2020 African Business Excellence Awards

16 MEA MARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 , Best Home Care Provider 2020 - Nigeria Wellcare Home Medicals Limited When caring for a loved one, especially thosewho are old, frail, sufferingwith chronic illnesses, or life-threatening diseases, the presence of a professionally trained healthcare provider can be a calming and soothing element for many people. InNigeria, Wellcare HomeMedicals Limited gives its clients the peace of mind they need when it comes to caring for a loved one. To find out more about the outstanding work of this firm, we take a closer look. Established in 2005, Wellcare is the first and only market- leading, professionally-run home care company in Nigeria. For fifteen years, the firm has been home to seasoned industry veterans, and is a proud winner of the Diamond Bank Bright Idea project achievement. Since being established, Wellcare has been carefully managed by a group of industry professionals with Dr Jumoke Odunsi at the helm of decision-making affairs. All of the caregivers that work with Wellcare are selected and vetted through a rigorous process to ensure that they are fully passionate, highly motivated, and trained with United Kingdom Care Modules. Senior doctors and healthcare providers also ensure that any new caregivers are fully supervised and insured, to ensure the total and complete safety of the clients themselves, who are at the centre of every interaction. Wellcare offers an array of people-centred and home-based care to the elderly and frail members of society, as well as chronically ill individuals, and those with life-threatening illnesses. There are five key areas in which Wellcare works, which are nursing services, dementia care, elderly assistance, nursing assistance services, and palliative and hospice care. Each element offers something different, but equally outstanding. The nursing service is provided by registered nurses who are specially trained in domiciliary care for those who require ongoing medical care upon their discharge from the hospital, and they are supported by the nursing assistance services. This service is provided by personnel who are not registered nurses, but possess some form of medical training, akin to Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW), and Auxiliary Nurses. The Dementia Care service is designed to improve the quality of care of persons with dementia, and therefore assist families in coping effectively with the care of their loved ones. Care assistants for the elderly simply takes the form of being present to help clients with whatever daily tasks they may have ahead of them, whilst the palliative and hospice care service is specialized for clients with life-threatening illnesses. It is designed to help both the client and the family during a critical period, and the service seeks to provide holistic support medically, spiritually, and psychologically, thereby preventing frequent hospitalization and stress. When it comes to taking care of a loved one, comfort, privacy, and dignity are absolutely key. Nobody wants to feel like they are a burden to anyone, and the care provided by Wellcare is fully aware of this all-too-familiar feeling. That is why the service provided is affordable, personalised, and delivered in the patient’s own home to regenerate Aug20599 lives and give comfort right up until the end of life if necessary. All professionals ensure that they deliver quality service that is built on the foundation of preserving the integrity and dignity of life at all times. Staff are also subjected to training and retraining within the world of caregiving as well, to ensure that no patient ever has to go without the best care possible. Healthcare and caregiving has advanced so much in recent years, with populations across the world living longer than ever before. As more and more people live longer and want to maintain their independence in their own home, the work of Wellcare in Nigeria is becoming even more important than it ever has been. Delivering services that are as crucial as they are caring, Wellcare is an outstanding example of how to do home care and palliative care right. Company: Wellcare Home Medicals Limited Contact: Doctor Jumoke Odunsi Website: www.wellcarehomemedicals.com

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