Business Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards 21 , Best Business Accounting & Reporting Service 2019 Globalization is changing the way we see the world. For every international opportunity, there is a raft of regulations put forward by governments. Between these twin stools of opportunity and regulation lies TMF Group, able to bring local knowledge to global concerns. Following its award-winning success, we take a closer look here in EU Business News. Dec19158 TMF Group The work of an organization like TMF Group is essential to business in the world today. It supports companies that work in different countries against a backdrop of challenging and changing regulations. Since being founded in 1988, the business’s operations have expanded rapidly around the globe establishing itself as the global business services leader. Drawing on an expansive network of 125 offices spread over 83 countries, TMF Group is ideally positioned to not only provide the necessary in-country expertise to help businesses expand in their home markets, but to grow and operate outside them as well. Its talented team of more than 7,000 qualified accountants, lawyers, corporate secretaries, HR and other professionals give a uniquely large-scale approach to the most small-scale of operations. The distinct appeal of TMF Group’s delivery model is that it leverages an intimate knowledge of local markets in order to enhance regulatory compliance across borders. With products proposed in one place, financed in another, produced in a third and sold internationally, paramount to any deal is the ability to understand and adhere to changing regulations in an increasing number of territories. TMF Group works with companies ranging from start-ups all the way to renowned multi-nationals. Commitment to compliance is understandably built into the very fabric of the company, with a clear pledge to a global accreditations and compliance programme. This comprehensive definition includes universally recognized qualifications such as ISO27001, the international standard of data security and information management, Business Continuity Measures (BCM) and SOC1-ISAE3402 for our HR and Payroll services, ensuring the company has the right controls to mitigate risks in its processes. These aspects operate in addition to compliance with local rules and regulations, a robust risk management framework and intimate knowledge of client and anti-money laundering processes and services. Nowhere is this commitment to compliance in every field better demonstrated than TMF Group’s work within the UAE. With seven emirates, and more than 40 free zones areas within these individual emirates set up for general or industry-specific activities, businesses wanting to operate in the region face a bureaucratic nightmare. This is where the advantages of TMF Group’s local knowledge are made apparent. TMF Group’s UAE branch provide a unique one-stop-shop for all compliance needs in the Emirates, from recommending the most appropriate type of entity and jurisdictions for set- up, to on-going management accounting, corporate governance and even payroll. TMF Group can work from the top level down to the basics of compliance, such as the renewal of trade licenses to helping staff with visas and immigration. With its clear ability to handle any work required, there is no other option needed at any point of a business’ operation from set-up to day-to-day operations to wind-down. Whether the MEA is a home market, a new country or assistance is needed to streamline existing operations, this locally-based team, with the backing of the group’s global reach, can help companies do business seamlessly across borders. TMF Group offers clients a unique perspective on the global market, even when working on a local level. It changes the way in which businesses interact, using a bespoke approach that is eminently scalable in line with a company’s needs. As the world draws closer together, the need to understand different viewpoints is paramount, and TMF Group leads the way in doing this in a way that is supports all parties involved. Company: TMF Group Contact: Jonathan Wheeler, Managing Director - MEA Market Guilherme Aires Pinho, Director of Operations - MEA Market