2020 African Business Excellence Awards

MEAMARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 9 , Best Maths Education Franchise 2020 A+ Students The importance of mathematics as a part of the education system cannot be overstated. Maths is evident in every single part of life, fromhandling finances responsibly to working out the size of a space inwhich a piece of furnituremight go. Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can be vital tools in any person’s daily life. In South Africa, A+ Students is the market leader for maths education, so profile the firm to learn how it does that. Since being incorporated, the business of A+ Students has been to ensure that every student and every child has the chance to enhance or learn the basics of mathematics in South Africa. Over the years, A+ Students has become one of the finest franchised businesses that works in the education sector. Across the board, the firm teaches children from as young as two and a half years old, right the way through to older children who are working towards their Grade 12 maths qualifications. The courses in question that are offered to students include lessons on practical mathematics and mental arithmetic, as well as proper use of the abacus. Courses designed for older students also use the skills learned from the abacus when it comes to applying knowledge in curriculum maths. A+ Students has grown over the years to become one of the leading figures in the education field across the entirety of South Africa. Rather than use study materials that are part of any given national curriculum, the firm has developed its own study and learning materials, including its own printed books and self-manufactured equipment that the students use for learning. Though the study materials are not necessarily derived from the national curriculum for mathematics, A+ Students does ensure that the content of its courses are aligned with that the national curriculum covers for the most part. What A+ Students does as well as provide students with all the necessary maths skills, is encourage its students to participate in educational competitions to further enhance the knowledge of its students. The firm takes part in various international competitions, including the mental calculation world championships that are held in Germany. As a fitting testament to the work that A+ Students does, its top student has received second place in the mental calculation world championships two years running. Outside of the competitive element, A+ Students has ensured that its franchise and franchise model is profitable, including intensive initial training that then progresses to ongoing training which staff constantly undertake. Once the staff are fully trained and ready to deliver the service that A+ Students provides, they can begin to familiarise themselves with the four courses that are on offer to students for varying age groups. Beginning with the Mini Genius course, students can range between two and a half years old, right the way up to five years old. From there, students can progress to learning from the Kids Genius course, which is available to students between five and eight years old. Young Genius course is open to students aged between eight years old and approximately thirteen years old. The final course available to students is not restricted by age, but the Junior Genius course is available to students up to Grade 12, and offers content based on a pure maths curriculum. Jul20461 The results that A+ Students has achieved over the years speak for themselves, and speaks for the firm as a whole. Through this very successful franchise business model, which has now expanded to Australia with master franchise opportunities available worldwide, A+ Students has proven itself to be the best foundation phase mathematics and mental arithmetic educator in South Africa. As mathematics skills continue to be so vitally important for students all over the world, A+ Students continues to be a beacon of excellence in the education industry. Company: A+ Students Contact: Andy Raouna Email: [email protected] Website: www.aplusstudents.co.za

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