Q1 2019

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2019 7 Company: Fantastic Flavours Ice Cream Parlour Telephone: +353 (0) 86 107 0017 Website: fantasticflavours.ie Introducing Quality, Handmade Ice Cream to The Middle East and Africa Oksana decided that they would like to incorporate the diverse range of cultures and cuisines that they experienced into their ice creams. Rather than simply bringing a taste of the Middle East back to their Youghal shop, they are keen to move into the region and create a franchise like no other before it. Whilst many ice cream franchises traditionally sell mass-produced ice cream that is simply shipped to their store to be served by the franchisee, Fantastic Flavours franchises will see each shop make its own ice cream, on-site, daily, using the same time-honoured, artisanal techniques that made the original parlour world-famous. With years of experience training others how to make ice cream in their own Ice Cream Academy, they know what works and what doesn’t. The Fantastic Flavours franchise difference is based on creating the ‘local artisan café’ experience with all the benefits, brand recognition, quality control, training and support franchises provide. Fantastic Flavours franchises did not grow from nothing, but from the aim to ensure that customers everywhere have access to artisan food the quality of which is un-matched. This will remain central to the franchise, and the Founders are committed to working closely with their franchisees over the coming years to ensure that each location achieves the quality and success for which the Fantastic Flavours brand is renowned. A key selling point of the brand is its delicious ice cream is produced using time-honoured recipes which incorporate local ingredients wherever possible. Therefore, Fantastic Flavours franchises will support the local economy by creating jobs and sourcing local ingredients from suppliers within their region wherever possible. At the same time, franchises will also ensure that the products it sells are priced appropriately for the region, making luxury ice cream accessible to everyone. By not having to purchase bulk inventory from central warehouses and producing the ice cream on-site using local ingredients, franchisees will escape tying-up their money with expensive inventory and properties with large freezer storage-rooms and can instead focus on the customer experience which drives cash- flow. These values are the same as those by which Miceál and Oksana created their original shop over six years ago. Franchises will also work towards the same Fantastic Flavours mission: to create and serve handmade, artisan ice cream with excellent customer service in a unique and pleasing setting. By sticking to the basics and focusing on food and service, Miceál and Oksana are sure that success will follow for their franchises, and they are excited to support them in this exhilarating journey. Ultimately, Miceál and Oksana believe that Fantastic Flavours is not so much about evolution but revolution in making artisan quality ice cream available, far- and-wide. Continuing to focus on the quality ice cream, the pair are also eager to grow their offering, and are currently seeking to expand their food offerings beyond the pizza, crepes, desserts and gourmet coffees they now offer. Market research indicate this creative approach to growth will help ensure that visitors to Fantastic Flavours franchises, in the MEA region and beyond, will enjoy the same success as the original shop in Ireland. At the same time, franchisees can enjoy a business that is built on the tripod of exquisite ice cream, food and drinks. All of these values will remain the Fantastic Flavour’s raison d’être as the brand enters the MEA market and an exciting new chapter for the business.

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