UAE Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 29 , Feb21456 A fresh new voice in the sale of alcohol for its region, Peninsula focuses on not just providing an excellent product, but on guiding its guest through a luxury retail experience. Best Alcohol Distributor & Retail Company 2021 An Abu Dhabi based company, Peninsula Drinks & Food is serving exemplary products from its prestigious locations in the Arc Tower, Mussafah Shabiya, Al Forsan Village and Al Zeina. Described as craft and boutique specialists, Peninsula offers a wide range – but all of it is high end and has been rigorously chosen for its quality. It is fully licenced with off-trade, on-trade, and online channels, selling its wares through its shopfronts and its online portal to an ever- increasing market of satisfied customers. It imports and distributes alcoholic beverages as a priority, and each listing has a description that tells the potential buyer exactly what they’ll be getting, from the flavour notes to the strength. In this way, it seeks not just to serve its clients with enjoyable alcohols, but to bring unique tastes to the international community. It wishes to share the appreciation for good drink from around the world, informing the customer about what’s hot and what’s new, attracting high-income clientele. Many of its brands and products are exclusive to Peninsula. This fact alone is a draw for some elements of its target market, and in return it ensures that every product that passes through its hands is the highest quality. This dedication is a top-down aim that prevails in all aspects of its business, from the packaging to the origin story – furthermore, its product list is not static. Far from it. Peninsula takes great pride in being adaptable and changeable, switching out stock depending on the fluctuations of the market and with the changing tides of taste-making. It considers everything from the distinctiveness of a product to its value and origin, and when it brings all its products together, they form a cohesive portfolio unlike any other available on the market. It isn’t here to satisfy the whims of large brands, instead, it focuses on the satisfaction of each individual customer; and it is here where the bespoke nature of its business truly shines through. However, it does offer mainstream brands of alcohol, making it a one stop shop for individual comforts, old favourites and the fresh, new, and exciting. Its staff is also thoroughly trained and equipped with the knowledge and passion to make a sale not just a transaction, but a friendly conversation that guides a customer. Each staff member approaches their job and customer service with pizzazz and charisma, taking customers on a journey that will allow them to arrive at their new season’s favourite. In this way, those that work for Peninsula all contribute to one of its core driving principles: its character. This commitment to solid visual brand recognition and the effective portrayal of this to its customers has been a driving force behind its success, and a reason so many clients come back to it. In maintaining a stand-out and compelling range in a luxurious setting with expert advice on hand to make the experience all that much more memorable, Peninsula wishes to forge amicable relationships with its customers. It lets them be a part of Peninsula’s story, and the resulting ambience in store is one of a private drinks club more than a high street store. In both the experience and the products alike, it is clear that Peninsula prizes being able to stay two steps ahead in its industry and is adept at doing so. It proactively supports its customers and thinks outside the box to create promotions that are creative and abide by the region’s restrictions on above the line advertising. Even in the grips of lockdown, with many of its hotel and bar clients being closed, it found revenue streams held steady as its online retail soared. Thus, Peninsula is extremely optimistic as it moves forward into the future, facing the rest of 2021 and beyond. It looks forward to welcoming its international customers back to its in person stores once again when borders are reopened, and, as a final word, it wishes to thank its loyal customers for their continued support. In the meantime, its full selection can be found, browsed, and purchased from through its website. Company: Peninsula Drinks And Food Contact: Timothy Broughton Email: [email protected] Website: