UAE Business Awards 2020

22 MEA MARKETS / 2020 UAE Business Awards , Best Music Producing & Promotion Company 2020 – UAE Music Hunters Over the last 13 years, Music Hunters has grown to be the preferred production and promotion company for top artists & producers, both locally and internationally. With years of success safely secured their belt, we profiled the firm to discover more about the service they provide and the accomplishments they have achieved throughout the years. Music Hunters’ Mohamed Suliman is very proud to be one of the few A&R operating from the Emirates. Today, the firm offers a myriad of services inclusive of song writing & production, music licensing, artist management & promotion, live music events and booking. The main goal that Mohamed has for Music Hunters is to help young artists succeed by the most cost-effective means possible. This is achieved by evaluating your present business and providing consulting services. Then the team create and implement a long-term plan for success, which includes sales & marketing techniques and all the other tools required to succeed. UAE is a very dynamic country there are initiatives to improve the quality of life through better infrastructure in combination with introducing regulations to expand tourism. One of the main challenges that Mohamed faces is that music in the Middle East is still in it’s infancy. There is still much artists need to learn about creating music; especially things such as copyright which may not be in the forefront of an artist’s mind. Music Hunters to create a platform for all these artists to go to and rely on so they may continue to thrive and grow. Throughout the years, Music Hunters Dubai has developed strategic partnerships with individuals and companies that service the top level of artists in nearly every area of the music business to meet their clients’ needs globally. They have worked for years to develop strong relationships in every area that may benefit their clients from the production of your music to promotion & touring. In all, Music Hunters go above and beyond for their clients and partners to exceed their expectations. Music Hunters will conduct any preliminary investigations or pre- screening interviews with prospective employees, vendors, strategic partnerships or joint ventures. Due diligence is very important when hiring employees, independent contractors or selecting partners. In each market, it is imperative that you meet strict guidelines regarding the standards and practices of doing business in every market the artist chooses to develop business in. The future looks bright for Music Hunters. They had very successful previous years and success stories with their clients and partners. In the year 2020, Music Hunters has a surprise project with a new partner that will take the music industry to the next level in the region. Ultimately, Mohamed hopes it will be another milestone for the music scene in UAE and MENA region. Contact: Mohamed Suliman B.G. Company: Music Hunters