Business Awards 2020

76 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , BestM2MWireless Communications Products Company - Egypt Ultimatrue Engineering Industries Emerging as aprominent engineering solutionmanufacturer inEgypt, UltimatrueEngineering Industries offers awide spectrumof Electrical andElectronic control products. Following the firm’swell-deserved success in theMEABusiness Awards 2020, for their unconventionalM2M technology; iDMS,whichallowsusers toeasilyaccess theirremotemachinery, devicesandequipment usingwireless connectivity; gaining access to real-time data at high speeds, while responding instantaneously to systemalarmconditions, diagnosis problems, andmachines statuses.We got in touchwithUltimatrue’sManagingDirector - Eng. AlaaAdawy, tofindoutmore about one of the leadingM2Mwireless communicationproduct companies in theMEAregion today. Based in Cairo, Ultimatrue has worked relentlessly towards bringing world-class products and services to the Electronic manufacturing, System automation, and Electrical distribution markets. As an overview, Eng. Alaa provides some intuitive words summing up the firm’s course and direction. “Ultimatrue is a leading manufacturing enterprise serving the MEA region. In 2005, we launched a manufacturing facility for L.V. Electrical switch-gears, followed by an Electronics division for the designing and manufacturing of a wide variety of Electronic control products and solutions in 2010. Powered by creative research and development, our mind-set targets the fast-growing dynamic demands of the market, aiming to develop scalable and innovative products that meet present- day challenges and future needs. Typically, our range of products include Industrial Digital Monitoring Systems, Access Controls, Elevator Control Solutions, Monitoring and Command Softwares, Custom-built Solutions, and Low Voltage Switchgears amongst others.” With over two decades of experience in the electrical control industry, the firm is well equipped to handle the expectations of its expanding clientele base. Moreover, as Eng. Alaa goes on to explain the corporation’s commitment concerning innovation has arguably been the most impressive factor behind the team maintaining its high standards of client services. “At Ultimatrue, we prioritize continuous quality improvement in all our operations, as well as providing safe innovative user-friendly solutions. Furthermore, we direct a huge part of our success towards our after- sales services, emphasising the importance of our clientele’s feedbacks and satisfaction throughout our parallel journeys.” Despite operating in such a competitive field, the firm has been able to leap ahead by it’s attained specialist industry knowledge and quality of products. Today, Ultimatrue, is renowned for it’s unique engineering know-how, meeting high-quality international standards. All of the products they produce come at reasonable prices, meaning customers will never pay over the odds. Regarding the internal culture in place, Ultimatrue effectively utilizes it’s resources, empowering it’s people to stand out and deliver skilfully, as Eng. Alaa elaborates further. “Although clients can count on the reliability, passion, and agility of our employees, management will ensure the team have all the appropriate Nov20637 tools to hand. In addition, the importance of a suitable organizational structure cannot be underestimated.” Remaining at the forefront of an industry which is constantly changing can be a daunting task, however as Eng. Alaa points out, in this regard some of the firm’s internal divisions have been highly instrumental. “The Market research team here keeps their eyes and ears on the market, identifying any potential opportunity. While our dedicated Research and Development division enable us to better adapt and integrate new technological concepts. Followed by the outstanding efforts for boosting growth by continuously searching for new opportunities and acquiring new leads provided by the Business Development team. Where the Marketing and Communications team work hard to boost brand awareness and prominence, then finally the Technical support team offer after sales services, providing our customers with an all-rounded client based experience.” As we look ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Eng. Alaa signs off by kindly sharing with us some of the exciting plans which will unfold for the team at Ultimatrue in the years to come. “In the coming year, we are strategically planning the launch of several products and solutions, including the Elevator Automatic door, pioneering the first manufacturing of its kind in the MEA region. We also hope to introduce our True-Link program, which will facilitate the monitoring of multi-elevators in a complex system. Finally, we mention the showcasing of Ultimatrue’s additional production facility, aiming to efficiently increase our production capabilities.” For additional information, visit Connect with us through: Elevators Portal: LinkedIn: YouTube: Facebook: