2020 African Business Excellence Awards

MEAMARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 11 , Best Enterprise IT Solutions Supplier 2020 - Morocco La Centrale IT La Centrale IT is one ofMorocco’s leading IT solution providers, and its teamcannot stop taking on the great challenge of delivering the best products to their customers. It’s a commendable approach that has led to success in the African Excellence Awards this year. We caught up with Dr. Sabah Lahlou, Founder andManaging Director, to see how the teamhas been able to achieve such astounding results. La Centrale IT was founded in 2014 and brought together a team which specializes in the implementation and integration of video conferencing/collaboration, as well as security and mobility solutions. Thanks to a proactive approach, the firm soon positioned itself as the pioneer of IT integration and resale in the Moroccan market. The principal reason for this success almost certainly resides with nearly twenty years accumulated field experience of its top management. The team at this Moroccan IT firm know how best to deploy solutions that will meet professional users’ requirements with respect to the organisation and IT governance including networks, security, procedures and existing equipment. Indeed, one of La Centrale IT’s strengths has been its ability to provide expert support for clients ranging from small and medium businesses from small and medium businesses, telecommunication operators, call centers, as well as industrial firms. Even industrial firms have been able to benefit. The ability to meet the needs of a wide range of customers has been key to building the trust that La Centrale IT now has with its clients. The company still has far to go, however. It intends to continue growing, taking on further challenges in order to become a Service DNA, able to support all clients regardless of what projects they’re working on. We asked Dr Lahlou how La Centrale planned to achieve this new goal. “Our new challenge and orientation are towards diversification,” she explains. “We have learned a lot, like most worldwide firms, from the COVID-19 crisis. Today, we don’t know really where the world is going and what would be the situation in the future, but we need to continue in our path and take more challenges. For this reason, we need to go international also.” The Moroccan government has established different support measures and stimulus plans for companies and businesses to help decrease the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on the country’s economy. Regarding those plans for which her company was a candidate, Dr Lahlou went on to say, “Certainly, the plans and actions taken by the Moroccan government in the last months of this crisis are very good. We were candidates at La Centrale IT to get government’s support. I take the opportunity also here to thank my bank “Le Credit Du Maroc” for their support and follow up. This bank was there for us before and during the crisis for real.” Moving forward, Dr. Lahlou and her team are exploring the potential of electronic PCB design. Her new team of experts, made up of engineers and designers, has accumulated working more than 18 years in PCB design service and on several Automatic Test Equipment projects Aug20476 (ATE Industry, LoadBoards & Probe Cards). The aim is simply to bring in more international customers. When this product diversification is concluded, La Centrale IT will be able to increase its profitability and achieve higher sales volume of the new products. Of course, any growth of the company is a credit to the team and its established internal culture. Dr Lahlou explains that “all of our staff are self-decision-makers. At La Centrale IT, we make sure that the employee feels mobile, independent and connected to better excel in his tasks.” The strength of the firm is its great sense of commitment and community, as well as cultivating a target-oriented culture. Obviously in such a sensitive market, there is tough competition, but Dr. Lahlou believes that there are specific features found in La Centrale IT and its staff, which differentiate the firm from its rivals. At the heart of every project is a team who are available for its customers, providing the ultimate in consulting and client support. La Centrale IT is one of the purest examples of a strong Moroccan firm which tackles challenges head on - more importantly it excels when it does so. Dr. Lahlou has led her company to success in this awards scheme and is well on track to winning more prizes in the future. Company: La Centrale IT For Videoconferencing / Security and mobility projects: [email protected] For PCB design projects: [email protected] Media contact : [email protected]

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