UAE Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 37 , Mar21127 Technology provider of choice for IT and security solutions and services, Potensia Systems delivers premiumprojects and helps to shape the future with emerging and innovative, integrated technologies. CEO and entrepreneurMohammed Saieed shares his passionwith us. Best AI & SMART City IT Systems Contractor - MENA Potensia Systems is a system integrator head quartered in Dubai and with offices in Egypt and the Caribbean. It specialises in designing and deploying industry-specific technology and streamlining business operations through its expansive portfolio of solutions, managed services, and consultancy.Its reputation within the industry is far-reaching and Potensia Systems has many awards and accolades under its belts. In 2018, it was named one of the top 100 tech companies in the world; in 2019 it was crowned one of the top 50 security systems providers globally; and in 2020 it received the title of best system integrator in the Middle East. “Our mission is reflected through a continued commitment to execute diverse and highly complex projects on time, whilst delivering premium products within budget, and offering unparalleled manpower expertise for mission-critical assignments,” explains Mohamed Saieed, Chief Executive Officer of Potensia Systems. Serving hundreds of clients within the government, military, and private sectors, and extending the reach of its operations across the GCC, Middle East, North Africa and all over the world, Potensia Systems continues to set the standard for next-generation intelligence. The firm has grown through the establishment of long- standing, mutually beneficial relationships, and from using client feedback to perfect its solutions as well as enhance its product and process development. Mohamed had always been passionate about technology. This passion started at a very young age when he was just 10 years old. His passion grew as he started reading and self- learning, and he subsequently realised that this is what he wanted to do in the future. He very much enjoys being an entrepreneur. “When you are your own boss, it is very different from working for someone else as you’ll ultimately be working towards your dream and passion. You’ll be learning something new every day, and it’s not only on the business side, but also on the personal side.” On the other hand, he explains that working in the tech field isn’t always a smooth ride and he often struggles as people don’t have the necessary knowledge. This is why he dedicates much of his time to educating them. “By providing the knowledge and education needed in tech, it makes the job much easier as they’ll be able to understand the needs and requirements.” It’s clear to see from speaking with Mohamed that the welfare of employees is of utmost importance at Potensia Systems. With a company culture that revolves around innovation, Mohamed encourages his staff to constantly question, yet never to compromise, and believes the strongest tool an employee can possess is competence. “Where others see challenges, we see the opportunity to deliver valuable solutions, with ease and expert precision,” he enthuses, and continues to talk about the support offered to ensure all team members are valued and can make an impact on the end result. “Operating under a “no excuses” mantra, we have never, not once, failed to deliver on our promise. Our determined men and women live by a set of ethical values, built around the base ideals of growth, curiosity, and excellence. With a dedicated engineering support team of highly-skilled individuals deployed throughout its clients’ businesses, Potensia Systems proudly boasts one of the largest and fastest growing teams in the region. And this rate of growth shows no signs of letting up any time soon as Mohamed tells us that three branches have opened in the last three years, with a further two branches planned for the near future. “We are driven by passion of technology and engineering is the lifeblood of our company, past, present and future. Solutions to specific requirements are not always there, passion and persistence creates them.” For now, Mohamed will continue to ensure that Potensia Systems provides what he describes as a “legendary customer service” to clients in order to maintain the firm’s impressive 95% client retention rate, upheld by the firm belief that all customers are a priority. Company: Potensia Systems Contact: Mohamed Saieed Web: