Business Awards 2019

18 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , Best Global ERP Solutions Specialists 2019 The importance of ERP processes tomodern businesses cannot be overstated, as technology becomes more carefully utilized for the benefit of companies. Organizations such as Modern Software LLC are ideally positioned to take the strain of providing a high-quality solution that works for specific businesses. We lookmore closely at this company in the light of its award- winning success. Dec19235 Modern Software LLC ModSoft is an end- to-end IT solution provider, working on a diverse range of issues to support businesses in Oman, with branches in India and KSA. Specializing in the provision of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to SMEs in the areas of Oil & Gas, Fleet & Logistics, Construction & Contracting, Educational Services and Trading, the company has been able to grow quickly in the last ten years into one of the most trusted in the industry. ERP solutions are nothing new to business but finding one that suits a company is always a challenge. ERP, when used correctly, works as the glue that draws the various aspects of a business together. With separate concerns such as sales and accounting, finding a solution that can allow each department to work to the best of its ability, while still being able to communicate quickly and easily with others is a challenge. ModSoft has built a strong client base doing exactly this, with over 60 customers in Oman and more than twenty in KA and India who have been using its ERP solutions for at least ten years. Having customized and changed the program not only to suit local working trends, but to cater to changing government regulations, the ModSoft solution is the most practical and workable in the region with modules designed specifically to meet specific needs. The HRMS module satisfies local manpower rules easily, while the new ICV norm has been embedded in the company’s finance, inventory and HR modules meaning that clients must do no extra work to fulfil governmental requirements. Working in Oman has allowed ModSoft to take advantage of a new vision for continuous growth. While the economy depends heavily on Oil and Gas, it has seen an increasingly diversified approach as the Non-Oil sector expands. These changes have seen a plethora of new ventures, all of which require a good ERP which is not only workable, but specifically adapted to local trends and the needs of business norms. The team are adept at working alongside clients to turn their requirements into a successful, practical and workable module in a reasonable time-frame and at a reasonable cost. With strong customer relationships being the primary source of new business, ModSoft maintains its high standards by promising to be there when a company most needs it. Success with its ERP solutions have allowed the business to diversify into the Cyber Security and telecoms sectors, to considerable success. This has seen ModSoft conducting Audits and effective solutions in collaboration with international technical partners to find solutions for any security concerns. Already, the firm has managed to complete three prestigious projects for major clients in the telecoms sector, creating excellent word of mouth that serves ModSoft extraordinarily well. Of course, the culture of a firm like ModSoft plays an important role in its continued success, and hard work is rewarded both financially and hierarchically. That the majority of staff have been working with the company for twenty years is a tribute to the strength of the management- staff relationship, as well as the care with which it is curated. An informal and lean reporting structure demonstrates the trust that the team hold, and how this is built up from entry to the eventual reward of a management position. In the future, Oman will continue to change and ModSoft must change too. It is not only perfectly positioned to follow the necessary changes, but to lead the way for the businesses that it supports. Care and attention to detail is essential to how ModSoft operates and it applies this care to every aspect of the business. As it expands into new ventures and opportunities, we can’t wait to see where ModSoft go next. Company: Modern Software LLC Contact: Habeebuddin Mohammed