Business Awards 2020

40 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Artisan Islamic Wall Art Provider 2020 The Craft Studio Bringing together more than a quarter of a century’s experience and expertise inwood crafting, The Craft Studio is a small family-run business froma husband and wife duo. Using traditional methods of artisanal carving, the products created by The Craft Studio are both captivating and stunning in equal measure. Discover more about these fantastic wall art pieces, and the duo behind the success of The Craft Studio. Since its inception, The Craft Studio has worked tirelessly to design and create some of the most stunning and exclusive three-dimensional Islamic wall art, as well as a wide range of personalised gifts and home decorations. Each product is unique in its design, and features a beautiful marriage of style and design. The Craft Studio ensures that each product is carefully made by using only the finest and most revered traditional artisan carving methods alongside locally-sourced raw materials that make for outstanding products. Every single piece of wall art, personalised gift, or home décor is also made to order, ensuring its uniqueness for those that are buying it. With worldwide shipping, this online retailer has quickly become a renowned player in the Islamic wall art space. Intricate design meets stunning quality as each piece showcases the brilliance of the husband and wife duo that create them by hand. Due to the fact that The Craft Studio has such a small operations team, it maintains full and total control over design, concept, quality, and flexibility of each and every product to ensure that the final creation is truly unique. Whether it be working with MDF, wood, brushed metal, acrylic, Plexiglas, or mirror glass, The Craft Studio brings an undeniable focus and drive on creating luxurious and contemporary Islamic wall art and décor. As a direct result of this drive and focus, the studio has become a leader in experimenting and developing mixed media three-dimensional concepts that combine plexiglass, wood, and mirror glass in Islamic artwork. In essence, The Craft Studio passionately strives for excellence and perfection in every single part of the business, including research, design, production, global shipping, and customer satisfaction. Dec20203 As well as delivering outstandingly beautiful Islamic wall art to its customers all over the world, The Craft Studio also takes great pride in its work revolving around local communities and its future vision. For instance, the business has always been wholly committed to the ongoing encouragement of local youth and young people, especially when it comes to learning about the history and the importance of Islamic art and calligraphy. Each symbol and style means something different, and The Craft Studio is hoping to inspire and empower young people to understand and learn more. Just some of the supported charities that The Craft Studio works with includes Muslim Aid, The Shahid Afridi Foundation, and Watford Muslim Youth Centre, but it has also been a part of other charity fundraising events where its artwork has been auctioned and proceeds donated to worthy causes. Looking to the future and beyond, The Craft Studio hopes to continue developing exciting and new styles of mixed media artwork, including epoxy art. Another area that this small enterprise will focus its energy on is the delivery of workshops that are aimed at both promoting and preserving the skill of artisans who understand the history and culture behind Islamic art. Ultimately, The Craft Studio is a perfect example of unique hand-cutting skills being put to use to captivate a global audience. It is home to stunning artwork, and undoubtedly one of the best in the business when it comes to delivering a perfect harmony of culture, style, and luxury. Company: The Craft Studio Contact: Ruby Umer Website: