Business Awards 2021

26 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21364 Karma Yoga is a holistic establishment promoting a renewed understanding of the blend between artistry and mindfulness. Seeking to embolden its students with exemplary yoga trainings, inspire themwith its huge and well-curated art gallery, and better their everyday lives with its wellness offerings and positive energy, it has curated a loyal roster of graduates for whom it is their ultimate retreat. Best Yoga Teacher Training Academy - Dubai A yoga academy, holistic healing specialist, and an art gallery, Karma Yoga is a place of spirituality first and foremost. Fundamentally, this establishment and community is one specifically dedicated to creating a magical ambience into which students can immerse themselves, allowing them to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to breathe, refocus, and reorganise the hectic mental space that can often be a direct result of a busy existence. Being an academy, it is also focused on continuous teaching. A registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, it offers yoga teaching certifications in both 200-hour and 100-hour modules, alongside YACEP yoga certifications in everything from Meditation to Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Crystal healing, Reiki, and sound healing. By ensuring that its students have somewhere to come to learn each of these skills in a safe, encouraging, and inspirational environment, it is promoting good practice in a largely unregulated industry, bettering its market as a whole and creating a segment of esteemed yoga trainers. Additionally, its approach in all yoga training sessions is an amalgamation of ancient teachings and modern practice; this means that Karma Yoga’s work is not just traditionally sensitive and picks from the knowledge of people long passed, but it also makes itself relevant to modern life and to the contemporary audience it serves. Hoping to ‘awaken your ultimate potential’, Karma Yoga strives that its programs will help students find a new level of personal understanding of their body and mind. Of course, due to the unfortunate added stressors of Covid-19, it has dealt with more challenges in and of itself alongside its community, but with perseverance and positivity they strived to replenish better than ever, continuously training all yearround students wishing to delve further into emotional wellbeing and mindfulness development. Critically, Karma Yoga has seen increased curiosity about mindfulness in the world, and is dedicated to helping those new to the market sate this hankering for knowledge. Thanks to the Dubai government promoting wellbeing and health itself, it is also seeing a boom in individuals looking to take up physical exercise in yoga and meditation, excited to show more students the benefits to additional flexibility and mindfulness that this can provide, transforming eating habits and daily routines to be more conducive to good health and welcoming them into its academy. Whilst there, students can also enjoy perusing its art gallery, inspired by the magical Bali island, and clocking in at over 5000 square feet of statues, antiquities, paintings, immense crystals, and monumental gongs allowing them to emerge refreshed and inspired as they take on the challenges on 2022. Company: Karma Yoga Contact: Muge Erturk Website: