Business Awards 2019

20 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , Best Human Capital Management Consultancy - Mozambique The world of Human Capital Management is one that changes greatly frombusiness to business, from industry to industry, from country to country. Helping organizations of every variety to handle the difficult business is SDOMozambique, a consulting company whose award-winning success has inspired us at MEAMarkets to look a little deeper to find out more. Dec19159 SDO Mozambique Having celebrated a decade of operations last year, and confidently striding into the next decade, the team at SDO Mozambique invests a lot in a permanent search for innovation and the fostering of creativity, based on a quality paradigm. This attitude has brought the business a great deal of success, establishing the firm as one of the foremost companies on the Human Capital Management in the country. The work that SDO Mozambique does is based on extensive experience in the national market, as well as the international experience of some of the consultants. With a strong belief in the value of people and organizations, the team at SDO Mozambique work tirelessly to reconcile good international management practices with the socia-cultural context of Mozambique and the profile and specificity of each company. This ambitious approach is moved by the will to enhance the capabilities of individuals in order to improve their attitudes and performances. As a result, adding value to organizations leading them to achieve their strategic objectives and has brought a near universal raising value to the clients. The strategy of SDO Mozambique is designed to bring clients a consulting solution that is not only thoroughly dynamic in every regard, but integrated perfectly into the way in which an organization operates. With this carefully planned and calculated approach, using the considerable skill and expertise that the company has built up over the last ten years, SDO Mozambique is able to quickly and effectively contribute to the development of any business, demonstrating a clear value for the management of human capital and a vested interest in a strong future for their organizations. Businesses come to SDO Mozambique to take advantage of the many services that the talented team is able to offer. The benefits that the company’s Training and Development, Teambuilding solutions, Talent Search, Assessment Centre, Customer Care, and Strategic Human Resource Management services have brought to clients is immense, not only transforming the way in which these businesses operate, but allowing individuals to reach their full potential. It achieves this service through offering clients a truly bespoke approach to finding solutions. This innovative attitude reflects the need to continually apply modern thinking to the way in which the business is run. In 2019, with the aim of extending the business to areas contiguous to its core activity and, as so, be able to offer even more comprehensive solutions to its customers, SDO Mozambique consolidated some of the experiences acquired throughout its activity, integrated into the team employees with new skills and began to offer two new major areas of Service: Management and Business Consulting and, Business Models and Customer Service Management Models. In order to provide the highest quality service to clients, the way in which SDO Mozambique interacts with clients is based on the principles of ethics, rigor, professionalism and quality. Each relationship is treated as a partnership, meaning that SDO Mozambique is encouraged to understand completely the way in which a business is run and find the best fit for that business. Similarly, when it comes to individuals, SDO Mozambique has an exceptional record of being able to leverage the capabilities of individuals in order to improve their attitudes and performances. This increases the value of organizations, allowing them to achieve their strategic goals. SDO Mozambique makes a permanent bet on the quality of its teams and the quality service it delivers to its clients, and its loyalty is one of the key factors of success achieved. This success is based on a number of factors, but at the heart of it is a clear answer to the challenge of continuous improvement, a desire to enhance the value of the customer and the ability to live up to the trust that these customers place in them. Company: SDO Mozambique Contact: Jose Rodrigues, General Director Email: jose.rodrigues@ Vicente Sitoe, Human Capital Manager Email: vicente.sitoe@ Web: