MEAM UAE Business Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 UAE Business Awards 61 , Most Creative Branding & Event Design Agency - Middle East MultilemMiddle East is amultinational branding and event design agency based in Dubai, UAE, with headquarters in Europe. Dorothee Anjos tells us more about the firm. Since 2014 Multilem Middle East team has been focused on implementing new concepts, new technologies and new ideas. These talented professionals, defined by; their creativity and passion, aim to provide unique experiences to clients and their target markets. It is also a unique mix of ladies originating each from a different country. Dorothee explains the process that the team uses to achieve this for every client it supports. “When we first begin a project, we collaborate with the client to gain an understanding of their brand strategy and to be aligned with their main goals. The second phase of each project is Brainstorming, and with that comes endless creativity, which is our unique selling proposition. “For Multilem, there are infinite possibilities, and depending on the type of industry, service or product we develop the whole brand experience (including Exhibition stands, events, technology, content, merchandising, corporate Designs, etc.), and discover creative ways of showing the clients’ story. We are passionate about details so the delivery of a project should be perfect and the impact unique.” In the Middle East Multilem we provide four strong lines of businesses (LOB) - exhibition stands, events, interior designs and corporate designs. Having offices in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Brazil, the US and the UAE the firm finds that the strongest LOB varies from country to country and in the UAE events are the strongest. Therefore, looking ahead, Multilem is keen to develop its events and bring them to the next level where we offer the clients new technologies, and new ways of ensuring the outcome of an interactive and engaging event. Furthermore, we are expanding our business heavily to Saudi Arabia, as Dorothee concludes. “Currently the UAE events industry is facing a slowdown, the market is more cautious. On the other hand, we are a boutique agency with many doors to open. UA180031 Company: Multilem Middle East Events LLC Contact: Dorothee Anjos Address: Tameem House, Office 2704, Tecom, Dubai, P.O. Box 392901, UAE Phone: 00971 5 590 2 8553 Web Address: http://www.