Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 41 , Best BMUMachines Manufacturer 2020 Tass Group As one of the first and oldest BuildingMaintenanceUnit (BMU) manufacturers in theUnited Arab Emirates, Tass Group has thrived formore than four decades in the region. Since starting its life over forty years ago, Tass Group has grown to become the best in the business for BMU machinesmanufacturing.Where once the firmwas naught but a supplier, it is nowan expert. Discovermore about Tass Group andwhat it has to offer as we take a closer look. Since becoming an outstanding business within the BMU machines manufacturing space, Tass Group has operated with a clear vision: to remain the premier total access and systems solutions provider in the UAE, whilst expanding operations to North America, GCC, and Asia. This year alone already features incredible plans on the drawing table, specifically for a customized bespoke fashion online retail space, luxury customized wearable art for ladies, sustainable art, souvenirs, and a themed restaurant. Tass Group is a firm that knows what it wants, and how to get it. Its philosophy is all about offering total access systems and solutions for clients alongside whatever needs they may have. At a time when building maintenance has been high on the agenda thanks to COVID-19, Tass Group has always focused on keeping its safety levels high, which has led to the firm working with clients that have a higher net worth than before. Managing a business and maintaining building units throughout the pandemic may have proven difficult for anyone that was not as experienced as those working at Tass Group, but the firm has continued to exceed all expectations. By adopting and implementing fair and sustainable business methods during these though times, the firm was rightfully named as one of the most influential companies of 2020 in the UAE by one of the leading industry publications in the country, CM Today. During the pandemic, Tass Group gave major importance to two main aspects of its services to combat it: safety and finance. In focusing on safety, the firm’s focus is primarily on the wellbeing of its employees. To achieve this goal, sanitization kits have been issued to all workers and staff, health and temperatures checks are being conducted, and sanitizations chambers have been set up across the business. Dec20228 Finance has also played a key part in how the firm has dealt with COVID-19. Taking into consideration that the virus has dealt a considerable financial blow to most households, Tass Group’s management unanimously decided to absolve all internal loans that were taken by blue-collared workers. Moreover, the Board of Directors also decided to forego their salaries dating back to April 2020. Tass Group’s unique selling point has always been its safety and quality, and that has never been more important or pronounced than it is currently, with the pandemic still ongoing. Crucially, the firm has maintained a 100% safety record, giving it greater pulling power on acquiring and garnering unique projects in the future. As an industry, BMU machine manufacturers look to Tass Group as a leader, and the firm itself works closely with legislative authorities to offer solutions and ensure consistent standards. Looking to the future, Tass Group aims to remain the premier total access and systems solutions provider in the United Arab Emirates, whilst also continuing its expansion into North America, GCC, and Asia. As has been previously mentioned, the firm is looking to expand into specific areas with its ideas already on the table for the remainder of 2021. Instead of taking the COVID-19 as it was, the firm has sought to find opportunity, and can now look forward to a future of even greater success than the past forty years has yielded. Company: Tass Group Contact: Zeeshan Arshad, Director Business Development & Operations Email: [email protected] | [email protected] Website: