UAE Business Awards 2021

30 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Feb21566 Having been lauded as the ‘Most Innovative E-Commerce Solution 2021’, IQ Fulfillment has dedicated itself to bringing about change to the way shipping and fulfilment is handled in the United Arab Emirates. Boasting a high IQwith high impact, discover how this firm is taking logistics by storm. Most Innovative E-Commerce Solutions 2021: IQ Fulfillment IQ Fulfillment is an e-commerce micro- fulfillment technology enabler serving the e-commerce industry, with a focus on improving the accuracy of picking rates, by way of its end-to-end platform, allowing its customers to benefit from the 99.9% accuracy rate and the negation of human error. In this way, it effectively unlocks a client’s growth potential by setting them on the path to greater growth; the consequential increase in accuracy using IQ Fulfillment’s services means that its clients spend far less time smoothing out errors. This saves time and money, both resources a client can then divert elsewhere, resulting in a surge of growth. It allows the control of stock anywhere at any time with its intuitive user interface. Furthermore, it offerssame day fulfilment and shipping services so that a client doesn’t have to worry about cut off times, and its service is pay per order, as IQ Fulfillment’s goal is to reduce a client’s fixed running costs in the long term. This company has secured its place as a unique voice in its industry, offering the e-commerce sector a solution that gives its clients the edge they need to compete in their industry. With shipping and fulfilment being such a crucial part of the operating process for so many businesses and sectors, and such a changeable crucible to contend with, IQ Fulfillment can eliminate the need for guess work and provide its clients with much needed peace of mind. The growth its clients enjoy with the support of IQ Fulfillment’s platform has earned it a multitude of high income and high influence return customers. Furthermore, technology being at the forefront of its operational model, it puts its all into keeping itself technologically competitive. In this way, it applies the latest changes and developments in its industry to its platform. These updates include changes to equipment, methodology, and processes, all with the goal of providing its customers with unparalleled logistical solutions. IQ Fulfillment’s sister brand also aids it in this endeavour. This brand, IQ Robotics, is a business fully powered by robotics and AI, and with every client that it encounters, it is changing the way the logistics world works in the United Arab Emirates. It is spearheading a complete digital transformation in the sector, with its services covering the provision of tailored technology and turnkey solutions. These promote the benefits of automation across a myriad of processes – the benefits they can bring to Business to Business company customers, specifically. IQ Robotics increases efficiency and decreases the prevalence of human error with full robotic technologies, warehouse automation, software solutions, package protection, labelling solutions, and other such services. It has secured internationally renowned competence in these areas with the backing of several industry leading partners: Quicktron, Honeywell Logistics Technology Company, Damon Technologies, Locked Air, COTAO, and CubiLink. All these brands bring vast depths and breadths of knowledge in their fields to IQ Fulfillment and IQ Robotics alike, propelling them into the perfect position to cause significant shifts across the board. In this way, IQ’s services have been called ‘disruptive’ as it challenges the status quo to bring bold new ideas to the fore. IQ Fulfillment processes 12000 robotic fulfilment orders daily with incredible accuracy and speedy turnaround, increasing productivity three-fold. In tandem with the pride in its technical acumen and speedy growth, it is especially proud of how it has handled the struggles of the pandemic, especially given the fact that it went live mere months before the crisis hit. Despite bumps in the road, it has overcome them with professionalism, creating a solid brand that is only growing in repute and working hard to improve its services. Overall, IQ’s aim is to go global, and it will be turning towards this challenge with dedication and tenacity in the coming year. Use of its services currently gives clients a username and password combination that allows them access to its logistical solutions in five different countries with 24 hours. It seeks to expand this, setting its sights on being able to offer its solutions in over 100 countries. With support only increasing and a world only becoming more connected, IQ Fulfillment is all set to blaze its own trail towards greater success. Company: IQ Fulfillment Contact: Joelle Beyrouthy Website: