Issue 10 2021

30 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , Aug21147 Waste Not, Want Not The ways inwhichwe deal with our waste has become a sensitive issue for many, with some industries requiring a specialist to keep themon top of what challenges might arise. We take a look at David Hamer, CEO of PakawasteWaste Handling Systems and recently named CEO of the Year 2021 - the United Kingdom in CEOMonthly’s rolling series of awards, to see just how the experts manage this difficult field. When dealt with properly, waste is a matter seldom considered by many, but tackling this vital issue is no easy task and requires a great deal of thought. The team at Pakawaste Waste Handling Systems are experts in the field, and over the years have become known as the UK’s number one Waste Handling System provider. With their unparalleled ability to deliver engineering and manufacturing services for waste management and recycling both within the UK and abroad, it’s little wonder they have achieved such success. Much of this triumph is down to the tireless efforts of David Hamer. Mr. Hamer has developed his own leadership style of the last eight years, developing his approach to match the needs of both the company and the market at large. Key to his ideals is a desire to run a happy ship where teams can fulfil their own roles without the interference of middle management. With this impressive approach, Pakawaste has become a market leader that is constantly moving forward. Its impressive range of services is constantly expanding in terms of products and the way in which these products can be used. The team offers everything from static to portable compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, waste transfer stations and bins and bin equipment, and the expert technical staff can provide bespoke turnkey solutions where appropriate. The range of products is constantly developing and is a key part of the business’s investment policy. No matter what waste difficulties are faced by a business, Pakawaste are the ideal partners. During his time as CEO, Mr. Hamer has seen Pakawaste joined by three sister companies: these are System Rental UK Ltd, Pakawaste Engineering Services and Kelpack Hire Ltd System Rental offers Pakawaste’s premier waste handling equipment on rental or hire purchase agreements, opening the door to a whole new market for the team to invest in while Pakawaste Engineering Services has one of the largest networks of strategically placed mobile service engineers. To provide the best possible service for clients, every engineer operates from fully equipped vehicles based around the country. This has allowed Pakawaste to provide the much-needed support model that many in the industry have come to expect. When he first joined Pakawaste as Sales & Marketing Director, Mr. Hamer couldn’t have imagined the changes that would happen when he made it to the position of CEO. The challenges of running a business often come from outside events as opposed to internal ones and he has guided the business through changes in legislation, a recession and the new difficulties imposed by Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout these challenges, however, has come a determination to put the customer first and provide the ultimate in care to their specific needs. This determination is what has driven the team forward, and allowed them to expand their market share over the last fifteen years. The success of Pakawaste has allowed the team to grow to unprecedented heights, and now they are called upon by clients outside the UK to provide their unique waste solutions. Contracts in the Middle East and Hong Kong have allowed the firm an international foothold, one which Mr. Hamer hopes to capitalise on in the future. While many overlook waste, it is important to note that Pakawaste is a vital part of many prestigious projects both within the UK and abroad. Mr. Hamer has achieved the remarkable during his tenure, not only growing in revenue and profit, but increasing the market share of Pakawaste and expanding into new markets. Perhaps the most impressive achievement, however, is the implementation of a business strategy which has allowed Pakawaste to thrive during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the clearest example of how his leadership has seen the company thrive through the most incredible challenges, and how it has come through the other side all the stronger. Company: Pakawaste Waste Handling Systems Name: David Hamer Email: [email protected] Web Address: