design, and Engineering, Middle East for Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group. “This empowers our clients in the Middle East to make informed decisions about their investments in decarbonization and accelerating their journey towards net zero,” he noted. Globally, SNC-Lavalin has developed ‘Engineering Net Zero’ program which focuses on leading the engineering industry to achieve Net Zero Carbon as rapidly as possible, by helping clients manage climate risks and build climate resilience. In 2021, the company announced its ‘vision for engineering a sustainable society’, containing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets and commitments to achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030 across corporate activities. By Staff Writer, TradeArabia – Zawya

MEA / Q1 2022 6 Dec21076 Excellence in Electronics Recently, an unbiased and independent research team fromAI Global Media has awarded ePiccolo Engineering, an electronic design services provider based in Israel, for demonstrating exceptional expertise in the field of electronic engineering and embedded software. We have invited Guy Shemesh, the general manager of ePiccolo Engineering for an interview. I: Guy, congratulations for the win! Guy: Thank you very much, we are so proud to have received this recognition. And while I think there are certainly great companies in our field, I humbly accept this award title and will continue to strive to provide our best service and live up to our name. AI: Could you please explain to a person not in field, what is it exactly that your company does? Guy: Well, we provide engineering services. The customer comes with his need to solve a certain problem or an idea to develop a new product. It can be in many fields, i.e. audio device, security camera, radar etc. The end application is non-specific, however the guiding line in all our services is that there is usually an embedded product involved, i.e. there is an electronic board with some processor IC that needs to be developed. Some customers require hardware design of the printed circuit board (PCB) while others may need embedded software be written to the processor. Lastly, some customers require full turnkey, hardware and software, and sometimes even mechanical enclosure needs to be developed. AI: How does your customers find you? Guy: Most of our customers are recurring customers that we work with for years. Some others are employees which after some time have moved to other company and recommended our services to the new company. And lastly, new customers find us usually via our website and I also get inquiries through a technical article I have written regarding PCB vias. AI: Nowadays, the semiconductor industry fail to meet the demand for electronic components. Does it affect your business as well? Guy: Certainly, we see it almost every day. The customers we serve are experiencing shortages with chips which affect their ability to manufacture their products. For example an electronic board can easily have over 50 types of different components and it’s enough for only one component to be in shortage and this board could not be produced. Simple replacements, for example resistor, capacitors, transistors, diodes, are common and usually it is not a problem to find replacements, but what do you do when you need to replace, say, the main processor on the board? AI: I assume some parts are not replaceable? Guy: Exactly. For this reason, many of our customers need to redesign their products. Literally, they take working products that have years of development effort invested in them and redesign them just because some chip on the board is non sourcable. Even as we speak we are working with one of our customers to replace a DSP with an ARM based microcontroller, we have to redesign both the software and the PCB. AI: At least it gives you more work? Guy: It certainly keeps us busy but we really hope not to receive this kind of projects. Our customers many times become our friends and we much prefer to receive work in better circumstances. AI: What are your preferred projects? Guy: It’s a tough question. Personally I like project that have an FPGA in addition to a processor on the board. Being a DSP guy, I always liked FPGAs as well and found them very interesting to develop since I could design the logic as efficient small computing machines many times involving a multiplier, block memories, and some sort of state machine to drive data in and out. These sort of things really allows for high processing power that with DSP alone would be difficult to realize. AI: Can you share with us things that you find difficult your business Guy: Yes. One of the things we find difficult is that we are continuously required to work on processors that are new to us. We have our arsenal of processor families we are comfortable with based on hands-on experience. However, the customer may need something else and this really forces us to invest time and learn a new processor. For example, we had a project based on the Xilinx Zync ultrascale+ (IC containing 6 ARM processors and an FPGA). In a later project, the customer required working on Intel/Altera cyclone 5 (IC containing dual ARM core and an FPGA). Although these are somewhat comparable ICs from different vendors, we were still required to invest the time to learn them both. AI: What would be your advice for a new company seeking a design to outsource? Guy: First and foremost, don’t enforce a specific solution. It is much better to specify what your product is supposed to do than define the implementation details. Do let us know if there is something special that needs to be optimized, i.e. product size, power consumption, cost etc. Please be sure that we will guide you through the different options available in realizing your design. Second, consult with us even in the requirement stage and we’ll try to guide you on what is feasible and what is risky, which solution can be more cost effective, and how to optimize our cost as well by requiring clear, practical requirements, which hopefully can reuse some of our technology in fulfilling your goals. Company: ePiccolo Engineering Contact: Guy Shemesh Website: A

