Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 39 , Best Luxury Wedding Party Organisation - Southwestern Turkey Nilyum Event Design & Wedding Planner For many, our wedding days is considered one of the biggest days of our lives, as it marks a new chapter in our life story. However, the planning for this special day can also be the most stressful, which is why many turn to professional wedding planners for their support and guidance. Recognised as pioneers in this unique sector is Nilyum Event Design &Wedding Planner. For more than 11 years, this luxury wedding party organisation business has been working tirelessly to turn soon to be newlyweds’ dreams into reality. Founded in 2009 to provide professional wedding planner and event design services in Bodrum, Nilyum Event Design is a pioneer in the wedding planning sector, boasting impressive designs and luxurious services. As one of Bodrum’s first wedding planner companies, Nilyum Event Design offers an array of services, ranging from venue selection to event area design, flower designs to sound and light services, accommodation, transfer and even concierge services. Since the very beginning, the team at Nilyum Event Design ensures that they go above and beyond for their clients, without losing sight of the core values which the business is founded upon. To this day, the core values of the firm are their innovative, creative and detailed approach which has been blended with love and respect, their excellent and high-quality services, and lastly their transparent stance and their devotion to ethical values. However, the most important goal for the business is to deliver unique and impressive, tailormade designs with impeccable planning, to ensuring that exceed the expectations of their clients. For the team at Nilyum Event Design, each and every one of their clients is special to them. Their philosophy is to ensure that they are happy, and are still happy at the end of the event. It is a simple process in which the team follow to ensure they create the perfect event for their client. First of all, they focus on the wishes, styles and expectations of their customers. Then, they carefully listen to them, to gain a greater understanding of their dream event. The importance the team attach to the details in all of their work, is the main factor in the success of the whole event. With the importance they attach to their innovations, they never compromise the quality standards. Working behind the scenes to turn their clients’ dreams into reality, is the innovative, devoted and talented team which form the foundation of Nilyum Event Design. Each member of the team is encouraged to share their ideas and find creative solutions for team spirit integrity. Employees are given a high degree of autonomy in the performance of their duties. This past year, people from across the world have felt a great desire to return back to normal as soon as possible, and celebrate normality. When these remarkable times we are living in are over, more than ever, people will want to get together with loved ones and travel to celebrate such beautiful moments. “Destination events and weddings will be more popular.” Dec20462 For Nilyum Event Design, in the future celebrations they will plan, they will incorporate various concepts and beautiful projects which have been inspired by all of the events and weddings they have worked on so far. In 2021, the team at Nilyum Event Design wish for the entire event industry to return to normal, and make it a healthy, peaceful and beautiful year in which love stands out in the world. Ultimately, Nilyum Event Design is renowned for being leaders in luxury event design and wedding planning service. As such, as the team plan ahead, their main goal in the future is to continue to provide the best luxury service with its own designs, making its name more global, as well as increase brand awareness all over the world. Company: Nilyum Event Design & Wedding Planner Contact: Nilay Çelik Website: