2019 UAE Business Awards

10 MEA MARKETS / 2019 UAE Business Awards , Best Network Technology Innovator 2019 - Middle East Seeking to support clients across some of the most challenging data andWAN infrastructure spaces, Defaultroute DMCC is a Dubai based inter-networking services consultancy. Having awarded the firmone of our prestigious award titles in this year’s UAE Business Awards programme we profile it to find out more about the secrets behind its success. Established in 2017, Defaultroute is an innovative technolo- gy consultancy and service integrator with a specific focus on data net- works and inter-networking. The firm boasts a dedicated in-house engineering team with skills covering a number of disciplines found within the field of WAN telecommunications. Thanks to this industry accredit- ed expert team, the firm is able to operate across a range of austere or dangerous environ- ments and bring highly reliable telecommunications and data services to its valued clients. The firm’s overarching service platform is one which uses best practice and open standards to create a tailored feel to what is otherwise a highly commodity driven industry. An adaptable, innovative and flexible company, Defaultroute is constantly working to adapt around the needs of each individual client, as well as the developments it sees in the wider network technology market so that it can provide cutting-edge support and solutions that meet its client’s specific requirements. As a principally technology-led business, the firm is constantly using ‘best in breed’ services and platforms to engage with its clients so that they can receive the very highest possible standard of service and the support they need. Defaultroute operates its hybrid cloud platform across its private global data backbone and leverages private and public re- sources to offer its clients different ways of interacting with the team. Unlike many of its competitors the firm takes an almost altruistic ap- proach to clients and works hard to focus more on their require- ments than on its profit margin. By focusing on the solution pro- vided and meeting client needs, Defaultroute is able to create a more personal and bespoke product for the client. The firm does not often simply offer ‘off the shelf’ product, and instead provides solutions which are de- signed around a client’s specific business. The needs and desires of the client are foremost, and the firm’s services are all developed around that premise. Thanks to its young and dynamic team, the company is able to pro- vide its clients with the ultimate in cutting-edge solutions that are at the forefront of the latest industry developments. The team at Defaultroute have a support- ive, collaborative internal culture and are constantly investing in training and expertise to make sure that clients receive the very best possible solutions. After all, whilst any business can sell a product, it takes a real partner to be able to create a custom solution designed to both meet individual business needs and remain ahead of the latest technological developments. Defaultroute aims to be that part- ner to each and every one of its clients and ensure that they have the confidence and capabilities to use their new solution to drive their business to true excellence. Looking to the future, De- faultroute is focused on devel- oping its in-house ‘HyWAN’ (a portmanteaux of Hybrid WAN) SDN based communications platform. This software enhanced WAN experience is designed to provide for more control and interaction to client technical teams as well as to provide for an enhanced customer expe- rience and real-time feedback. Alongside this, the firm is also adapting to client demands by adding onsite technology training as well as a dedicated facility to the business so that clients can receive training and support on how to use their systems. These exciting new developments will ensure that Defaultroute remains a key player in the UAE’s net- work technology market for many years to come. Company: Defaultroute DMCC Address: Office 707, Indigo Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, PO Box 391736 Telephone Number: +97145667852 Web: www.defaultroute.ae Feb19317

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