Business Awards 2020

38 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Full-Service Marketing Communications Agency - Cairo The Hub Advertising The Hub is a full-service advertising agency with a strong digital sense based in Cairo, Egypt. Working in collaborationwith similarly world-class creative agencies and clients inmajor companies such as Samsung, Fanta and Juhayna, The Hub creates innovative, attention- grabbing advertising campaigns that are truly inimitable. Established in 2014 by a collective of skilled and talented creatives, The Hub is a leading full-service advertising agency and production house of the city of Cairo, Egypt. Having laid foundations in Belgium in 2011 as a digital and social media provider, the firm has grown and evolved over the years to become one of the Top 100 Advertising Agencies Worldwide in 2019. The Hub makes advertising simple for its clients, offering everything they may need to tell the story of their brand digitally and traditionally. Clients are able to make use of the team’s marketing, communication and production solutions all in one place, as they collaborate on social media campaigns, web design, video and music production, and total branding projects. Through this broad selection of mediums, The Hub are masters of clear communication that perfectly represents their clients’ unique identities. Driven by core values of honesty, passion, reliability and dedication, The Hub has worked with major clients such as Samsung, Fanta, Phillip Morris, Juhayna, Al-Futtaim and more to craft spectacular campaigns. The firm is also a proud partner of the Ad Store International, a worldwide association of independent creative agencies that come together to learn from one another and support each other in united growth. At the heart of this network of creatives and clients is the smaller but no less dynamic collective of The Hub itself. Interacting with clients as friends and family rather than associates, the Hub has also cultivated an egalitarian internal culture that supports one another and empowers each member of the team to take independent ownership of their role, whilst at the same time collaborating with their team. There is no ‘boss’ or ‘employee’, but simply a group of talented, creative individuals who work and play together in a shared space without physical or mental borders. The firm is a team, a collective, and a hub of creativity and inspiration. As such, when recruiting new members to join the Hub family, the process is rigorous in ensuring any candidate’s values and creative mindset aligns with those of the firm. The Hub looks for talent, professionalism, and individuals with a vision, who take pride in their role and will strive alongside their colleagues to make the Hub stand out in the Egyptian advertising market. Although new agencies appear every day, opportunity is rife with businesses seeking new and exciting ways to advertise their products and services. The Hub’s devoted R&D team continuously follow the latest marketing trends and techniques to ensure that their agency is able to deliver Nov20629 the innovation and inspiration that clients are seeking. The firm takes great pride in its strong digital sense, which enables faster learning, adaptation and growth than traditional advertising agencies. In an increasingly digital world, The Hub has established itself at the cutting- edge of innovation in advertising. Thus, the future looks bright for The Hub, which is optimistic that nothing but good lies ahead for them. With a consistent commitment to hard work and creativity, The Hub will continue to grow and deliver breakthrough communication. There is no doubt that this firm is one to watch. Company: The Hub Advertising Contact: Nader Khalil Website: