2020 African Business Excellence Awards

10 MEA MARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 , Most Innovative ePayment Solutions Company 2020 PEX Ltd Founded in 2008, PEX powers end-to-end payments for its clients. PEX is one of the most innovative and visionary companies in its field, with an exceptionally high level of expertise in all areas of the payments industry. Operating in seventeen countries all over the world, PEX serves fortybanks as clientswhilst being registered as third-partyprocessors forVISA,Mastercard, and UPI for card issuing and acquiring. As electronic payment technologies become more andmore normal for many people, we take a closer look at why PEX has been named theMost Innovative ePayment Solutions Company 2020 for the African Excellence Awards 2020. There can be no denying the importance of the role that technology now plays in so many people’s lives, but payments has perhaps become one of the most common. Now, almost anybody can swipe for a payment with their phone, or merely hold their debit card close to a machine and let it do it for them. PEX is an African firm that has taken this innovative technology and made it its own. It offers fully customised card issuing services, including credit, debit, pre-loaded, contactless, and loyalty cards, as well as a full suite of customer management services software, account management programmes, and e-commerce gateways. PEX’s vision is to be recognised as the key universal payment service provider in the region and beyond, by providing tailor-made solutions to its customers. The proclaimed mission of PEX is to provide a world- class, efficient, and cost-effective payment system infrastructure, and to create value for its customers. Creating value can take many forms, but PEX focuses on three core areas. Firstly, the firm aims to aggregate, leverage, and source a robust and resilient payments processing infrastructure, before secondly analysing clients’ operations and processes, and thereafter recommending and implementing the finest and best-fitting payments model. Lastly, PEX aims to always pursue excellence through innovative and quality-driven services; an aim which it meets every single day. Across the greater African corporate landscape, there have been a number of changes that have meant greater things for PEX. COVID-19 has seen a sharp rise in keen interest from banks looking to adopt contactless technologies for payments, and they are willing to embrace more and more e-commerce solutions. As a result, there have been a wealth of new opportunities for the team at PEX to deploy the firm’s state-of-the-art solutions to the banking market, as well as to its consumers. COVID-19 will drastically impact most businesses for months, possibly even years. Digital transformation will undoubtedly become more and more important, and payment solutions may well be top of that list. Where PEX’s strengths lie is in the broadness of its excellence. With state-of-the-art, robust, and scalable technologies and hardware, clients can rest assured of high resilience and recovery capabilities in an environment that is trusted and certified by the Card Associations. Support is available to clients every day of the year, with committed reliability, global accessibility, and fully secure processing infrastructures. The highly experienced team of professionals include a senior management Sep20552 team that consists of members who have spent their careers in the payment sectors of banking work. One of the key differentiating factors for PEX is that the senior management team is exclusively made up of ex-bankers who have a good skill mix of both IT and business knowledge. They were previously holding key management positions within banks across the world, and this knowledge ensures that all projects for PEX are understood and delivered as per business requirements using cost-efficient and effective technical solutions that provide a quick time-to-market for clients. PEX will continue its expansion in mainland Africa with the launch of innovative new products, which will allow it to enable both its new and existing clients to transform their businesses digitally. What cannot be denied is that payment solutions is a vital part of life, with so many people relying on their debit or credit cards, whether they be stored in a physical or digital wallet. PEX is using innovative of the highest quality to ensure that everyone in Africa and the wider world can have access to the digital e-payments solutions that the modern era demands. Ultimately, PEX is a truly outstanding firm, and one that is innovating for all the right reasons. Company: PEX Ltd Contact: Dr Sailesh Sewpaul Website: www.pexintl.com

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