Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 39 , Dec21412 Africology, a family-run business with a dedication to being both knowledgeable and ethical to a fault, has made itself a mainstay of the skincare and home-spa product sector. Found in homes, spas, and hotels all over the world, the notoriety it now enjoys has come about through the hard work, dedication, and sheer force of will of the Droganis family behind it, with the founder and her four children putting in monumental amounts of effort to make the dream a reality. Best Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Brand - South Africa With a story behind it that is one of perseverance and manifestation, Africology has made a name for itself with its familial values and its ability to consistently follow what’s right. Additionally, its patience as a company has allowed it to create a skincare, body care, fragrance, lifestyle, and home spa brand that is renowned for being friendly and diligent with its products and attitude towards its customer base, growing in a slow and naturalistic manner, one customer at a time. This has allowed it to reap the good reviews that such satisfied customers leave it with, and with each member of the family having pitched in to make this company a success, its history is one of defying odds with shared passion and mutual purpose. Renchia Droganis – the founder and CEO of Africology – set it up in a time of great personal strife, which made up a big part of why this company is as strong as it is today, forging the foundation it has been built upon out of persevering in the face of the challenges of being a single mother with four children and increasing financial pressure. Critically, she dug her heels in and worked hard to make her dream of having a business that could provide for her family a reality. Nowadays, she uses her metaphysical therapy training, nutritionist knowledge, aromatherapist education, and research chops to ensure the quality of each of her products when it comes to all things botanical. Africology’s products are therefore a blend of Renchia’s understanding of essential oils and love of spa products. Offering products such as body wraps, men’s grooming, exfoliators, serums, moisturisers, lip cream, parfum, room diffusers, massage oils, chakra candles, and so much more, its process of research and development has been a strict and comprehensive one that has allowed it to free itself from chemical additives and source ethical, natural products as priority. It only uses chemicalfree ingredients, and its efforts have been appreciated across the skincare industry, with its products being picked up by both at-home users and the hospitality industry for use in hotel bathrooms, spa spaces, and more, allowing customers all over the world to sample the excellence of the Africology brand. Company: Africology Contact: Eliana Haniff Website: