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The UAE leads the scene of innovation in food production especially during these times where the world is witnessing health transformations, where the country continues its efforts to enhance its position and supports its important role in producing and exporting foods and equipment related to this vital sector.

An emerging product has been recently awarded the Product of the Year 2020 in the GCC, an award that highlights and honors innovation in the fast-paced consumer goods sector. The product, Kabrita, which specializes in infant milk formula is owned by Hyproca Nutrition Middle East, with its headquarters in Dubai, and affiliated to the Dutch group Ausnutria Nutrition B. V.

The product secured this award after getting evaluated by an independent arbitration panel, which reviews the consumers’ buying decisions, manages the whole process in a safe and transparent framework. The panel includes representatives from Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce in the GCC, Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting, International Media Association, International Business Women Group, French Business Council, American University of Sharjah, American University in Dubai and Saudi Association for Information and Communication and the Institute of Administrative Techniques, who study all survey submissions and fill out a multiple-choice questionnaire in order to finalize a list of products that meet the high standards set by the POY awards.

Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Managing Director and General Manager of Hyproca Nutrition Middle East, stated that the company is writing a distinctive success story in the United Arab Emirates – originating from the Netherlands its business grown to become one of the leading companies in the Gulf region. He also indicated that winning the POY 2020 award for the infant formula category confirms their continuous commitment to providing premium quality and adhering to the standards of premium products.

He also stated that the Emirati community is one of the most diverse in the region, which offers global food production companies a multitude of opportunities for investment and growth, and having headquarters there serves in promoting their product across the whole region, especially with the advanced infrastructure and logistics it provides.

He indicated that the company worked on developing a wide range of baby food products based on mild goat’s milk that provides complete nutritional benefits and supports the child’s mental and physical development, therefore distinguishing Kabrita product with its natural taste and an easy-to-digest soft texture suitable for feeding infants who face breastfeeding complications.

Dr. Hussein added that the company, that runs its operations from its headquarters in Dubai, has witnessed a remarkable growth in sales over the past three years due to several factors, the most important of which is the increase in confidence in Kabrita milk formula which the company has been supplying to the Gulf region for 7 years in addition to pediatricians’ confidence in recommending this product to mothers for their children while we endorse that breastfeeding is the best feeding for babies, Kabrita infant formula has been one of the best breastfeeding substitutes due to its natural components that are close to the natural breast milk.

Dr. Hussein also stated that: “Winning means a lot to us as it was based on consumers’ confidence and their incline for buying the product in the United Arab Emirates, KSA, and Kuwait, based on special characteristics that are unique to Kabrita. We plan to provide Kabrita milk to the rest of the Arab countries soon,  in addition to different sizes, as well as products exclusive to certain health conditions for children of different age groups.


About Kabrita

Kabrita is a global trademark owned by Hyproca Nutrition Middle East, which is part of the Dutch group Ausnutria Nutrition B.V. having a 100-year experience in developing and producing premium quality dairy products and infant nutrition products. The group operates five advanced factories in the Netherlands and five other factories in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, which allow Ausnutria Nutrition B.V. to produce a wide array of exclusive dairy products, ranging from fresh to powder milk and from general milk by-products and butter to specific infant products.

Kabrita believes it has a responsibility to facilitate access to the natural benefits of goat-milk products for all consumers around the world. It also seeks to provide consumers with a wide range of high-quality nutritional products made from premium goat milk, as well empowering consumers by providing them with all the needed information and support to undertake important nutritional choices for them and their families.

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