Business Awards 2021

40 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21266 TheMEAMarkets’ MEA Business Awards 2021 is celebrating the best and brightest names in the region. As one of the longstanding names in the region – established in 1998 - Promoseven Sports Marketing has built a reputation that is second to none. We dug a little deeper to discover some of the secrets of this team’s incredible success. Best Sports Event Management &Marketing Company - Dubai Based in Dubai, Promoseven Sports Marketing established itself as a leading provider of marketing for sports events. In a region that is setting itself up as a hub for culture and business throughout the Middle East, the unifying attitudes behind various sporting events have proven an invaluable asset. Needless to say, over the last twenty years, the team at Promoseven Sports Marketing have gained extensive experience working with a variety of different professionals. The team’s ability to focus in on the best aspects of a project is what has allowed them to achieve such success. Through the firm’s lifetime, the Promoseven Sports Marketing team have promoted international, regional and national sporting events throughout the Middle East and Asia, using their unique knowledge of the region to share its many successes. The team’s position within the UAE is as a pioneer. Before Promoseven Sports Marketing, no other company was making the argument for the effectiveness of sport as a cultural bridge in the same way. There is a proven dynamic that results in growth for the entire economy as a result of both increased tourism and the economic benefits. Whilst making the case to those within the UAE in this respect, the Promoseven Sports Marketing team have made it their business to engage strongly with the audiences that attend these events and build a brand that tells the whole story of the region. For shareholders, partners and sponsors, it’s clear that this work is an essential part of building up the UAE as a whole for the benefit of everyone. Since opening their doors, the team have collaborated with the beating heart of Dubai’s sports scene. The Dubai Sports Council has offered incredible support to the privately-owned company, with both parties sharing their unique sources of knowledge and information to inspire greater growth within the region at large. The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, Skechers Performance Run and Bloomberg Square Mile Relay are just some of the events that the Promoseven Sports Marketing team has made into a success. When looking for events that define a region, it’s worth looking at their sports. Sports transcends barriers, creates opportunities and builds relationships that last a lifetime. We celebrate the success of Promoseven Sports Marketing and look forward to their achievements in the weeks and months to come. Company: Promoseven Sports Marketing Name: Shaun Ollier Web Address: [email protected]