Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 77 , Best Loyalty & Rewards Solutions Provider - Middle East Related Inc. No brand can survivewithout customer loyalty, but building up that level of trust is not easy. The teambehind Related Inc. are bastions of knowledgewhen it comes to bridging the gap between brands and customers.We look at how this firmgrew froma specific focus onmobile service providers to supporting industries such as retail, entertainment and utilities. No business can succeed without building up relationships, but the simple desire to build up brand loyalty through reward solutions is often beyond businesses. The team at Related find ways for firms to thrive by not only linking a brand’s business objectives and the customer’s overall happiness, but by differentiating each customer so they are an individual in and of themselves. When the firm started, the team knew that their martech solutions would be of immense benefit to mobile service providers. Those early years saw the team focus on transforming those organisations into lifestyle providers, with specific reward systems that meant they played a more important role in people’s lives. As time has gone on, growth and expansion has seen the team cater for other industries like retail, financial services, entertainment and utilities - including government initiatives. This interest in both public and private sectors shows how successful the team has been. An agile approach has been key to ensuring the success of Related. While the team are always thinking of big ideas, clients know their customer’s needs better than anyone. Involving the team at Related is not like bringing in an outside agency. The staff are prepared to blend into the organisational structure at the heart of a business. Working collaboratively, they identify and set joint key program performance indicators, and deliver accordingly. It’s a route that has proven to create success. Matching the needs of customers has imbued the team with passion for fast decision making and innovative thinking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has proven to be exceptionally useful, with many companies looking for new ways to accelerate digital transformation. The first focus for the team was always on the customer experience, followed closely by data. The customer experience explains how well people are engaging, while a passion for data allows Related to identify patterns and predict future behavior from others. With these predictions, the team are able to offer appropriate awards. The MEA region, and more precisely GCC, is a very promising region in terms of growth. Where the team once had to explain the value in loyalty and rewards programs, now businesses are actively searching for ways to enhance customer experience, increase customer loyalty and identify new revenue streams outside of the brand’s core business. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of the firm’s Reward Marketplace platform which offers access to online rewards solutions. These solutions can boost digital transformation initiatives within organizations, through the likes of digital coupons, discounts on on-demand services, home delivery services, and more. All of these options are accessed in an innovative, fun and engaging way. Dec20060 Loyalty and rewards programs are in a constant state of change and development, mainly due to customer behavioral changes. With the recent hit that global economies have suffered, building communities and ecosystems around the brand is an eminent next step not only to ensure business sustainability, but also to acquire a new customer base and boost revenues. Building these ecosystems, while leveraging the high adoption of digital channels, will be fundamental for Related moving forward. It’s a forward thinking approach that ensures ultimate success. Company: Related Inc. Contact: Rabih Farhat, Founder & Managing Partner Web Address: Email: [email protected]