Q1 2019

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2019 5 NEWS , The UAE’s recent ef- forts for sustainable action - with sustain- ability at the heart of Dubai Plan 2021 and innovation development projects like Masdar City - create a solid platform for CDP’s mission: to see a thriving global economy that works for people and the planet in the long term. As a strategic business hub and global financial centre, Dubai, UAE, is anticipated to give CDP’s initiatives greater impact in the regions connect- ed through the UAE’s extensive trade network. With a worldwide network of business leaders that stretches from the Americas to the Middle East, the GCEOA is built around strengthened private sector par- ticipation in advancing sustain- ability. With shared information and resources, as well as ex- tensive experience working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and SDGs, the GCEOA is well positioned to assist CDP in its goal to drive urgent, sustaina- ble action in the Middle East. The GCEOA and CDP will work with UAE policymakers and mul- ti-lateral agencies to expand sus- tainability disclosure, support re- gional climate change efforts and promote the value of measuring and reporting on climate strategy and action through CDP’s disclo- The GCEOA and CDP Bring Climate Disclosure to the UAE Renowned off-plan real estate developer Sam Raja to collaborate with Opus Homes Dubai. sure platform. They will also work with international entities that have a significant supply chain presence in the UAE, sharing information on how to leverage environmental and climate infor- mation to improve supply chain management decisions. “At CDP, we work to promote a thriving economy that works for both the planet and its people,” said Antigone Theodorou, region- al director of CDP’s Asia Pacific, Latin America and partner re- gions. “Working with the GCEOA to extend CDP’s reach to the UAE provides the opportunity to leverage the UAE as a gateway to large, growing, diversified and open markets and work with more organisations to measure and understand their environmental impact.” GCEOA founder and Chairman James Donovan noted, “Joining like-minded organisations to- gether to collaborate in an effort to achieve sustainable develop- ment is at the core of the GCE- OA’s founding principles. CDP provides a solid foundation for organisations that live and thrive within the UAE to measure their impacts, as well as the data to make informed decisions that will drive positive change. We are ex- cited to help bring this platform to the UAE, and for its resulting impact on their economy and the global environment.” Sam Raja, the renowned Du- bai-based off-plan developer has re- cently announced plans to collaborate with real estate firm, Opus Homes. Since February, Dubai’s property mar- ket has been on an incline as the Emirate’s off-plan market record- ed its best monthly sales perfor- mance since May 2018. This has opened up new avenues for both local developers and foreign in- vestors. Speaking on the partnership, Sam said, “Despite the few economic challenges the Emir- ate has faced in the past year, Dubai’s property market is now more robust and resilient than ever. Dubai has always been among the top cities in the GCC that thrived in the real estate business, adapting to the tem- porary setbacks by levelling the market place for the big as well as the small real estate develop- ers to focus and cater to different market divisions.” He further stated, “After observ- ing the market, it is evident that the sudden increase in property sales in February was primarily due to the fairer payment options offered by most major devel- opers. I believe that it is just a matter of days before the others will also join the movement to extend varied payment plans to investors.” With the recent boost in the mar- ket turnovers with about 1,700 off-plan property deals recorded last month, Dubai’s master-de- velopers are all set for more suc- cess in the months to come. The Global CEO Alliance (GCEOA), a coalition dedicated to bring- ing the private sector together to achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and CDP, a global envi- ronmental impact non-profit that drives companies and govern- ments to manage their environmental impacts, announce today that they are partnering to bring the CDP initiative to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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