MEA / Q1 2022 7 Jan22039 Best Vertical Farming & Living Wall Systems Provider - Middle East Lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables is becoming a prevalent problem amongst communities around the world. Vertical Field is on a mission to reverse this challenge by developing indoor vertical farms that grow fruit and vegetables using advanced controlled-environment technologies. Farms are placed right on-site- benefitting supermarkets, restaurants, education centres, and a myriad of other environments and institutions. Indeed, this innovative technology is not only changing the industry, but is changing lives. Vertical Field is transforming the agricultural sector. Serving as a global agricultural technology company, Vertical Field specialises in the development and commercialisation of geoponic (soilbased) vertical farming technology for the modern urban ecosystem. Indeed, the company’s overarching mission is simple – to bring fresh, healthy, and local food to consumers throughout the world. Through a range of innovative technological advances and solutions, Vertical Field simultaneously embodies and completes this aspiration. Working to improve challenges in the farming sector, Vertical Field has designed a new and optimized method that allows produce to grow in any indoor or outdoor urban space using minimal space. The company understands just how vital it is for nutritious and fresh food to be accessible to the wider population, especially in an age where poverty, a lack of access, and complex supply chains restrains this access. Vertical Field’s indoor farms can be placed in urban hubs or arid desert regions- redefining where produce can grow. As of a 2018 study, for example, over one million UK residents were living in a ‘food desert’ – an area where the availability of fruits and vegetables is severely limited. Henceforth, Vertical Field’s technology offers an affordable and easy way for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, and much more, to acquire locally grown, hyper fresh, and high-quality fruits and vegetables year-round. Taking a wall-to-fork approach, Vertical Field’s indoor farms grow produce inside of repurposed shipping containers that sit on-site, utilising a range of advanced controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technologies to create the optimum conditions for crops to grow quickly and efficiently regardless of the season. Moreover, the produce is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, is harvested daily in order to ensure freshness, and can be sold with the soilbased plug still attached to the plants’ roots for increased shelf-life, nutrient circulation, and overall quality. The global agriculture industry is constantly evolving as new processes, regulations, and ethical practices inform the market. It is with this firmly in mind that Vertical Field ensures that it consistently remains on top of any progressing trends through employing a range of up-to-date technological advancements. Most recently, the company’s research and development department has been conducting several different studies in collaboration with top academic research institutions both nationally and internationally. Such projects seek to improve the sustainability and accessibility of the technology. Furthermore, from the agronomy department through to the expanded and prestigious scientific advisory board, Vertical Field endeavours to remain on the cutting-edge of industry breakthroughs and advances. Henceforth, the future is set to be incredibly bright for the company. Vertical Field remains at the forefront of the industry, developing innovative methods for cultivating a range of produce. At this present time, Vertical Field is in the final stages of developing several brandnew products – including a mushroom container, which will produce a consistent and reliable supply of mushrooms directly to its clients and other new crops. In addition, the company is also in the final development stages of a germination compartment, which will enable plants will grow from seed to maturity inside of its vertical farms. It is expected that both of these projects will come to fruition in 2022. Contact: Noa Winston Company: Vertical Field Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2022 8 Jan22198 Best Niche Market Learning Resources Supplier - Africa SkillsTrain Distribution is a specialised niche market importer and distributor for global publishers and digital platforms. The company has its own e-learning platform, run by Dave Augustyn who originally brought e-learning to the country and has put most higher educational platforms in place for variousVarsities and colleges. SkillsTrain Distribution was founded by Linda Botha who has been in the importing and distribution arena for many years. She is an entrepreneur and member of the Women Presidents Organisation who has been nominated against some of the top women in business at the Women in Business Awards and National Business Award she has recently over the past two years won 3 international awards. Linda’s focus is drive and passion for education and assisting learners, colleges and private institutions in being the best that they can be, and assisting all to achieve the success and excellence in all fields. She is passionate about the Fire and EMS ensuring her market is made aware of the latest products and training opportunities to learn and grow whether it be an E-pub, print book, digital contract or Life saving products. The Flaim training unit, is cutting edge Technology and allows students through the real life experience of Virtual Reality to learn through all the simulations the actual skills required, so when it comes to a real life emergency they are prepared and the clean green mission value statement is what the Flaim Trainer and the Portable Virtual Reality Training units are all about, this was developed by Professor James Mullins a Deakin University professor, and is backed by Darley USA. We currently have over 40 real life scenarios on each of the units from Aviation, Mining, High Rise, Size up ICS, Domestic as in Kitchen Fires to Maritime, and constantly adding to the list. Skillstrain represents most global publishers in the world. Skillstrain is the master distributor in this territory, focusing on specialised niche markets such as fire and emergency services, rescue and disaster management, health and safety, emergency medical services, technical training services, health, wellness and resilience life skills. We can structure an enterprise licence of accredited courses to these specialised sectors, another example is that of the Agri-sector focusing on climate change, soil erosion etc. Adding to our list of partners is that of Bizzco for supply chain Management courses, locally and internationally accredited as well as short courses which are now all available on the Skillstrain platform. Skillstrain’s specialised services are delivered to various industry specialised sectors and focuses on Southern Africa and across our borders. We meet the specialised needs of higher education, whether it be an EMS College, Mining, Manufacturing, Defence or Maritime, Aviation or Retail we have the solution for you. SkillsTrain is constantly looking at new solutions to benefit you the client saving you time resources and helping you with your bottom line. SkillsTrain is a flexible company that works to keep its clients happy and supported. As SkillsTrain moves forwards, our strategy will be to run more webinars informative with expert panels delivering question and answer sessions to all and in the process assisting people in life saving situations to hopefully have received the tips they needs and call centre numbers on hand. We are very excited about the future and what 2022/ 2023 will bring. The company is currently in communication with a large medical company which has been appointed to take two new medical products to market. The one is a Go2vent which is a disposable ventilator with the objective of Saving more Lives. We have recently collaborated with a company and will be offering on-line EMR courses with for CPD points for completion. Additionally, we are constantly looking at more partners to add specialised value to the EMS and Fire Training market and the company is in negotiation with a medical company for simulations in the medical training field which will be a good fit with its FlaimVirtual Reality Training Unit. Company: SkillsTrain Distribution Email: [email protected] Website: /

MEA / Q1 2022 9 Jan22303 Industrial Automation & Innovation Company of the Year 2021 Leading the revolution towards an automated future, The Directech Group is accredited as the Industrial Automation and Innovation Company of the Year. The Directech Group aims to develop a future in which production efficiencies and quality standards are attained through several intelligent applications such as mechanics, electronics, intralogistics, and robotics. Essentially, The Directech Group is on a mission to create a world where people and machines can work together to shape and improve modern society. uilt on a foundation of passion, integrity, learning, teamwork and innovation, The Directech Group is renowned for its high quality, reliability and revolutionary innovations innately represented through several companies that utilise its solutions - expanding the reputation of The Directech Group by openly connecting to its services. The Directech Group encounters customers from all over the world, with partnerships in countries including Germany, China, Japan, Turkey, the UK, the USA, and Austria. By all regards, the company has nurtured a reputation that remains almost unmatched within the industry. It has become highly regarded for its innovative solutions and approach to customer service, listening and understanding to the needs and objects of each client and reacting with suitable solutions that exceed expectations. Marketing Specialist Michael Heaver adds to this point, explaining the direct steps the company takes to tackle customer goals, stating, “Based on their objectives, we then deliver innovative turnkey mechatronic and automation solutions from idea conception to project completion, as well as the provision of dedicated after-sales service, no matter how difficult the challenge.” Additionally, the company can offer a competitive advantage compared to its competitors, and this is because of its unique approach to projects which is innately based on its worker’s advanced skillset. Thus, ensuring that the company can keep up and lead the industry while surpassing potential competitors and exceeding daily results because of its talented teammembers across the globe. Michael adds to this, stating, “Every project is designed and manufactured internally with the use of our state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, Our engineers work only with the best automation and design software, and our company boasts an entire warehouse of specialised production machinery, including but not limited to toolrooms, paint booths, laser cutting and CNC machinery. Our capabilities even extend to the manufacturing of electrical cabinets, software development and programming is completed in-house.” The Directech Group is run by a dedicated workforce of over 300 highly skilled people worldwide, including mechanical design engineers, mechatronics experts, robotic specialists, and qualified artisans. Thus, because The Directech Group is well versed in customer satisfaction and its diverse array of talented workers, the company can meet and exceed its client’s needs from design, procurement and manufacturing to commissioning and handover to the end-user. For The Directech Group, no task is too big to achieve – accomplishing everything necessary and more the moment its innovative individuals put their minds and advanced resources towards it. But, at the end of the day, The Directech Group showcased its hard work and success, proving daily that ‘the impossible’ is a mere option – state of mind – and a statement it does not connect itself with. As the years go on, the market and the industry change, and for The Directech Group, its most recent trend has been the realisation of the benefits of automating processes. It is a rising acceptance that is coating all business sectors, whether in manufacturing, research and development or data management. The overall appreciation and advantage of automation are increasing and revolutionising businesses. Moreover, given The Directech Group’s diversity and flexible approach to its customers’ needs, the company is well-positioned to continue growing on the back of this trend. Additionally, throughout the years, the company has been recognised by the industry and customers alike with awards from the department of science and technology, leading automotive manufacturers, and more. The Directech Group has been able to exceed industry and customer standards heavily due to the combination of its staff, sophisticated resources, international partnerships, and can-do attitude that gives the company a vast competitive advantage – standing out from the competition. Michael adds to this, stating, “Whilst most of our projects are covered by non-disclosure agreements, it is common for our customers to look at innovation to give them an edge in the market.” Recently for The Directech Group, the company has been experiencing significant compound growth and is starting new projects across developments, including introducing new vehicles to automotive production lines, laboratory cell line development, 3D bioprinting, and Covid analysis and genome sequencing, to name a few. Maintaining its reputation as Industrial Automation & Innovation Company of the Year 2021, The Directech Group is surpassing industrystandard excellence and personal expectations – leading the automation section with innovation, passion, and revolutionary solutions. B Company: The Directech Group Website: Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +27 82 370 1535

MEA / Q1 2022 10 Jan22361 A customer-first business that has made itself trustworthy, reliable, and thoroughly adaptable, VAS Integrated Solutions has worked hard to show through hard work and tenacity why its solutions are an invaluable asset. With IT products that are seamless, tailorable, and built from a desire to see each of its clients succeed, it is in the process of revolutionising what the technological infrastructure of the future’s businesses will look like as the world adapts to the changes made necessary by the pandemic. value-added distributor of leading brands, VAS Integrated Solutions provides a wide swathe of integrated IT solutions to the various market verticals it serves in the MEA region. With more than 50 professional engineers who are each all certified with DellEMC technologies, it has made itself one of the most notable subsidiaries of Giza Systems. Its parent company – one working in over 8 different countries and manned by over 1500 employees – is proud to say that VAS Integrated Solutions’ reputation for excellence is one that is continuing to evolve over time. Fundamentally, it has a strong track record for excellence. Its previous clients across the Libyan and Egyptian markets laud it for its outstanding customer service, effective IT solutions, and seamless integration, and thus it positions itself as a cornerstone VAD company with a focus on data centres, virtualisation, cloud enablement, middleware, security, and infrastructure. Geographically, it has expanded its reach to markets in the USA, Canada, the UK, KSA, Algeria, Qatar, and Morocco as a result. With such a reliable penchant for excellence following its movements since its founding in 2006, it has created a reputation for enabling infrastructures to build up to their best potential. Helping clients to reduce operational costs, organise their core business goals, streamline operations, and optimise business performance, it delivers end-to-end, integrated services with high-end solutions, backed by a comprehensive suite of business-enabling services that further reduces and processes costs. Its high-value, qualified, and exemplary team make all of this possible, engineering solutions to fit client needs and providing expert advice into the bargain. Furthermore, it wishes to go on to diversify further into industries such as mobility solutions, enabling its clients to pave the way to further success; in this manner, its efforts cover complete project life cycle from beginning to end, and by doing this it makes itself a long-term partner to its client’s businesses. Serving them with such a world class, niche portfolio in this way has secured it as a leader and a front-runner. From Dell Technologies to VMware, Palo Alto, Secureworks, ForcePoint, and more, it maintains and develops high-level professional teams and expertise with up-to-date certifications across the board. Critically, although it started in the MEA, it has been expanding far beyond this region with its Unified Workspace and Digital Workspace, aiding its clients in dealing with the implications of working during a pandemic. This adaptation to the changing needs of its market segment has shown each of them that they are right to put their faith in VAS Integrated Solutions, especially with the IT and communications sector in Egypt’s current status as a pre-eminent industry with incredible growth potential. Continuing to offer more products and further adaptations to its solutions in the future, this IT one-stop-shop shows no signs of stopping when it comes to proving itself, looking forward to nurturing new talent and welcoming aboard new recruits who will shape the bright future surely on the way. Company: VAS Integrated Solutions Contact: Mohamed Gawad Website: A Best Premium IT Distribution Services - Egypt A value-added distributor of leading brands, VAS Integrated Solutions provides a wide swathe of integrated IT solutions to the various market verticals it serves in the MEA region. With more than 50 professional engineers who are each all certified with DellEMC technologies, it has made itself one of the most notable subsidiaries of Giza Systems.

