Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 25 , Dec21396 Being an insurance brokerage firmdedicated to creating an attitude of teamwork, excellence, fun, ambition, and respect, R2S Insurance Brokers is a communicative and client-first firm operating with the best technologies that innovation has to offer. Looking to lead from the front in showing an old industry new tricks by implementing AI and robotic process automation, it and its teamhave developed a steadfast reputation for being able to operate well under pressure, in teams with other firms, when being given feedback, and in a variety of other contexts candidly showing its good business sense. Best Business Insurance Broker Solutions - Dubai R2S Insurance Brokers is an established company set with the sole directive of conducting insurance businesses in a highly professional, ethical, and customer driven approach. Fundamentally, this means that for R2S, the client is the most important element of a case from the bottom to the top, forging its reputation for being a boutique one-stop-shop for its market segment that is proud to have maintained its core values all over the years that have been driven by customer satisfaction. It is only satisfied when the customer is satisfied, always going above and beyond to ensure they achieve the goals they wish to achieve during the process. Professional ethics – one such pillar – is therefore one of its most important cornerstones. By setting forth and strictly following its own code of conduct, it ensures that each client will receive access to the same equally exemplary services that can be expected of a boutique firm, working with competence, integrity, innovation, and excellence throughout. It also works hard to ensure it is accessible. Critically, this means that clients should always feel supported during the insurance brokerage process and know where to turn should they have any questions, comments, or concerns, holding itself accountable to the highest standards by meeting its clients needs precisely and completely. Promoting this way of working has allowed it to build a team around itself that truly believe in this philosophy. Therefore, internally, the staff each hold themselves to the highest standards of accountability and promote a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, always tempered with a good awareness of work-life balance so that everyone is able to work to the best of their ability, and put it down when they clock off. Its team are also incredibly diverse in terms of their skills, with the best deals offered at all times and all year round by its hi-tech IT solutions and software support, the best customer service offered by its empathic and dedicated staff, and its commitment as a company to increasing its own environmental responsibility. Helping the world’s economy get back on its feet – something incredibly important for insurance brokerage companies in the macro scale – R2S has been sticking by its watertight continuity plan in order to allow it to cope with the fallout. Having proved an invaluable boon, one that allowed it to remain on its feet despite much of its industry taking the brunt of the impact far harder, R2S and its team remain as undaunted as ever in its progression as it continues to make itself one of the top insurance brokerage companies in the world, emboldened by robotic process automation and AI in order to set itself apart from a market still largely clinging to tradition. Company: R2S Insurance Brokers Contact: Ibrahim Karam Website: From Risk to Solution