UAE Business Awards 2020

30 MEA MARKETS / 2020 UAE Business Awards , Best Online Gaming Platform 2020 - Middle East Go Gamers Sport Services Based in Dubai, Go Gamers Sport Services provides one of the largest, most connected gaming experiences for amateur games in theMiddle East North Africa region. Following their recent success inMEAMarkets UAE Business Awards, we decided to take a closer look at the award- winning business and how they established themselves as top players in an ever-evolving industry. Since the start, Go Gamers has hosted tournaments across popular mobile, PC and console games, rewarding top players with exciting prizes, whilst connecting members of the esports and gaming community with one another. Alongside this, the firm also supply the Go Gamers Technology to customise their online esports platform to allow businesses to run their own tournaments and also build esports communities around their brand. When working on a new project, Go Gamers submit a proposal to the client to ensure that expectations are aligned. This includes agreeing that the clients’ specific requests are met, whether it is client branding, regular consultations, tournament hosting tech support, marketing of banners/logos and content support, even database access. The team ensure that they clearly define what they are able to deliver, whilst paying close attention to the requirements from the client, along with an outline of any possible limitations. Alongside being transparent with the services they provide, Go Gamers also stands out amongst their competitors in the industry for a number of reasons. On the business side, the Go Gamers team is formed of a diverse group of experts from both the gaming and business world. This enables the team to handle any problems that have risen with a very client centric approach, such as tailoring events to clients’ needs and their brand’s positioning to specific games. One of the other unique factors of the business is that half of the Go Gamers team are avid gamers themselves. As such, the team are able to effortlessly provide their audience with a genuine experience, one which encourages all of the tournament members to engage with fellow players in their tournaments. The goal for Go Gamers is for players to not only play the games, but to also feel connected with the team as people as well. On the topic of team, Go Gamers company culture means everything to the business, and it is very clearly reflected in the customer service that is delivered to both players and clients. First and foremost, Go Gamers is a gaming company with a passion for gaming, even if some of the team do not play often. Having people who truly understand the sector, whether it be game development, industry interest or streaming, and know the problems it faces as well as identify some of the less popular decisions companies in the industry have, has allowed the business to stay honest. Showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the Go Gamers team’s next mission is to take the business global. Not wanting to limit themselves and their experiences, the team already have a vast number of players from across the world and have supported a government initiative by expanding their existing network and attracting more local team support. By doing this they aim to keep their customer service levels as high as possible. Going forward, the Go Gamers team hope to one day have all of the streamers/YouTubers, publishers and tournaments all in one place, which they believe they can offer that opportunity to a sector that is currently very fragmented. Ultimately, gaming is only going to get bigger and change alongside technology, something that Go Gamers wants to be a part of. Contact: J. Allen Gantt Telephone: +971 56 644 9965 Company: Go Gamers Sport Services Web Addresses: |