Most Innovative Anti-Viral Surface Solution 2021: CapaCare Protect

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A company priding itself on being ‘intimately Middle Eastern and distinctly global’, Caparol LLC is creating environmentally friendly products that bolster its industry and improve the welfare of end-users.


Caparol is committed to operating in a way that betters itself, its sector, and its regions, and this has made it a standout voice that is continually gaining more traction. Caparol is a company developing, producing, and marketing high quality emulsions, enamels, decorative or structural coatings, and insulation technology. In this way, it has developed a reputation amongst its customers for reliable, advanced, and green products that not only stand head and shoulders above the competition, but have clients coming back again and again. This has resulted in significant natural growth for this company as word has spread about it over time, and since its founding it has become the premium brand of DAW in the middle eastern market. Nominally, the products that it offers have been making waves due to the rigour with which they have been created to be the top of the market, with sustainable ranges that allow both it and its clients to retain corporate environmental responsibility, and products that are unfailingly modern. 


Headquartered in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany, Caparol has become one of the world’s largest private paint manufacturers. Its presence is one that is now internationally renowned through various brands that have made it their leading choice for Architectural and Decorative paints; indeed, it is this that has allowed it to spearhead a move into the Middle Eastern market. Fundamentally, this company is lead by architectural creativity, and its logo carries with it a number of things for which it has become known. From reliability to technical expertise and outstanding product performance, its stone finishes have been lauded as exemplary by GCC markets, and it is excited to be able to offer these amongst other high-quality goods to the MEA market segment. 


Should clients wish to see the brilliance of its work in action, they can do so through its portfolio; this collection of its past work showcases its products used in GEMS International School, Akoya by Damac, Rove Hotels, La Ville Hotel, AL Khuwair, and many more. It looks forward to bringing these solutions to yet more clientele and helping make their projects the best they can be. Recently, its move towards the UAE has been picked up by many leaders of industry in the region, and in this way Caparol has been quick to reach and surpass several of its growth milestones. 


Caparol is grateful for this, and excited to ingrain itself further in a corporate crucible where good leadership has formulated bold decision making and ambitious action. It is also prioritising making its name amongst the other sustainably focused voices there, as the eco-friendly market is a significantly large segment in the UAE that dedicates itself to the continuous support of countries reaching for a truly green economy. A lofty goal, for sure, but one that is more in sight by the day. It is achieving this by proving its credentials in green living to its clients, reducing its carbon footprint, and offering eco-friendly solutions – Caparol has taken the time to ensure it can do all of this whilst still perfectly meeting and exceeding customer expectations with regards to quality. 


Over time, Caparol has seen Covid-19 only accelerate this market trend, with many of its competitors pivoting to emphasise health and safety in the sale of their products. The adaptation of services to be innovative and safe has allowed Caparol to play a significant role in the pivot, protecting the safety of residents with the launch of CapaCare Protect. This product in particular has proficiencies as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial safety solution. Furthermore, this product is just like all of its other ranges in that it is still sustainably focussed and fuelled by ingenuity, and Caparol has experienced a positive response from the market towards CapaCare Protect because of these factors. 


Caparol has thusly stepped up to the plate to serve its clientele during the pandemic, ensuring that its paints respond to the wider challenges of the world, and reflecting on how its paints can be complimentary to helping people handle such a fluctuating environment. Therefore, despite the challenges that were presented to it from a business standpoint, it pulled through the outbreak’s heaviest hitting impacts by responding quickly and with sophistication, bolstered by the effective work of the Government. The UAE’s initiatives directed towards supporting businesses have helped Caparol massively. 


It also funnelled significant effort into prioritizing and readjusting raw material and supply sourcing, with productions and inventories being hit across the board, Caparol ensured that its supply lines were being as carefully managed as possible. Consequentially, orders were being met, stock level kept under control, and deadlines hit. Cash flow management was also something that it ensured was carefully controlled during this time, ensuring business continuity and operational viability throughout the crisis. Nowadays, this rigour is continuing to be reflected in its dedication to furthering its environmental responsibility, working with a renewed vigour as it develops paint that decreases the amount of indoor air pollutants. 


By making its products as lacking in these substances as possible, it wishes to improve the relationship between air quality and indoor paint. With the Environmental Protection Agency ranking indoor air pollution amongst the top 5 environmental dangers, and market research showing the impact of this on people’s health, Caparol is committed to becoming one of the green partners of choice for encouraging the wellbeing of its customers with non-harmful paints. Fuelling this, at the core of Caparol is its heritage. It has been a family owned business since 1895, and thus its attitude has always been one of care and collaboration; over time, this has grown into extending this out towards the environment in order to create its current business model. It cares deeply about every element of its business and everything it has an impact on, keeping creativity and innovation close to its heart as it moves towards a bright future. 


Lastly, as well as the development of its products and reduction of its ecological impacts, it wishes to contribute to the positive development of the UAE and MEA region. In this way, it will be trying its best to encourage the Governments of the countries it operates in to follow through with their transition to green economies, leading by example to take its wider sector down a path that works in perfect tandem. It is confident that the market is indeed reaching that point. Businesses have been provided a real a real opportunity to improve safety, end-user experience, and overall aesthetic results, through innovation and continued work. Therefore, being a green company will be hugely beneficial to its growth moving forwards, and it will keep demonstrating this with the high standard of its VOC free paints and tailored attitude towards market demand. 


For business enquires, contact Stefan Chang at Caparol LLC via caparol.ae.

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