Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 31 , Aug21367 Reshaping Care for Independent Living By supporting people to live safely, independently and happily in their own home, Lilli is creating a space for each person to thrive no matter their age, condition, or financial situation. Lilli’s CEO Gren Paull says, “We do this through our smart and non- intrusive technology that simply monitors and learns behaviours within the home.” Lilli aims to reduce the strain on the health and social care system and on informal carers by using technology that can support and supplement more traditional forms of in the home care. Lilli increases independence and overall happiness for vulnerable people by being “Laser focussed on supporting individuals with life-limiting conditions to maintain their independence at home for as long as possible, and in doing so we’re also making it easier for those who provide their care,” Gren tells us. Not only does Lilli help carers and occupational therapists identify what support people need, but its predictive and machine learning-based technology also identifies potential future needs by profiling a person’s typical habits and routines. This means that Lilli is working out ways to provide preventative care for those who may need it. Gren adds, “By generating insights Innovative health and social care technology company Lilli aims to transform the health and social care systemwith data and AI. As Gren Paull CEO of Lilli wins CEO of the Year 2021, in the United Kingdom, for leading this incredibly innovative and purpose-driven company to the top, we speak to himabout Lilli’s mission and its talented, passionate team. from behavioural data, the platform helps identify issues that can be addressed proactively before a condition escalates. Not only does this support carers in delivering better levels of preventative care, but it also helps highlight any risks earlier, reducing the number of potential hospital visits and thereby also reducing any associated emotional trauma and subsequent costs for the healthcare system, or for the individual.” Lilli differs from other offerings currently available on the market by moving the care technology system away from being based on reactive needs to a preventative care model whereby “We can actively predict and prevent incidents and accidents that derive from a decline in health,” says Gren. By using sensors around the house, Lilli is able to monitor the health and wellbeing of each of its users. It is possible for Lilli to monitor and record factors such as movement, temperature, bathroom visits and even the frequency of eating and hydration. Gren tells us of the Lilli platform, “Our solution identifies patterns and highlights any risks in deterioration before incidents can actually occur.” With its focus on the preventative side of care, it is changing the trajectory of people’s livelihood, independence and overall optimism. The team at Lilli is “Right at the very core of our success. We have some incredible talent on board and their value is evident in our innovative product,” Gren admits. As its purpose and mission is to help people, it puts health and wellbeing first. This goes for the team as well as the patients it works with. By working hard together, Lilli’s team has ensured a lot of growth for the company. “Our success to date is entirely down to the talent and attitude of our teammates and it’s what will facilitate successful continued growth in the future, and as CEO it’s the thing that I am the proudest of across all of our achievements,” Gren offers. With the current times and the future in mind, Gren concludes, “We are very proud to have become an approved supplier to Her Majesty’s Government. That’s a testament to the team at Lilli and our product. Looking ahead we plan to move into international markets as we continue on our mission to make a positive and lasting change in as many people’s lives as possible.” He knows that so much is possible with the technology from the positive steps Lilli is already making in changing the face of the industry and striving for a more independent future. Contact: [email protected] Company: Lilli Web Address: