Business Awards 2020

78 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Real Estate Consulting Firm - Djibouti Salaam Properties Management A fast-growing real estate consulting firm inDjibouti, SalaamPropertiesManagement enables its clients to get the best deals available in the real estate sector, and provides end-to-end support with integrated property services and solutions.Whetherworkingwith landlords, buyers, tenants, developers, or property investors, thework of SalaamPropertiesManagement is nothing short of exceptional at all times. Discovermore about this fledgling firmas we take a closer look at what it has to offer. Real estate in Djibouti can be home to a wide selection of prime residential and commercial properties, and managing these properties is the work and goal of Salaam Properties Management. In essence, the firm’s core business is to provide complete and comprehensive property services and solutions that are achieved through a number of activities such as marketing, management, advisory services, investments, and maintenance. Across all of these elements to the firm’s business, its primary focus remains on property sales and property management since the Djibouti real estate market is developing at a rapid pace and there has been a gap in efficient property management. In order to accommodate regional investors, the firm became a reality two years ago. Built from the ground up with a team that boasts more than ten years of experience in real estate from different countries around the world, Salaam Properties Management has grown to become a major player in the real estate markets of Djibouti. At present, the work of Salaam Properties Management is focused on managing the Regus franchise in Djibouti, and the firm will soon be managing the same franchise in Ethiopia. Its mission for the Regus franchise, and for every other client it works with, is to make real estate as easy and cost-effective as possible, whilst maintaining the highest level of service. Salaam Properties Management does this by engaging and advising developers at very early stages in the projects that the firm is invited to work on. In getting through to them at such an early stage, the firm enables its clients to build projects that are capable of targeting and meeting the needs of specific clientele. As a business, Salaam Properties Management also has a number of competitive advantages over its peers. Salaam Properties Management boasts an innovative marrying of business processes with technology, as well as an effective and diverse real estate team. As a one-stop-shop for all real estate activities, this firm is undoubtedly able to offers its clientele higher levels of available resources than others in the industry, and is absolutely able to handle all types of clients and projects. These competitive advantages are backed and supported by the internal culture at Salaam Properties Management, which is focused on diversity. Bringing staff members from different backgrounds together has enabled the firm to deliver on its promises of being a one-stop- shop for its clients. The diverse employees share the perceptions Nov20582 and preconceptions of a culture, against the real differences, and thus opens a whole new world for both the firm and its clients. This knowledge is applied to everyday service, and enables Salaam Properties Management to provide a better customer service for every client. Looking ahead to the future, Salaam Properties Management is looking at increasing its market share in Djibouti, and eventually getting into the Ethiopian and East African markets. Beyond that, the firm is also aiming to get into strategic international partnerships with international real estate firms that will further bolster the services that it is able to provide. At present, the firm is getting ready to exclusively start selling Daru-Salaam Residency, which is a gated community in the outskirts of Djibouti which will consist of 206 townhouses and 150 apartments, all set within a family friendly setting. Ultimately, Salaam Properties Management may still be in its relative infancy as a company, but it is certainly opening the right doors and seizing the right opportunities. With growth just around the corner and a rapidly-expanding market to take advantage of, Salaam Properties Management will surely go on to secure more success for both itself and its clients. Company: Salaam Properties Management Contact: Jerry Mwololo Website: