2019 UAE Business Awards

MEAMARKETS / 2019 UAE Business Awards 9 , Best 3D Visualisation Studio 2019 & Most Innovative PropTech Solution: Touchscreen Case 3D is an innovative visualisation studio creating virtual environments that homebuyers will want to visit, explore and fall in love with. Intrigued, we caught up with CEODaniloMicic to find out more. Supporting a wide range of clients including EMAAR, Eagle Hills, BMW, Woods Bagot, Elling- ton Properties, Dubai Properties, Aldar, Atkins. Case 3D has achieved a reputation for excellence over the years. Danilo explores how this stems from the firm’s innovative solutions offering. “At Case 3D we are committed to delivering more than just realistic images. From the simplest 3D rendering to the most complex VR experiences, we are on a mission to create architectural visualization that works harder for our clients. As a team of archi- tectural designers and technol- ogists, we are uniquely qualified to translate your property vision into visuals that will transport homebuyers and investors alike. “With clients all over the world, we have developed a deep understanding of every major property marketplace. As a result, whether it’s a Dubai-friendly dress code or advice on dressing an interior, we know the visuals that work for each location and project. We strive to create authentic environment as a support for all the people we are working with. Central to the firm’s success is its commitment to providing clients with the support and service they need, as Danilo highlights. “Our key strength is in the understanding of client needs and we are looking every new project as unique opportunity to provide best possible solution for their company. We are innovators and architects with the vision to make life easier for all people and improve the environment and industry with our innovative engineered solutions. Our purpose is to create an authentic and supportive environment for all our associates and provide them progress and feeling of joy. Our clients recognize that offer a truly unique, bespoke service, and as such they always entrust us with new projects.” Seeking to build further on its already enviable success, Case 3D has many exciting devel- opments on the horizon which could change not only its own fortunes, but that of the entire 3D visualisation market, as Danilo is proud to conclude. “Overall, the future looks bright for Case 3D as we are currently work- ing on the project development in unreal engine. This will help us drive real change for our industry and we are incredibly excited to be a key part of this development. “Such change is particularly important, as we believe that 3D visuals will be a key part of the future for the real estate market. We expect that the interactive sales tools will be increasingly represented in the future, which will ease the entire sales process. This does not mean that a person will be excluded as a key factor throughout the process, but it will be easier for them through the use of technology to provide the potential customer whole experience and info. Case 3D is proud to be at the forefront of such a revolution.” Company: Case 3D Name: Danilo Micic Address: Nikole Pasica 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Telephone: +381213409887 Web: www.case-3d.com Mar19511

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