UAE Business Awards 2020

6 MEA MARKETS / 2020 UAE Business Awards , and necessary. The team itself a cross-functional cornucopia of talent, with marketing research specialists, data scientists, digital developers, graphic artists and communications specialists, all on hand to deliver the success that clients are searching for. When clients engage with market-i, the team are able to develop data-driven recommendations and solutions that ensure project success. Perhaps the most dynamic country within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the United Arab Emirates is truly a hub of innovation within the Best Boutique Digital Marketing Consultancy 2020 - Dubai market-i As the digital revolution continues to sweep the world, more andmore businesses are moving their services online, capitalising on the rapidly increasing technological innovations that are taking place every day. One such firmhelping businesses make the transition andmarket themselves effectively online is market-i, winner of this year’s award for Best Boutique Digital Marketing Consultancy 2020 – Dubai. In order to find out more about the firm, we took a closer look at what it offers and what makes it such a worthy award winner. Founded in Germany in 2007 with headquarters moving to Dubai in 2008, market-i is a boutique digital marketing research services agency with a specialization in strategy development. Providing a full range of marketing research services, digital services, and marketing research software, that supports the marketing services function of organizations, there has never been a better time to partner up with the team at market-i, given their expertise and knowledge in an industry that is becoming ever more relevant Feb20187 region thanks to the progressive government that has made digital transformation into a key national objective. The growth of Dubai and the wider United Arab Emirates in recent years has been nothing short of exceptional. Today, it is widely recognised as a hub for more than technology, playing host to the very definition of luxury living and innovative developments. Coupled with a rich ethnic diversity of more than two hundred nationalities living and working there, the United Arab Emirates is an ideal place for conducting business across not only the GCC, but the MEA and APAC regions also. Given the country’s status as a hub for technology, the migration to digital business has been swift and sure, making it the perfect place for market-i to establish itself. The three core areas of what market-i has to offer are the aforementioned marketing services which include marketing research & data science, digital services and marketing research software. Each element offers something unique but can also come together with the other elements to generate even greater levels of success for a client. Marketing services, for example, can include customer experience measurement, brand positioning strategy development, communications strategy development, market segmentation, product testing, and product optimization. In contrast to that, the digital services that market-i has to offer include online brand communities, custom dashboard development, hosting, 360 survey process management (SPM) platforms, mobile applications, and website design. Finally, marketing research software services involve in-house development of custom brand community software, customer experience measurement, and questionnaire authoring. Each element delivers something different that a client can capitalise on, but it is the fusion of all three that makes the services from market-i truly exceptional. When combined together, the elements of product testing, website design, and questionnaire authoring can result in exceptional data gathering for a product that is about to launch via a brand new website. The interrelation and potential collaboration between each of these elements positions market-i as one of the most desirable, sought-after, and necessary boutique digital marketing consultancies at work in the world today.