MEA / Q1 2022 11 Coffee Shop of the Year - Dubai Providing its clients with a relaxing, sophisticated, and quality rest stop amidst the hubbub of everyday life, RX Coffee Apothecary is a café with 3 separate branches, all united by excellence. Offering delicious food, refreshing drinks, and specialty desserts, its expert servers, chefs, and baristas work within these establishments in order to provide the best hospitality experience possible. Furthermore, at its core, all this takes place within the crucible of a welcoming, contemporary, and warm environment that has been designed for a tasteful, comforting atmosphere. RX Coffee Apothecary is a boutique café with 3 branches around the region of the United Arab Emirates, serving the highest quality specialty coffee, food, and desserts. It has become well known over time for its unique and stand-out interiors, furnished to be eye-catching, enthralling, and evocative, with drawers in the walls and bottles lining every shelf. This all adds to the aesthetic that makes up its name, giving clients the feel of stepping into an old herbalist shop. Nominally, lending a mystique to its scents of sweet concoctions and infusing it with a kind of healing, positive, homely magic, RX Coffee Apothecary welcomes clients old and new through its doors on a daily basis. Furthermore, dedicated to nourishing the mind, body, and soul, it prides itself on the excellence that is infused into every element of the business. From the décor to the ambience, the service, and the products, it ensures that its team know its menu back to front, implementing training on a monthly basis that allows the team to refresh their memories and re-acquaint themselves with things that may have changed, with semi annual assessments that ensure the utmost professional diligence. Additionally, its quality control is second to none, ensuring all standards are met within each branch of RX Coffee Apothecary. Now registered on online food platforms to be able to deliver its delicious food and coffee directly to the consumer, it has been able to diversify its service and up its sales; however, it is very much enjoying being open for in-person business once again, happy to have its venues back to being places of good conversation and great hospitality. In a busy, diverse, and dynamic industry, it has set itself apart by keeping abreast of current trends and maintaining its dedication to a contemporary yet rustic aesthetic. With a new employee reward system in place, a positive, work-oriented staff, and a new RX Outlet slated to open soon outside of the UAE, it is looking forward to taking its ‘prescription for the body, mind, and soul’ to an international audience in the near future. Company: RX Coffee Apothecary Contact: Saeed AlGaz Website: It has become well known over time for its unique and stand-out interiors, furnished to be eye-catching, enthralling, and evocative, with drawers in the walls and bottles lining every shelf. Jan22422

MEA / Q1 2022 12 Jan22365 Lights! Camera! Action! The dream of making movies is one which is possible for anyone to undertake, but to do so with class takes real skill. The team behind Identical Pictures Ltd have thrived on producing incredible pieces of art for their clients. In the MEA Business Awards 2021, the team were named Most Innovative Film & Photo Production Company 2021. We look more closely at precisely what has secured them such success. Since opening its doors, the team at Identical Pictures has been able to act as a one-stop-shop for film and photo production. Having filmed content through the Indian Ocean region, including in Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives, Reunion, and Seychelles, they have gained an understandable reputation for being where films and holidays are made. Founded in 2009, the team at Identical Pictures are proud of producing worldclass content for over ten years. With a team that has a combined 60 years of expertise in film production, it’s little wonder this astonishing company has been able to thrive. Production is an industry where costs can rise very quickly and it pays to find a local team who not only understand the environment, but have already garnered a great deal of experience when it comes to facing the challenges inherent. Over the years, the success of Identical Pictures has seen it have a decisive, and growing, influence on the Mauritian film industry. Over the years, the Identical Pictures team have been able to work in a variety of different genres, offering their clients support in a wealth of different forms. Whether they are producing a documentary on the local culture or a feature film that embraces the potential of the landscape, the team at Identical Pictures is always on hand to deliver first-class support. The team works closely with clients, overseeing projects from their initial conception through to the finished product. Working internationally have proven that this is a team that can work in a way that transcends borders. Since opening their doors, the team have become a fixture in the area, known for classic films such as Amor de Madre or Resort to Love for Netflix, Serenity for IM Global, and others for BBC, TF1, and Universal. The trust from these renowned and high profile industry names demonstrates the level of quality with which the Identical Pictures team approaches every project. They don’t just deliver in terms of service, however, but in terms of the quality of what they bring to the table physically. To ensure the ultimate in high quality production, the team have been able to secure every piece of equipment that might be needed to produce high quality entertainment. Their film equipment rental house saves production companies the hassle of shipping from abroad. Recently, the team have been able to secure new ARRI Alexa Mini LFs, a new Panther dolly, and a large mobile crane which have proven to be the perfect complements to their stateof-the-art Aerial and Drone Department. Capturing footage in this beautiful part of the world has never been easier thanks to the team’s incredible resources. Mauritius has long been a popular location to film, holding one of the strongest Film Rebate Schemes in Africa and South Africa and some of the most experienced film crews in this part of the world. As more and more people see the beauty that is inherent to the Indian Ocean territories, it’s clear that they will continue to be able to grow and expand their offering to more and more people. The success of this incredible venture is a credit to the hardworking team who bring each and everyone of their client’s stories to life. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: Identical Pictures Ltd Name: Andreas Habermeyer Email: [email protected] Stand By For Action!

MEA / Q1 2022 13 Shaping the Future of the Events Industry ESMOS Recruitment, the company lauded as the ‘Event’s Recruitment Specialists of the Year’ in 2022 for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, has secured notoriety as a partner to its clients’ businesses and careers over the past year. Despite being a relatively young company, it is no stranger to operating in times of turmoil, and has been a critical touchstone in helping professionals in events management and creation to adapt to the changing modern paradigm, guiding new talent and experienced industry heavyweights alike. distinctive, highly targeted consultancy service, ESMOS Recruitment specialises in recruitment for the events industry focusing on the three core pillars that make up any good event. Aiding a client in securing good sales, marketing, and operations, this relatively young company – having only found its feet in March of 2021 – has been making waves amongst the events planning industry, leading recruitment across these verticals in order to provide exemplary permanent placements. Nominally, by doing this, it maintains the talent pool of new and passionate people coming into its industry, delivering effective solutions through personalised and professional services that go hand in hand with a transparent, proactive, ethical, and client centric approach. It fosters human connection between an employee and their prospective placement in this manner. Fundamentally, by drilling down into this relationship development as a core tenant of its business, it promotes healthy, sustainable, and compatible teams that will work together exceedingly well to make an event run swimmingly, ensuring that the person fits the placement and vice versa. Over the past year of recruiting specifically for the events sector, ESMOS has built solid foundations and a robust reputation amongst candidates, placing them in key leadership positions across the industry and setting it in good stead with professionals across its relevant verticals. Additionally, working with key, high-profile clients within the local and regional exhibition markets, as well as the conference markets, it serves the world’s leading B2B exhibition organisers and government owned entities, making the recruitment experience smooth, seamless, and transitional for all involved. It regularly engages with all its clients for a quarterly headcount and talent sourcing purpose, maintaining an open dialogue built on mutual trust. This, in essence, has all contributed to making it a lifelong business and career partner for many, ESMOS appreciating and respecting the trust its clients put in it to be a guiding hand in their professional life. ESMOS appreciates the importance of building relationships with the people and businesses it represents. Critically, from screening to placement, it believes in a transactional approach to recruitment that suits all parties, putting the development of a positive dynamic between the company and candidate back at the forefront of concerns when it comes to hiring fresh talent. Having launched shortly after returning from lockdown, ESMOS and its staff are undaunted by challenge, as it has been working throughout one of the toughest times yet to face the modern world. Helping the events industry move into the new modern epoch that is starting to take shape, it has joined its clients at the start of a journey through uncharted waters, and is dedicated to helping them rebuilt in a way that will prepare them for the changes and opportunities ahead. Company: ESMOS Recruitment Contact: Mark Benaicha Website: A Jan22508 the events recruitment specialists

MEA / Q1 2022 14 Jan22512 World-Class MEP Services Arabian MEP Contracting is a grade A and ISO-certified MEP company in Qatar, approved by Kahrama for electrical works and QCDD for firefighting and fire protection systems. It provides a complete range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services through a highly experienced engineering and project management team fully compliant to time, cost and quality requirements of projects. MEA Markets magazine has recognised the company as 2022’s Leading Experts in MEP Engineering – Qatar, so we take a closer look at how this is the case. ince 1998, Arabian MEP has been providing clients with world-class service in engineering, design, quality construction, exceptional product knowledge professionalism, and full resources capability to carry out mechanical and electrical building services. Market sectors benefiting from its services include infrastructure, medical care, high rise towers, commercial, and education. Its inhouse engineering and design personnel have proven expertise in engineering, design and quality construction with exceptional product knowledge to carry out engineering works such as design review (IFC and project specification); technical material submittals for MEP systems including the equipment selections and shop drawings; technical queries; heat load; ESP; pump head calculations; cable sizing; voltage drop calculation; and project handing over documentation. Under the supervision of the engineering manager and with the help of design software and AutoCAD/BIM technology, speed is ensured, along with accuracy and high quality of operations. To begin a project, all client expectations are clarified so the team can arrange manpower resources and raw materials as required. During the project execution, the team will focus on getting the work done as per the client’s plan, holding regular meetings with them and consultants throughout to ensure they remain up-to-date with regards to project progress. Should any revisions to the plan arise, the team will work to fulfil these. Arabian MEP General Manager, Mutasim Al Ghadir commented, “We are not finished with your project until you are completely satisfied. This includes guaranteeing a smooth and worry-free delivery of MEP services, proper testing and commissioning followed by DLP period.” Arabian MEP believes that its employees are the most important factor in its economic success. To ensure their wellbeing, it follows best practices in human resource management, supporting best practices in job design, employee selection, performance management, employee compensation, and employee training. Mutasim said, “We believe that employee development, motivation and training enable managers to achieve expected organisational performance and competitiveness by achieving desired employees.” Arabian MEP’s in-house Technical Training & Testing Center facility closely monitors and measures its Manpower’s capability, productivity, and effectiveness in performing their duties. Right training enables employees to always perform well on their jobs and be safe in doing so! “It is a struggle to reach the top, but the real art is to maintain the top position! We are achieving this by implementing such quality standards and training programs, thereby ensuring the quality of MEP works” Mutasim added. With the help of its team, Arabian MEP is striding towards its vision of becoming the regional market leader within the MEP construction industry, consistently providing engineering excellence to its valued clients through commitment in delivering best practices in corporate governance and transparency. Company: Arabian MEP Contracting Contact: Mutasim Al Ghadir Email: [email protected] Website: S Since 1998, Arabian MEP has been providing clients with world-class service in engineering, design, quality construction, exceptional product knowledge professionalism, and full resources capability to carry out mechanical and electrical building services.

MEA / Q1 2022 15 Feb22424 All The World’s A Stage! What does it mean to combine leading intellectual properties with first-class theatrical productions? The team at the Broadway Entertainment Group have built their name on transforming familiar names into breath-taking productions. In MEA Markets’ MEA Business Awards 2021, the team were named Best Theatrical Entertainment Platform – Dubai. We take a closer look to see how they’ve brought new life to old ways of working. When we look at the Broadway Entertainment Group, it’s clear this is an organisation which acts as a major force within theatrical circles. Their work delivers shows directly from rights holders to venues and promotors around the world. Not simply set to handle the legal side of things, the Broadway Entertainment Group team have become renowned for offering assistance during the production process too. The team at the Broadway Entertainment Group have gained a strong reputation for their work, with numerous productions under their belts, Cats The Musical, The Phantom Of The Opera, Ghost The Musical, Thriller Live!, Piaf Le Spectacle, Formidable! Aznavour The Story of a Legend, Spamalot, Tap Dogs, Shrek The Musical, Kite Runner, The Litte Prince (Le Petit Prince) & Broken Wings, to name a few in venues in the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the globe. Their full list of services includes theatrical production, booking, tour planning, logistics, legal contracts and licensing agreements, general management, ticketing solutions, international market feasibility and strategy, international tax and accounting, technical support, and new project development. Given this remarkable range it’s little wonder that the team are in such high demand. Alongside their sterling efforts when it comes to producing new shows, the Broadway Entertainment Group also secures the rights of existing productions. These include some of the brightest and best that the industry has to offer and provides a pathway to sharing classic tales in brand new locations. The team has put together an extensive international network which can support them in the growth of their various ventures. A truly international affair, it’s little wonder that the team is based in the up-andcoming Dubai. As a location, it offers an outlook which reflects a new sort of globalism. Dubai, when it comes to business culture, is about freedom to take advantage of the many opportunities that might present themselves. This myriad form of opportunity is precisely what the team at the Broadway Entertainment Group offer their clients. The challenges to live-performance have obviously risen significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at the Broadway Entertainment Group did have positive results for the virus but managed to carry on a couple of seasons for The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) in Sydney, Australia and is moving ahead to Broadway in New York. The success of Broadway Entertainment Group comes from the team’s incredible skill. They have managed to combine the artistic and the pragmatic into something very special indeed. We celebrate the team’s remarkable success and look forward to seeing what they do next. Company: Broadway Entertainment Group FZ LLC Name: Liz Koops Web Address:

MEA / Q1 2022 16 Jan22020 Perfection In Print When it comes to establishing a brand or business, there’s little more effective than personalized products. The team at have built their company on making this process as easy and stress-free as possible. In the MEA Business Awards 2021, the team were named Best Printing Services Provider – Dubai. We take a closer look to discover precisely how they did it. Based in Dubai, this team of dedicated printing experts have quickly made a name for themselves as a company that is able to deliver truly sterling service to their clients. With an enormous range of products on offer, the team have been able to achieve astonishing success. Despite the move towards a digital way of working, it’s clear that printing products are set to be part of our lives for a long time moving forward. That said, the convenience of the online mindset has meant that printing companies have had to adapt to provide a service and experience that is equal to their web-based counterparts. For these services, people are always looking for the very best, with the option for quick edits and a rapid turnaround. This sets apart professional printing organizations from their counterparts and continues to be the key to the team at’s success. Since opening their doors in 2004, the team at has been able to offer incredible support to their customers. Their range of products allows customers to take advantage of screen printing, digital printing, customized leather prints and diaries and calendars dedicated to the way in which a business works. Each brings something unique to what the company can offer, allowing them to provide a comprehensive package that reflects the needs of your organization. Serving clients throughout the UAE for nearly two decades, with horizons that have expanded throughout the Middle East and into other continents like Africa and Europe, has managed to maintain the same high standards no matter where in the world their products are delivered. Truly, they have achieved the remarkable. Their international presence has secured their position as one of the most trusted and largest printing companies in Dubai with branches in several locations. Far from settling, this is a team that continues to push the boundaries at all times. The challenges of working in the printing business reflect the difficulties suffered by any and every business that is establishing itself once more. The team have taken steps to make life as easy as possible for their customers around the world. Firstly, they have implemented a fully flexible approach to payment, so that a lack of funds doesn’t have to hold you back from making money. Similarly, the team’s multilingual team ensures that is at the forefront of what the UAE has to offer. Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and by taking steps to avoid communication barriers, the team has been able to enjoy significant success. What does it mean to print in the 21st Century? If we look at the example of, it means keeping high standards, offering flexibility to clients and taking the time to meet every specific need they might have. offers a big business approach, whilst guaranteeing a bespoke solution. That’s why people turn to the company and how they have achieved such incredible success. Company: Name: Bibin Varghese Email: [email protected] Web Address: Based in Dubai, this team of dedicated printing experts have quickly made a name for themselves as a company that is able to deliver truly sterling service to their clients. With an enormous range of products on offer, the team have been able to achieve astonishing success.