Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 75 , Best Private Financial Services - Dubai Huriya Private Thework of private financial specialist firms is imperative for some individuals and organisations to ensure that their finances are totally in order and are in linewith the latest regulations and rules. As an independent, international, and award-winning private equity and corporate structuring firm, this excellence is in abundance at Huriya Private. In its provision of bespoke strategic andmanagement support to international clients in global markets, the firm has been duly recognised for its outstandingwork. Join us as we find outmore about what it has to offer, andwhy it deserves this success. Working as a private financial services specialist, Huriya Private offers its clients highly bespoke, confidential, and legal structures and strategies to international entrepreneurs and corporations. The firm will grow and protect its clients’ wealth through cross-border tax planning, dynastic trust structuring, and corporate re-domiciliation, and can also reinvent the personal residence and second citizenship of those same clients. The mastermind behind Huriya Private is financier, investor, deal-maker, and established finance specialist John Hanafin. Mr Hanafin established the firm after spending more than twenty years working in the financial services sector across the Middle East region. A highly focused professional who brings an entrepreneurial drive and commercial mindset to his work, Mr Hanafin has plied his trade across Dubai, Doha, and Manama. Mr Hanafin brings an extensive background and wealth of experience in serving the specialised needs of high net worth investors around the world, and he brings to the table proven leadership experience in global financial services, residency and citizenship planning, estate planning, and other related services. In addition to sitting on the boards of various organizations around the globe, Mr Hanafin is also a trusted advisor to various governments for the structuring and implementation of programs to boost corporate re-domiciliation and foreign direct investments. As though that weren’t enough, Mr Hanafin has also recently been appointed as the FDI Director to the Vanuatu Trade Commission in the United Arab Emirates. The core reason that Mr Hanafin first established Huriya Private was to provide private advisory services to a select number of families and private individuals. Imparting his own knowledge would be enough, but Mr Hanafin has ensured that the work at Huriya Private is always more than enough. His team that surrounds him at the firm brings decades of professional finance services experience with an international network of contacts and a deep understanding of the needs of the modern day high net worth client of international family. Huriya Private understands that the right to freedom of movement is a fundamental right, preserved in the laws and constitutions of most countries. However, the firm sees daily evidence to suggest that the right itself is limited to the borders and visa restrictions of one’s country of citizenship or lawful residence. Nov20547 Rather than accept the rules for what they are, Huriya Private dared to change things and challenge the status quo. Capitalising on every bit of its extensive experience working with high net worth individuals and families, the team has tirelessly advised some of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s wealthiest individuals. In an increasingly complex world, the firm helps its clients to protect, maintain, and enhance their private wealth. Ultimately, this is a firm that understands the importance of the freedom to travel visa-free, and the importance for clients to access and repatriate their wealth in the most commercial, tax-efficient, and cost-effective manner possible. Company: Huriya Private Contact: John Hanafin Website: