2020 African Business Excellence Awards

MEAMARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 17 , Best 3 Speed Peddle & e-Trike Manufacturer 2020 & Most Innovative Sustainable Job Creation Enterprise - South Africa Whoppa Cycles Cycling is playing an increasingly important role in society, withmany turning to this transport solution as a cheaper andmore environmentallyway ofmoving fromone place to another. The teamatWhoppa Cycles have led theway in the field of not only cycling, but creating jobs that will last for years to come. In the light of their double-success, we turn to the teamto see how they’vemanaged to achieve such an incredible triumph. Founded in 1999, Whoppa Cycles has transformed itself to meet the needs of South Africa’s cyclists. 2010 saw the team move forward to the next generation, with production starting on their three speed peddle and electric-cargo tricycles. Now adding stand-up e-scooters, the firm has started looking into new areas based around the production of products that will ensure sustainable job creation in Africa. Creating sustainable jobs for the unemployed has been the mission of Whoppa Cycles since its inception. Eco-friendly transport can create new opportunities for vending or transporting cargo, allowing the unemployed to get a new start in life and find their way forward. The phrase “mobility generates wealth” has inspired the team since the beginning, with only those who don’t have easy access to transport understanding how true this is. The challenge with Whoppa Cycles has been finding ways in which to sell their exceptional product. The customers they are aiming at are unemployed, often lacking in the funds to pay for a tricycle. Donor funders provide assistance in these circumstances, with tricycles distributed through non-profit community-based organisations that work closely with the Government. Finding more people like that would allow for the creation of thousands of jobs in Africa. Africa has a major problem with corruption, and the ones who are most affected by this are often the poorest. Good intentions get thrown to the side in the pursuit of power. To ensure that the right people get the support they need, the team are constantly dealing with governments, corporate companies, organisations and individuals. Each project is recorded with care and held accountable by the donor. Where appropriate, the tricycles can be branded by the donor or non-profit organisation. The team are always looking at ways to develop the support network of Whoppa Cycles, and are dealing with some of the institutions of higher learning to employ graduate students who have finished their studies and are looking to find experience. The range of activities that Whoppa Cycles covers, from manufacturing to maintenance, allow for an impressive resume when they move onto other work. South Africa is made up of many mixed cultures and races, with each one needing the other to survive. It makes for a challenging environment in which to thrive, but one that can be incredibly rewarding. There is a great deal of potential within the people of South Africa, and the Whoppa Cycles team believe that with the correct governance and guidance, South Africa has the potential to become the China of Africa. Sept20392 The team are exploring options to export their products to Europe. Whoppa Cycles are also looking at the potential for three-wheel fold up e-trikes that can be used by golfers and the disabled. Their current designs for this take just 12 seconds to dismantle and can be fitted into the boot of a small car. The stand-up scooter that has been such a success already is likely to be a hit in Europe. In all, what Whoppa Cycles offers in a way forward for those who are struggling most. The team have worked tirelessly to make a difference to many in a time when things are most difficult. If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he’ll be able to eat for the rest of his life – this philosophy guides every step of Whoppa Cycles, and is why the team have achieved such success. Company: Whoppa Cycles Tel: +27 82 044 3464 Name: Warwick Yardley Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.whoppacycles.com Whoppa Cycles

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