UAE Business Awards 2020

36 MEA MARKETS / 2020 UAE Business Awards , Best Global Citizenship & Residency Advisory Firm 2020 RIF Trust For high-net-worth individuals, the ability to travel visa-free around the world is incredibly valuable. For those with a “weaker passport”, obtaining a second passport or EU residency is a life changing decision. RIF Trust is the leading government-approved citizenship and residency by investment advisory in theMiddle East and Africa, specialising in breaking down borders for their clients. We profile the firm to find out more. With 12 offices globally and its headquarters based in Dubai, RIF Trust aspires to improve the lives of their clients. RIF Trust have successfully assisted high-net- worth individuals (HNWI) and their families with obtaining a second passport in the Caribbean or European residency in order to gain visa-free travel around the world, access the top schools and universities abroad for their children, and the ability to expand their businesses in Europe. What sets RIF Trust apart is that they put their client at the centre of their business. When they first meet with a client, their advisors listen to their needs, goals, and motivations to better understand the client’s individual profile and then proceed to advise their client on their best residency or citizenship options based on their personal preferences, requirements and limitations. Comprehensive due diligence screening ensures that clients have the best chance of a successful application, saving them both time and money. The investment migration industry has become increasingly competitive, with many unlicensed, inexperienced and small operators, entering the industry each month. However, clients are also becoming a lot more selective with who they work with and can identify the legitimate and experienced advisories, like RIF Trust, from the smaller advisory in the industry. The rapid spread of COVID-19 might seem like a major problem for a business committed to helping people travel internationally, but when the virus passes, RIF Trust will become an essential business for a large number of HNWI to ensure the continued security and mobility of their family in case of another life changing event. There will also be a great opportunity for RIF Trust to grow through consolidation and merging with both small and large organisations who will see the benefits of collaborating with RIF Trust to improve their service level, stability and financial position. In the long term, RIF Trust’s government advisory team will be working hard to assist governments to secure more foreign direct investment through new investment migration programmes to offset the financial impact through the loss of tourism and increased debt they have incurred during this global shutdown. RIF Trust offers a unique service that has helped over 1,000 clients and their families. Despite uncertain times, its current success seems unabated and set to continue for a long time to come. Company: RIF Trust Contact: [email protected] Website: