UAE Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 5 promises either. Hope, backed by sound facts.” The importance that Y-Axis places on customer service can be gauged from the simple fact that more than 50% of its customers come from word- of-mouth referrals alone. An economy with ambition, the United Arab Emirates is the ideal place to be located for Y-Axis, with Dubai having a comparatively larger number of professionals and experienced people with buying power. The student market in Dubai is also particularly strong and this is a key market for companies such as Y-Axis, with its campus-ready solution being much sought after among students and working professional alike. “When you decide to study abroad, you embark upon probably the most transformative experience of your lifetime. With our validated approach to help you study abroad, Y-Axis helps you make the most of the investment, in terms of money as well as time.” Being un-affiliated with colleges and completely independent means that all of Y-Axis’s recommendations for study abroad are unbiased. “The biggest challenge that we face in the current scenario is that of battling the widespread misinformation,” says Clint, as he embellishes on the challenges that have recently presented themselves. “People at large are under the impression that with Covid-19 all visa and immigration work has been stalled. Nothing could be further from the truth.” In fact, all embassies are working for long-term visas. While the global digital transition might have been accelerated due to a majority of people being forced to online, being resilient has always helped in situations like these and, for Clint and the team, developing the firm’s digital muscle to match the demands of the altered reality was no issue. With digitalisation being a priority concern with Y-Axis at all times, transitioning onto ‘remote’ and ‘online’ was not required – the company’s network infrastructure was already present on Salesforce, O365 and 3CX. As physical interaction became less common and not possible in many cases, Y-Axis stepped up by making online coaching and online counselling the norm rather than an exception – a move which will surely stand it in good stead for the future. With a dynamic and open culture, that has been carefully and systematically built and nurtured across the 20 plus years in business, Y-Axis places much emphasis on establishing a healthy work-life balance for its employees. Clint tells us that there are many factors to be considered when recruiting and seeking out new potential team members and, while educational and professional qualifications are important, those are not the only things that ensure a good candidate turns into a stellar employee. “The potential that a person might have for being a team player, the level of dedication that they might reasonably be expected to have given their background and personality. These, and many other factors, are considered when integrating new staff,” he says. “Y-Axis places a great deal of importance on giving recognition wherever it is due. We hold various rewards, functions, and programmes throughout the year. While we do work together, we make sure that obsession or boredom is kept at bay.” With a solid staff base of more than 1,200 employees, it requires a lot of work and a lot of ‘catching up’ – digitally as well as in person – for everyone to be on the same page and frequency. UAE has always been an attractive option for people due to its close proximity to India and many more countries, its cosmopolitan culture, it being a tourist, financial and tech hub. The government also is very supportive and goes all out to promote UAE as a great place to work and settle in. Y-AXIS has always been a leader in immigration and visas and, in 2021, it looks to further its offering and giving back to the community in order to make many more people a Global Migrant. “We will be introducing Destination UAE, which will focus on bringing in more people in the UAE to Work, Study, Visit, Migrate and Invest in UAE. This will be our main focus in the coming 12 months.” Company: Y-AXIS MIDDLE EAST DMCC Contact: Clint Khan Website: