Business Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards 19 , Most Unique Skincare Brand - South Africa The complex of skincare make it one of the most challenging fields to work inwhen it comes to the healthcare industry. Drawing on an approach of revolution, Innovative Skincare South Africa (iS Clinical) excel inmaking sure that its products are the best on the market, each carefully designed to have amajor impact on the customer’s body. We take a closer look at this business to find out more in this special issue of MEAMarkets. Nov19334 Innovative Skincare South Africa (iS Clinical) iS Clinical has been a mainstay of the South African skincare industry for nearly two decades, dedicated to the development of clinically-validated products that improve the physical and emotional well-being of people globally. By employing the highest in ethical and business standards, iS Clinical intends to advance the science of skin health one face at a time. Where some businesses work to a limited budget, iS Clinical is specifically designed for the high end of the market. This has led to its development as an exclusive range in the cosmeceutical category. Renowned for being made from the strongest and cleanest extracted natural botanical ingredients of pharmaceutical quality on the market, iS Clinical has built a reputation of excellence around its superior cleansers, treatments and moisturisers. The firm has become a mainstay of clinically substantiated skincare, with reparative and preventative products recently joining the range in order to represent a new generation of skincare. This series of products can be easily integrated into any regime, with the result being skin that is not only healthier, but more hydrated and uniquely shielded with advanced DNA protection. iS Clinical is set apart by practising the science of skincare, namely ensuring that products are 95-98% botanically derived, pharma-grade quality cosmeceuticals, results-given ‘active’ formations and pregnancy safe. This unique approach and commitment to high standards mean that customers are guaranteed highly-effective skincare products that often deliver dramatic and visible improvement to the skin. Also ensuring this improvement to customers is a refusal to give out products or samples to anyone without consultation. Getting an evaluation of skin and medial conditions means that instead of just receiving a result, and all products will give a result, customers are able to best match the needs and outcome that they want. As a result, iS Clinical is only supplied by approved stockists, as opposed to the option of buying outright on the internet. Given the company has achieved such success over the last few years, it’s no surprise that the organization is still striving to create the latest and greatest in skincare and appearance products. A global attitude to research and development has allowed the team to combine the traditions of botanical medicine with advanced scientific formation formulation expertise to create something that is truly unique. While also making sure that products of the utmost quality, it also makes the results accessible to a wider audience than ever before. With the firm already in sixty-six countries, including the UK, US and MEA regions, it has the potential and ability to spread its wings even further. The world of skincare has an increasing number of requirements being placed upon it by changing legislation and customer demands. It’s an industry that can be an incredible challenge to work within. iS Clinical, however, manage to rise above these challenges by providing products that excel each and every time. Its unique selling point is its high- end product, and it maintains scrupulously high standards to make these the best that they can be. Company: Innovative Skincare South Africa (iS Clinical) Contact: Eddy Rust Web: