Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 27 , Dec21232 Having secured accreditations in the above award as well as becoming the winner of the ‘Excellence Award for Sustainable Partnerships’ in 2021, has beenmaking a name for itself with its continuous technological evolutions. Putting itself in good stead within its home country of Lebanon and slowlymoving out into the international market, its waves are being felt all across the data collection andmanagement industry, and it is securing its notoriety as a cornerstone company cultivating what the future of what this sector will look like. Best Data Collection & Management Specialists 2021 Improving data collection across the board for its clients is the name of the game for inmind. ai. Fundamentally, its processes and products reflect its dedication to good data management and analysis, as these processes can easily make or break a company, leading its clients to change their view on value creation and the development of opportunities for their business or enterprise. In short, seeks to rise to meet the growing need for digital innovations in knowledge extraction. By setting itself up in this niche as the technologically adept, empathic, and user-intuitive solution that it is, it is currying good favour across its market segment and along all manner of industry verticals, creating models and solutions to protect companies and ensure digital trust prevails both within their ranks and when dealing with their end customers. Additionally, is committed to putting equal emphasis on the internal health of its clients’ companies as it puts on the health of their interaction with their clients. This is because no matter how solid a brand is, if those delivering that brand to the customers are unhappy, it will never come across correctly – good organisational health within the company is an imperative part of good organisational health outside of it – creating healthy working environments for professionals old and new. The technology implements has also been created in tandem with various academic entities and elites in order to ensure that it is empowered by some of the best intellectual capital with hands on experience, catering to high quality digital and big-data solutions with the internal working to back it all up. The solutions of also set themselves apart in their bespoke nature. Critically, each package can be tailored to custom fit a client’s company and ethos, ensuring each element works seamlessly with their existing operations in order to maximise quality and safety, its team of engineers and tech enthusiasts always going above and beyond to make this possible. Being based out of Lebanon, inmind. ai is currently enjoying the growth in the region, using it as a springboard to reach other places and to help the Lebanese economy grow in turn, striving towards automation and machine learning implementations over the past 18 months in order to help this field grow in the crucible of the pandemic. Essentially, it puts its success down to three factors. One is its team, the next is its ability to secure partnerships with NGOs and internationals, and the third is the state-of-the-art infrastructure that makes up its backbone. With a commitment to always making this bigger and better, and showing its clients how a good digital footprint can make all the different, the hardworking and well-trained staff at are looking forward to where each of them can take the future of the company in 2022 and beyond, looking forward to growing on an international scale as a result. Company: sarl Contact: Lara Abdo Website: