Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 29 , Feb21575 Breaking New Ground for Innovation in Vendor Management Brooklyn Vendor Assurance Ltd, led by exemplary mind in his field Jesse Lee, is the leading AI-powered VendorOps platform. In essence, this company and its innovative solutions allow the automation of compliance through sustainability and adding maximum value across all managed suppliers. By streamlining, automating, and bettering processes across a myriad of business operations such as managing contracts, risk performance, relationships, compliance, innovation, and sustainability, Brooklyn can power all the vital aspects of a specific vendor, managing supplier management for the enterprise using its purpose-built software as a service platform. Fundamentally, Brooklyn understands that all suppliers face issues of supply management, strategic partner development, and delivering value without risking supply chains. It has therefore made itself the solution for each of these things, able to provide an increase in value of at least 20% to its clients, at significantly lower risk that one might expect, allowing each customer total peace of mind. It recently applied A company operating with pride and diligence, Brooklyn Vendor Assurance Ltd is a VendorOps and vendor management company changing the way supply chains workwith a single platform. Led by Jesse Lee, the ‘Most Influential CEO 2021’ for the USA, this business’s vast depth and breadth of experience has been utilised tomake its clients operations more streamlined, more compliant, and less prone to error, heralding in a revolution in the industry. these methodologies in order to help Danske Bank. This business found itself 200% more resource efficient and digitally fighting fit for audit after only a short amount of time, using Brooklyn’s platform as the single tool through which it could deliver against the European Banking Authority’s outsourced governance and Danish FSA compliance regulations. In tandem with this, Danske can now demonstrate to both of these governing bodies that it is in full control of its agreements, how they are built, and how the information is used. This has all been made possible through Brooklyn – the best solution for driving value in post contract management – and enabling VendorOps for procurement organisations that strive forhigher levels of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Being a BVA platform, it has been created to drive efficiency and better manage resources on a contract level. When it comes to intermediate agreements, they can now manage 6 contracts per FTE, something that prior to the introduction of BVA was incredibly difficult, and that now allows 3 complex agreements to be managed by one contract manager. Effectively, it has doubled the number of contracts it can manage. By expanding its services in this way, whilst still keeping the outstanding nature of its services to scale with its growth, Jesse Lee has ensured that manual effort is minimised and human error is lessened, helping clients move towards activating a smart onboarding engine to validate all manner of different agreements and requirements going forward. With VendorOps eliminating the cost, time, and complexity of traditional tools, its finance, retail, and hi-tech clients, as well as clients across a myriad of other industries, can benefit from a brand-new approach to vendor management services. This has all been made possible by the CEO’s own vision and exemplary attitude. With a breadth and depth of knowledge in his industry, and a passion for bringing his product to life, he co-founded another software business prior to Brooklyn that gave him all the business and technological acumen he needed to be able to make it a success. He and his core Brooklyn-based group learned to minimise risk and maximise results by helping improve the strategic nature of supply chains, forever striving towards making the current successes they are enjoying bigger and better, looking forward to shaping the future of his industry. Company: Brooklyn Vendor Assurance Ltd Contact: Louie Rayner Website: