Wonderful Wallart Secures Success

Wallart Design wallpaper and standing lamp

When people think of print, they want a solution that is not only of the highest quality, but bears the vital considerations of the environment in mind. That’s precisely what the team at Wallart Designs do. In the UAE Business Awards, the team were named Leading Experts in Large Format Printing 2021. We take a closer look at just how they did it.


Wallart Designs was established in 2019, under the careful eye of the team at Printpac ME. Having been a successful printing business since 1975, the large organization wished to give its Large Format Division a brand-new identity. This new identity – Wallart – would focus in on what customers wanted, namely a complete sustainable print solution that guaranteed the same quality to which they had become accustomed.


The team are able to offer printed designs that can make a house into a home, an office into more than just a place of work. With the ability to define yourself through graphics, there’s no end to the potential offered by the Wallart team. Their use of eco-friendly substrates powered by HP’s Latex printing technology allows them to offer something truly exceptional in the industry, pushing forward into a bold new future.


The team has printed and installed wall graphics for homes and various industries and offices as well as customized interior décors with printed wall coverings, canvases, floor graphics, and blinds. Those who have a specific image in mind for their project find willing partners in the team from Wallart. Few in the industry are able to match them when it comes to creating an environment of creativity and comfort.


The benefits of a Wallart Design can be seen across a variety of different circumstances because the team can easily adapt to serve any client at all. In retail spaces, the team’s work can allow clients to highlight their product offerings, marketing campaigns, or enhance consumer experiences while in stores. In the home, their designs can transform a property into somewhere someone can really fall in love with. Their passion is the key to their success and ensures that their product is truly second to none in the region.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team saw major demand for their work. This was because as people were at home, they were able to evaluate projects that needed undertaking. While in normal times, wallpaper might be considered a luxury, the Wallart team found themselves incredibly busy making sure that people could fulfil their desires. These projects often revolved around the use of wallpapers and canvases, custom designed by the team, to fit into specific spaces.


The team’s incredible work ethic and high-quality products have ensured not only that clients continue to return to them, but that others wish to work with them too. Wallart has a strong partnership with leading designers, including Bishop Design in the United Arab Emirates, Robin Sprong Wallpaper in South Africa and Amy Diener in the USA and Thailand.


These partnerships have inspired the team to push even harder when it comes to delivering a top-quality product. Already, the team are exploring the possibilities of purchasing new printing machines, having implemented MIS software to streamline the production process. The future of the company will see the team continuing to aim ever higher in what they achieve so that more people will come to them for assistance in the specialist world of wallpaper. It’s the secret behind the team’s incredible continuing success.


For business enquiries contact Naveed Ahmad at Wallart Designs LLC via email at [email protected] or online at www.wallart.ae.

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