UAE Business Awards 2021

36 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Mar21046 A design studio with multiple global locations, Gianni Ranaulo Design is passionate about providing engaging and exciting design concepts and solutions. We speak to the firm’s namesake and founder about his career to date. Most Innovative Architectural Design Firm 2021 Italian architect and designer, Gianni Ranaulo, decided to settle in Paris in 1989 following 10 years of successful practice in Italy. Over the years, Gianni’s renowned work has seen him participate in international competitions such as Meaux Prefecture, Melun law court in France, Greenport waterfront and San Diego’s port in the USA. Since 1994, he has dedicated his research to new architectonic languages and started theorising the LightArchitecture concepts, which is the synthesis of the virtual and the real world in reference to Mediabuilding. Gianni tells us more.“LightArchitecture is an attempt at a synthesis between two worlds still considered incompatible: the real world and the virtual world,” he begins. “The need for this fusion has now become obvious; a fusion that has entered into our imagery.” Gianni elaborates that Light Architecture proposes unifying virtual space with concrete reality in order to maintain a unity of perception of the real and thus create a single dimension: ‘stereoreality’, where everything is the result of those two spaces. “In particular, to fight the risk of isolation by the computer and dependency on the internet created by the relationship with visual reality, we are working on integration on an urban scale, for example, a new dimension of architecture inside the city.” Between 1994 and 2002, Gianni Ranaulo opened new offices in London, Rome, and Milan, to materialise LightArchitecture concepts. However, it was in 2005, following a meeting with Franco Dragone, founder and director of Cirque du Soleil, that Gianni designed his Studios in Dubai and in 2007 he opened an office in Dubai, working on the construction of towers and several urban projects. This is a move which proved to be a great success. “With the United Arab Emirates being the modern centre of the world, especially in terms of modern architecture, it provides easy accessibility to the European and Asian market, which makes it an ideal location,” he explains. In 2010, Gianni completed the refurbishment of an 1800m2 head office of the developer La Compagnie de Phalsbourg, located in the famous place Vendome, for which he is developing more than 500 000m² of hospitality, office, and retail construction in France. In 2011, he further strengthened his European offering and opened a new branch in Paris in place Vendome and designed his own furniture collection. In working with clients, much of the success Gianni takes us through the process he completes upon meeting a new client for the first time. “We start with identifying the features and constraints of the context and site,” he explains. “We then apply a suitable functional concept that envelopes the project coherently. Each project holds a unique solution and we implement that with our signature style of architectural design.” Giannia’s acceptance and embrace of exciting new technologies, plus a diverse skill base, has given the firm the edge in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market. However, Gianni still seeks to differentiate by offering unique services, such as staff exchange programmes, in order to provide clients with a richer service and more engaging results. “The value of sharing resources and exchanging ideas is evident in a number of projects that are currently under development,” he states. “Our focus now is to further develop these relationships and seek out new and interesting design opportunities.” There are exciting time ahead for Giannia and his team and he finishes by telling us that he is looking forward to building on the firm’s already strong reputation for innovative design and signature solutions. “We believe the company is unique, combining the best talents from across the globe to create a practice that can deliver design solutions that both engage and excite clients, whilst remaining sensitive to local and regional requirements.” Company: Gianni Ranaulo Design Contact: Melina Gottardi Website: