UAE Business Awards 2020

UAE Business Awards 2 0 2 0 2020 UAE Business Awards • Profit General Trading L.L.C TV Channel of the Year 2020 - Middle East Best Boutique Digital Marketing Consultancy 2020 - Dubai Khyber Middle East is a Pashto Entertainment Television Channel launched from United Arab Emirates (UAE). Following on from their success in the UAE Business Awards 2020, we got in touch with Jawad Hamid Raja, the Chief Operating Officer of the Channel, to find out more. As the digital revolution continues to sweep the world, more and more businesses are moving their services online, capitalising on the rapidly increasing technological innovations that are taking place every day. One such firm helping businesses make the transition and market themselves effectively online is market-i, winner of this year’s award for Best Boutique Digital Marketing Consultancy 2020 – Dubai. In order to find out more about the firm, we took a closer look at what it offers and what makes it such a worthy award winner.