Q1 2019

6 MEA MARKETS / Q1 2019 , Originally established in the fertile farmlands surrounding the seaside resorts of Youghal, Co. Cork in Ireland, over the years Fantastic Flavours Ice CreamParlour has gained a reputation for creating delicious, award-winning andunique delicacies. Today, its Founders,Miceál O’Hurley andOksana Shadrina, aremoving into franchising the brand across theMEA region. Bringing their handcrafted flavours to theMiddle East through anun-traditional approach to franchising, the pair have a truly spectacular vision, asMEAMarketsMagazine is excited to explore. Introducing Quality, Handmade Ice Cream to The Middle East and Africa Drawing on Miceál’s heritage, Fantastic Flavours Ice Cream Parlour combines the American-diner style of décor with handmade, artisan ice cream made fresh on-site daily, to create an innovative space for those seeking gourmet ice cream served in a friendly setting. Through his military and government service, and working as a legal mediator, Miceál has vast experience travelling the world and working in multi-cultural environments. Along the way he has gained an appreciation for great service and an understanding of true quality. When he and his wife decided to create a new business, they were both keen to use the skills he has gained over the years in a new, unique setting, and bring something truly unheard of in his adopted home in Ireland. The Emerald Island (as Ireland is called), unlike others such as Italy, the United States and the UK, never developed a culture dedicated to producing and consuming real, handmade ice cream. Owing to various factors, including rationing, reduced labour and general hardship, during the Second World War, what industry there was died out. This is why Fantastic Flavours dedication to artisan quality and handmade ice cream was a revolutionary new concept for Ireland when they opened their doors in 2013. Miceál, who, alongside his wife Oksana, Nov181007 felt the time was right to create a parlour dedicated to fresh ice cream, which comes in innovative flavours to suit every palate. Today, there are ‘More than 42 Flavours’ on offer, and each scoop of ice cream is handmade on the premises. Thanks to the phenomenal success of the shop in Ireland, Miceál and Oksana are now expanding into another region that is not world-renowned for its gourmet ice cream production: The Middle East and Africa. The idea for this latest venture came about as a result of the pair’s extensive travel throughout both the Middle East and Africa. Having sampled many dishes during their travels and met many fascinating people, Miceál and

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