Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 41 , Jun21704 Dec 077 For SMEs, the challenge of meeting the economic demands of the modern business world is not easy at all. We take a look at Integrity Accounting Services to see how they have created solutions precisely for this market. InMEAMarkets’ MEA Business Awards 2021, the firm won extraordinary success for its efforts so we thought it time to explore in detail some of the secrets of that success. Best Accounting & Auditing Services Company - Dubai Founded in 2013 by Mr. Mostafa Elrefaey, IAS has gone from strength to strength over the last nine years. With the accountancy demands for SMEs rapidly increasing, he saw a need in the market that had to be filled. His solutions are for those companies and organisations which simply cannot afford an inhouse accountancy department, but have grown too complex for someone to complete part-time. Just some of the services offered by Mostafa and his team include auditing and assurance, tax consultancy, bookkeeping, business advisory, business transformation and of course legal accounting reports. With integrity at the heart of everything they do, and literally forming the name of the company, it’s little wonder that customers continue to flock to the team for support. Their attention to detail and commitment to securing the best possible results has brought them a level of trust that is unparalleled throughout the industry. The MEA Region, specifically the Gulf, is one which IAS is intimately involved in. There have been numerous challenges for SMEs that have had to be faced over the COVID-19 pandemic. Foremost amongst these is the rising unemployment rate that will impact economies across the region. Based within the UAE, the IAS team have been wellinsulated from any uncertainties. In fact, the UAE continued its recovery in the second quarter of 2021, with growth reaching almost pre-COVID-19 levels. This speedy return to the norm is just one of the reasons why so many businesses have turned to the UAE, and particularly Dubai for their business. To weather the storm of the pandemic, many businesses have had to rediscover what they are aiming to do. One of the ways in which the IAS team have supported their clients is in outsourcing their workforces. This enormous opportunity has allowed the team to grow their support in terms of business advice and outsourced services. In a modern, multinational world, the IAS team are helping their clients to broaden their horizons and take advantage of every possibility. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for the IAS team. The last twelve months have seen the team catching up on 12 months of work with many clients failing to satisfactorily maintain their records during the pandemic. This work has been increased significantly by the regulations implemented by the UAE government during the crisis. That said, the team have pushed out into new frontiers themselves, opening up a new partnership with a USA company that specialises in business transformation. With this forming an important part of IAS’s way forward, it’s little wonder they are looking to capitalise on this. Similarly, the team are opening up talks and collaboration with an Australian company too. The growth of IAS is a credit to the team’s tenacity in even the most trying of situations. Needless to say, no business was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, but the IAS team have managed to support their clients throughout. It’s been a long road, but the future seems bright indeed for this light of the MEA region. Company: Integrity Accounting Services Name: Mostafa A. Elrefaey Email: [email protected] Web Address: