UAE Business Awards 2021

6 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Best EMS Gym 2021 With an exemplary roster of satisfied clients in its repertoire that accreditMy 30Minutes Personal Fitness with helping themto reach their goals, this company has become aworld leader in EMS training. Using top-of-the-range technologies and techniques delivered by its well-trained staff, this franchise’s expansion shows no signs of slowing. My 30 Minutes Personal Fitness Training, or My30, is a professional gym operating all around the world that started its journey in the Dubai Mall in 2017. There, it offered EMS group training, and EMS personal training, to serve all its clients fitness needs in a manner that has gained it significant traction in its industry since. EMS as a fitness strategy is a technique using state-of- the-art technologies by way of electrical muscle stimulation, helping a customer to achieve results under the guidance of its expert staff, crafting a routine that targets the areas a client wishes to work on. With the goals of the client in mind, its staff utilise EMS and traditional exercise techniques to coach each individual in a manner that best suits them; all the while ensuring that the client is using proper form to maximise effectiveness and reduce risk of injury. Furthermore, working with a personal trainer in this way one-to-one means that clients can continually adjust rhythm, intensity, and duration of electrical impulses depending on the details worked out in the individual exercise plan, as well as during a session. In this way, My30 is designed to give a customer a full-body workout in just 20 minutes. They can achieve the rigour and intensity of a 3-4 hour gym session in this time with the aid of EMS bolstering the physical activity, making it the ideal workout for those without the time for such long form workouts who still want to achieve their fitness goals. It is with this business model that My30 has made an impact on its market segment, taking the fitness industry by storm as the buzz about it spread, both within its sector and amongst is clientele, who leave it outstanding reviews for its work. Consequentially, this naturalistic growth has allowed it to expand significantly; it has built up a culture wherein many of its clients wish to take on the brand name and join the franchise, and they are able to take the business model of the core founding establishments and implement this to great effect. This has not only proven the efficacy of the original business model time and time again, but allowed My30 to reach further international notoriety. Since its flagship opening in Dubai, it has opened an EMS group and Mar21622 personal training service in the Beauty Connections Spa, as well as in Nad Al Hamar, Amman in Jordan and Palm Jumeirach in Anantara The Palm resort, as well as even further afield in Core Club Manhattan, New York, the Eastern Mangroves Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and Wuppertal, Germany. In this manner, the EMS training method and concept has proven widely popular. Additionally, with it being such an innovative and holistic concept, it has become one of the pioneers for further growth and development of the fitness industry as a whole – something that My30 is incredibly proud to say. The use of the My30 method and combining EMS with well-managed physical training can result in heightened muscular and athletic performance, weight loss and toning, rehabilitation training for injuries, post-pregnancy fitness, and is excellent for working exercise into a schedule that otherwise wouldn’t allow for it. Furthermore, with customization comes motivation. My30 has found over the course of its operation that if people can tailor their workouts, they are far more excited to do them, and are more likely to stick to them